Corsair K70 RGB PRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard review: Approaching Perfection?

Since its launch in 2013, the K70 series of game mechanical keyboards has enjoyed a very good reputation among users, and can also be counted as the most popular keyboard series of The American Pirate Ship. During the 8-year product cycle, the manufacturer has continuously updated this series of products and gradually improved the product functions. While solving the pain points of users, it has also explored how to bring better user experience.After the release of the new K70 RGB TKL game keyboard in 2020, The American Merchant Corsair also upgraded the K70 standard edition, launched the K70 RGB PRO game mechanical keyboard, and then follow the author to see what changes there are in this keyboard.

The keyboard packaging continues the existing corsair design style, yellow and black color scheme to bring a better visual effect, but also has a high brand recognition. The package provides the product model, display picture and feature introduction, reasonable layout, clear identification, convenient for users to understand the product features.

American Merchant Corsair K70 RGB PRO game mechanical keyboard continues the current K series of family design style, the use of metal wiredrawing panel with suspension shaft scheme, and K100 RGB game mechanical keyboard is somewhat similar. The full-size keyboard layout and iconic multimedia control areas also provide a highly recognizable performance. The aero-grade anodized brushed aluminum metal panel ensures strength while being lighter and stronger, and also makes the bottom feel more solid and stable. The dark metal panel also brings a better visual texture, with the top area of the keyboard scheme, but also make the visual level more rich, more advanced sense. The standard OEM arrangement scheme is adopted for the key position arrangement, which makes the key cap more versatile and more convenient for users to replace their favorite key cap set.

There are three control buttons in the upper left corner for switching profiles, adjusting light levels, and "WIN" locking. In the middle is the RGB transparent LOGO area of black mirror material, and integrated with the keyboard status indicator, which is more convenient and clear to identify. The multimedia control area on the right provides track control, one-button mute and volume adjustment functions. The volume roller made of black metal has clear surface texture and smooth feel. Moderate damping also makes the volume control more accurate. Track control area uses a micro switch, can bring more clear and comfortable feel performance, with the volume wheel function also has better operation convenience.

This keyboard adopts the key line separation scheme, and provides the mainstream USB Type-C interface, with higher ease of use and compatibility performance, users can easily find suitable wire, without worrying about wire damage and loss. Next to the interface is the "competition mode" toggle switch, which is newly added to the K series keyboard, and is equipped with a fixed buckle and indicator light. In this mode, all macro functions will be disabled, making the competition more fair, which is also a very pioneering design.

The bottom of the keyboard is designed to be simple and powerful, and the "X" shaped cable groove simply Outlines the lines to make the keyboard look more powerful. The four corners are provided with a large area of rubber anti-skid pads, which can effectively ensure that the keyboard is placed firmly. In the fierce game operation, it will not slide and affect the operation. Two one-section legs are provided on the top to facilitate users to adjust the keyboard tilt Angle according to their preferences and obtain a more comfortable use Angle. At the same time, the bottom also designed magnetic suction module, convenient hand support adsorption fixed.

The hand holder is fixed by magnetic suction, which is very convenient for disassembly and installation. Hand holder adopts artificial leather surface + ultra-elastic memory sponge, the surface feels delicate and warm, soft and comfortable when pressed. The addition of hand support can relieve the sense of pressure and fatigue caused by using the keyboard for a long time to the wrist, and further improve the use of comfort, with high practicality.

Corsair K70 RGB PRO Gaming Mechanical Keyboard review: Approaching Perfection?

Key cap & shaft body:

CHERRY MX RGB series shaft body is equipped with the American Pirate Ship K70 RGB PRO game mechanical keyboard, which provides four shaft bodies of red shaft, silver shaft, tea shaft and green shaft for users to choose. The CHERRY MX RGB silver axis the author got has a trigger pressure of 45g, a trigger stroke of 1.2mm, a total stroke of 3.4mm, and a click life of 100 million times. This shaft body adopts linear feel scheme, featuring quick trigger response, light and smooth press, quick rebound with the hand, feel is still very good. The satellite axis scheme is adopted for the large key position, and the abnormal sound control is more appropriate. The rebound performance of the press is ok, without obvious sensuality, and the adjustment level still has room for further improvement.

