The 2D platform Magic Run is coming soon

Today, Steam announced that 2D casual platformer Running On Magic will be released On July 15th. The game supports simplified Chinese, and there is a free Demo version for players to try, interested partners can pay attention to.

Game introduction:

Ready to escape! Welcome to Magic Dash, a force-scrolling platformer in which an eccentric wizard is being chased by the tireless reaper. As you defeat different enemies, you speed through procedurally generated, carefully drawn environments. Don't let death catch you!

Official introduction:

In some magical realm far away, a mage is struggling to escape. Death came upon him. Fortunately for him, the clumsy reaper was in no hurry. But for how long?

In Running on Magic, you control a desperate mage on an obstacle course to avoid death. Use your flying abilities to jump over droplet creatures and survive to the end in this running platformer game with vibrant pixel art and dynamically created levels.

The 2D platform Magic Run is coming soonJump challenge. All players can play the game by jumping over potholes and platforms.

Aerial maneuvers. Jump, float, and step over all obstacles. Collect magic throughout the level to enhance these skills and adapt to any situation.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery created by pixel art and immerse yourself in melodious music. Step by step explore the game's five thematic worlds.

A little humorous story. He met a god of death and tried to persuade the sorcerer to follow him, but he never succeeded.

You can enjoy an easy, cozy adventure, but if you want to take it a little harder...

Four different difficulties! Step up the challenge!

Each mode speeds up the game, and you'll find fewer packs along the way. Wizards also have less health.

In most difficult mode, you can only be hit once while completing the journey.

Speed up all the time in infinite mode! Share your scores on the leaderboard and challenge your friends (or yourself)!

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