How to choose the right gamepad

Introduction to Gamepads

The standard configuration of the gamepad was established and implemented by Nintendo. It consists of three control keys: the cross button (direction), the ABXY function button (action - also marked in different ways by hardware manufacturers, but arranged in roughly the same order), and the Select and pause button (menu). [1]

With the upgrading of gaming hardware, modern joysticks have been added: analog joysticks (direction and perspective), trigger buttons, and HOME menu buttons.

Gamepad classification

According to the usage, it can be divided into PC gamepad, PS2 gamepad and PS3 gamepad.

According to product type, it can be divided into wired gamepad, wireless gamepad and Bluetooth gamepad. Traditional video game controller, video game controller and new remote sensing controller and now the popular wireless controller market.

How to choose the right gamepad

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How to choose the right gamepad for various types of mobile games

1. Direction cross key rocker + button handle

Two of the more common types are stretchable clamps on both sides of the phone and the XBOX gamepad layout where the phone is placed in front of the gamepad.

This kind of joystick is more sensitive, generally suitable for playing 2D action games, simulator games, with a joystick, playing action games can be much more comfortable. The number of buttons is the same as that of the console gamepad, and the current emulators are also capable of NDS and PSP in addition to GBA and FC. The link mode of the handle is bluetooth, and the connection is relatively smooth. Since cell phones are now larger, this combination can be used. NDS is more suitable for vertical play!

These gamepads can be used to play things like King of Glory by enabling button mapping. Handle operation, however, seems to be more suitable for melee classes, don't need to cast directivity skills to fight the same flowing, very generous, but appear some bad handle remote professional operation, the biggest problem is that the player is not convenient to aim, to know some skills are need players hold some anticipation, However, the gamepad is very difficult to control the direction of the release of these skills, and it is easy to steal the rice.

Summary: It is suitable for playing game simulator and handheld game.

2, weird modelling! Specialized pesticide type handle

The bizarre gamepad comes in two forms: a thin-film covered copper stylus on the left that slides across the screen instead of a finger, and a joystick that controls the character's movement, while the right one is made using the phone's touch screen. The advantage of this type of handle is that it is not a problem to control the position of casting skills, while the joystick is more convenient for the snakeskin of the character.

For the handle with copper touch, pure for king of Glory type roulette movement control, if the game is using the cross key movement, it can not be used.

And the joystick is not only king, eat chicken, or other types of games, for the character walking control is a good help, there are two buttons in the left index finger can define the position fire key, the right hand in the mirror positioning at the same time, the left hand can move while firing.

Summary: Playing with pesticides and eating chicken, this handle is very convenient. After using this kind of joystick, feel will be much better, at least the fingers do not have to rub all the time. Solve the problem that after playing for a long time, the sweaty palms on the hot screen and the fingers are always not accurate.

3. Eat chicken handles

The problem with this type of gamepad is that it can be played directly on the screen of the mobile phone. It can only be played with one finger, and it can not be used to shoot and change the perspective at the same time. There are two buttons on the top of the handle. The left thumb controls movement, while the left index finger can set the fire button, the right index finger can set the open and close mirror, and the right thumb can be used to rotate the Angle of view.

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