The key cap adopts PBT double-color injection molding process to make the transparent key cap, which has a dry and comfortable touch. With the thickened side wall of 1.5mm, the strength of the key cap is enhanced, and the hand feel is more solid, which also plays a good additive effect on the hand feel. Key cap fine workmanship, nozzle, burr treatment is very good. Transparent font thickness is moderate, closed mouth process also makes the characters look more complete, with lighting can also bring better visual performance. The OEM height and general layout scheme also further enrich the key cap replacement playability, overall performance is still very good.

RGB backlight:

Corsair K70 RGB PRO mechanical keyboard continues the corsair's cool lighting performance as always, whether it is dynamic fluency or light brightness, light effect mode types also still maintain the corsair's consistent benchmark level. The soft and gorgeous lighting can also bring a better sense of lighting atmosphere to the user's desktop. With the metal brushed panel, the keyboard has a more simple texture, which further improves the overall appearance level performance. ICUE driver software also provides the keyboard with more rich lighting play, with compatible products can also achieve lighting linkage, for users to create a more immersive desktop lighting experience.

Driver Settings:

Through the iCUE driver software, users can adjust the keys, lighting, performance, Settings and other options of this keyboard. The keys and lighting part provides software and hardware Settings for saving. Through the built-in 8M storage space of the keyboard body, users can store key Settings and lighting effects in the storage of the keyboard body, which can be used independently with software Settings, making the keyboard more user-friendly and convenient to use. The drive is preset with a variety of key customized ways and different lamp effects, users can adjust it according to personal preferences, the lamp effect part also provides global, superposition and other lamp effects, with the speed and direction adjustment of the dynamic lamp effect, but also step to enrich the performance of the light playability

The performance screen provides different key combination disabling schemes, including common lock WIN, ALT+F4 quick shutdown options. Users can adjust according to their actual use. On this screen, users can also adjust the "competitive mode", brightness, and configuration file indicator color. On the Settings screen, you can update the keyboard firmware, adjust the keyboard rate of return, brightness, layout and other options, and save different configuration files to the keyboard to facilitate daily use. At the same time, the keyboard is equipped with AXON ultra-processing chip, providing 7 levels of rate of return adjustment options, supporting the maximum rate of return mode of 8000Hz, which can bring faster trigger response performance for users and improve competitive performance.

Actual test:

The American Merchant Corsair K70 RGB PRO game mechanical keyboard supports the all-key no-impact scheme, which can avoid interference and failure of key function caused by key conflict, and bring better performance for users' daily use and game confrontation. At the same time, this keyboard supports AXON ultra processing technology, providing a maximum rate of return of 8000Hz, recognizing more key instructions at the same time, and with the silver axis quick trigger feature, improving keyboard response speed and reducing input delay, allowing users to have a better performance in the fierce game competition.

The classic 104-key layout and the light, linear press feel of the silver axis make this keyboard quite familiar and comfortable to use. The multimedia control area in the upper right corner is easy to use, and the keyboard can easily switch between different scenarios by switching between profiles and lighting levels in the upper left corner. Comfortable and dry PBT key cap and soft leather hand rest further enhance the use of the keyboard feel and comfort, long time use also has a relaxed use experience. AXON super processing technology to further improve the overall response velocity of the keyboard, in all kinds of games can recognize and respond fast accurate each keystroke instructions, effectively improve the accuracy of operation and operation speed, for the fierce e-sports games against still has a lot of help, help users better athletic performance, to make the game experience.


Corsair K70 RGB PRO game mechanical keyboard has been officially on the market, priced from 1199 yuan, order will send KATAR PRO game mouse, cost-effective performance is still good. While continuing the essence of mechanical keyboard in K series games, this keyboard also maintains the high standard requirements of Corsair in functions, lighting effects and other aspects. The improvement of key cap, chip and other aspects also brings users better use feel and experience. From the appearance design, hardware configuration and performance are more perfect, with mid-end price positioning, like users can not miss.

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