Game computer host accessories how to choose?

Nowadays, e-sports games are extremely popular. Most young people like to play them in their leisure time. In the virtual world, they can relax themselves and relieve pressure. Play a good game, you need an excellent game equipment, computer host is the most important. So, how should game computer host choose?

For game players, a powerful performance of the computer is a necessary equipment, without good equipment, can not be very good to play their own strength, and even drag his teammates back, it is really the real pit teammates. Many gamers don't have the budget to live on, but the performance of the console is not to be reckoned with. High-end players how to choose to suit themselves in many desktops, the key to see the following points.

A, look at the CPU

As the core component of a computer, CPU's performance is very important. For most games, the CPU determines how smooth the game runs, and the graphics card determines how good the game feels. For most games, CPU frequency is the most important factor affecting game performance. Because many games have limited optimization for multithreading, most players will prefer Intel cpus when choosing a CPU for a game console, mainly because it has a higher main frequency, while AMD cpus are better at multitasking.

Two, look at the graphics card

Now the large game effect is more and more lifelike, at the same time, the requirements of the graphics card is also more and more high, the same game, the performance of the graphics card different levels of the game experience is also very different, it affects the game screen is smooth enough (the higher the frame number is smooth), the game effects can be opened high enough. And the high-end game graphics card or nvidia's N card series.

Game computer host accessories how to choose?

Three, look at memory

Memory is one of the important parts of the computer, it communicates with the CPU, all computer programs are run in memory, so the performance of memory on the computer data read and write speed, storage data space size and so on can be used as a factor to judge its performance. In the current game computer host, memory as far as possible in more than 16G, choose high frequency memory, so that the computer performance has an extra bonus.

Four, look at the heat dissipation

A lot of game players will ignore the heat dissipation problem of the computer, generally speaking, the higher the performance of the computer, the greater the heat, especially for a long time high load running games, the heat generated by the computer is much larger than office watching video, so the game players want to play, can not let the computer cooling drag the hind legs. Especially in the hot summer, the computer host more easily hot. A full range of heat dissipation design computer case is particularly important, the best choice of reserved heat dissipation fan more chassis, for the future heat dissipation upgrade leave room, good computer heat dissipation also has the advantages of slowing down hardware aging, prolong the service life of the host.

Look at high-speed SOLID-state drives

The combination of high speed solid state and DDR4 high frequency memory can easily realize the fast loading of game data, fast step into the battlefield, refuse to be stuck in the middle, the game runs more smoothly, eat chicken, league of Heroes easily win the victory. When choosing solid-state drives, try to choose high-speed and stable first-line brand products.

Six, look at the power supply

Computer accessories all need the output of power supply as the working power, a stable output of power supply, is the guarantee of stable operation of the computer. When playing large competitive games, the computer will run under high load for a long time, and the power output capacity will be considered more. How to choose the power supply? It is best to add 20% leeway on the basis of the sum of the rated power of all accessories.

Game computer host accessories how to choose? CPU, graphics card, and memory are the three most important accessories, almost determining the overall performance of a computer game, but the other three accessories are also important. Another computer accessories brand is good or bad is the user and the long-term use of user experience, in other words, the brand quality decision, the computer player in the game, the computer has been at the running state of high load, test the quality of the computer, so the game host computer accessories as far as possible choose premium brands, so that the stability of the computer is more assured.

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