Nintendo Switch has outsold SONY PS1

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the original PlayStation (also known as PS1 or PSX) worldwide, according to new estimates from VGChartz.

In the week ending January 15, 2021, the Switch sold 341,662 units, bringing its total sales to 102.81 million units. This means that the Nintendo Switch has officially surpassed SONY's PlayStat Ion (original) 102.5 million units and moved into fifth place on the console's all-time sales list. It's worth noting that Switch sales include the combined sales of the original Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED.

Nintendo Switch has outsold SONY PS1

The Next target for Switch is SONY's Play Station4 series, followed by Nintendo's Game Boy (including Game Boy C Olor), Nintendo Switch sales are 13.77 million units shy of PS4 (116.58 million units) and 15.88 million units shy of GB (118.69 million units). The nintendo DS was followed by SONY's PS2, which sold about 158 million units worldwide.

Breaking down Switch sales, the console has sold 34.67 million units in the US, 27.22 million in Europe and 23.43 million in Japan. Breaking down European sales further, it has sold 5.21 million units in the UK, 6.11 million in France and 5.93 million in Germany.

Switch launched globally on March 3, 2017, while PS1 launched in Japan on December 3, 1994.

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