Logitech G412 SE Mechanical gaming keyboard review

In the mechanical keyboard market, Logitech brand awareness can be said to be well-known, comfortable keyshaft percussion experience and high quality materials for workmanship and cool lamp effect can let everyone leave a deep impression. However, the need to upgrade high-end mechanical keyboards depends on users' budgets, and some cash-strapped gamers are willing to compromise. Now logitech also found that the needs of these users, launched in the near future price 400 yuan within logitech G412 SE mechanical keyboard game, see the product name with SE words we should be able to understand to the product's performance and price ratio of the main in a cost-effective at the same time, it will in charge for the design and key experience and so on to make some compromise, Let's take a look at the mechanical keyboard in detail.

Logitech G412 SE mechanical keyboard appearance design adopts pure black color design, length of about 355mm, width of about 127mm, thickness of about 36.3mm, keyboard weight of about 650g, data line length reached about 1.8 meters, keyboard distance from PC equipment does not worry too much about the length of the cable is not enough. Since it is a full-size mechanical keyboard, there are no fewer conventional keys. For a more portable mechanical keyboard, check out the Logitech G412 TKL SE without the numeric keypad.

From the perspective of the overall work of the keyboard, logitech G412 SE of materials is enough, the keyboard shell black brushed aluminum alloy is adopted to build and become, with CMF process, considering the pricing cost factor, the keyboard adopt ABS key cap, ABS keycap has the problem of low hardness and preview, long time use or suggest players and clean.

Logitech G412 SE Mechanical gaming keyboard review

Keyboard of 104 key layout is compared with the mainstream products on the market have no obvious change, but the button keycap design still has A lot of change, left key caps printing A pattern of "【 A 】", the special symbol of logo printed on the left side of the digital keys in the figure below, but around and digital design rendering are arranged side by side, In addition, the buttons such as screenshot and page-turning only use 2 letter abbreviations as patterns, which may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but it is not a problem when you get used to it. In addition, pictures of multimedia functions are printed below the f1-F12 keys. The OPERATION of multimedia functions can be carried out quickly through the FN key and the combination keys of these keys. It has to be said that these key ICONS are somewhat hidden, and it is not easy to find them if you do not look carefully.

From the keyboard on the side view, logitech G412 SE present trapezoidal slope shape, illustrate it with ergonomic design, both hands on the keyboard percussion is quite comfortable, do the code word for a long time task is not easy to produce fatigue, on the back of the keyboard with four edges and the location of the middle rdi anti-skid pads, ensures that the keyboard won't slide decline in smooth the surface of the table, The upper left and upper right corner of the foot adjustment, players can adjust the height according to their own habits.

Choose a mechanical keyboard, players like is carefree tactile experience, logitech G412 SE keys is T mechanical shaft, it provides a kind of tea shaft tap on a paragraph of feeling, not like the red shaft partial meat, also won't like the green axis paragraph feeling very strong sound, compared with the green axis keystrokes to be more quiet, It can be used in quiet situations without disturbing or disturbing others. It's also worth noting that the button also supports a six-key no-charge function, which allows you to press multiple buttons in the game to release combo skills.

Logitech G412 SE does not use the unrestrained and cool RGB light effect, but it still provides the LED light that can shine white light, and can be adjusted through the FN + F12 combination key for four kinds of light effect mode. In fact, for players who do not particularly like multi-color light effect, The white backlit LED light effect will not have an obvious sense of violation when matching the RGB light of other PC hardware, and it can also get a strong sense of esports atmosphere in the actual game.

To sum up, Logitech G412 SE mechanical keyboard price sweet, good quality, feel good, is indeed a very humane keyboard peripheral, if your budget is relatively tight, but also want to enjoy the mechanical keyboard comfortable control experience, it should be worth your serious consideration of a game equipment.

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