How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

Bluetooth connection to Android gamepad

1. Power on the handle and long press the combination key [X] and [HOME] for 5 seconds.

2. Enter the "handle mode", and 4 LED lights on the handle are in flash state.

3. Turn on the mobile phone, turn on "Settings" → "Bluetooth" in turn, turn on Bluetooth, connect the device name.

4. The LED light on the upper left indicates that the handset is successfully paired with the mobile phone.

5. Start a gamepad playable game on your phone.

6. "Connected bluetooth gamepad" will be displayed when entering the game.

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How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

Matters needing attention

Long press the X+HOME button to enter two modes, one of which is "Control mode (mouse + multimedia)". The upper right LED lights up, and then you can switch to "gamepad mode" by short press the HOME button.

If the gamepad has been paired with the mobile phone, press the HOME button to automatically connect to the device that was connected last time.

When charging, the LED light will flash slowly, full of steady on;

In working state, long press the HOME button for 5 seconds, the gamepad will turn off; In the connected state, the handle is shut down for 5 minutes without any operation; In unconnected state, the handle LED blinks slowly for 1 minute to shut down.

Bluetooth connection to apple gamepad

1. First, we turn on the mobile phone and enter the desktop, find the setting icon and click open.

2. Next, we will enter the Settings screen of the iPhone. We will click the Bluetooth option at the bottom of the screen.

3. After entering the Bluetooth interface, click the switch to the right of the option below to turn on the Bluetooth function.

4. Then we turn on the Bluetooth gamepad, and then we just need to find the Bluetooth of our gamepad in the Bluetooth interface of the iPhone to connect it.

5. After finding the Bluetooth name of the gamepad, click to connect. After the connection is successful, a connected prompt will be displayed.

6. Then the status bar at the top of our mobile phone will display the battery quantity of our Bluetooth handset.

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