Vr gamepad how to use VR gamepad

Vr gamepad how to use VR gamepad

How to use vr glasses handle

1. First, let's turn on the Bluetooth remote control of VR glasses.

2. There will be an icon similar to the on key on the VR glasses Bluetooth remote controller. Press the icon tightly for 1 to 3 seconds and the remote controller will light up.

Vr gamepad how to use VR gamepad

3. After successfully turning on the Bluetooth remote control of VR glasses, take out your mobile phone, turn on bluetooth, and wait for a few seconds, because at this time bluetooth is searching for the model that can be paired.

4. Find the model of the BLUETOOTH handle of VR glasses, and then gently click it to pair it successfully. After pairing it successfully, you can use it directly.

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VR glasses Bluetooth handle remote control connection precautions

1, please make sure to install the battery correctly, and the battery is sufficient (many users are so impatient that they forget to install the battery and start to press the switch)

2. Please confirm that the connected Bluetooth is the gamepad icon and the name is Zeemote JS1 V3 (some users' mobile phones are 0F :45: GG: 6Y: SS and other tips)

VR glasses Bluetooth handle remote control connection problem how to do

1. Disconnect bluetooth on the mobile phone system.

2. Exit the corresponding APP and kill the corresponding APP process in the background.

3. Turn on the Bluetooth remote control, and turn on the system Bluetooth for remote control pairing.

4. Open the corresponding APP after the pairing is successful.

If not, try again and you can always get one shot. After some users restart their mobile phones, repeat the preceding steps to connect to them.

How to choose the right gamepad

Introduction to Gamepads

The standard configuration of the gamepad was established and implemented by Nintendo. It consists of three control keys: the cross button (direction), the ABXY function button (action - also marked in different ways by hardware manufacturers, but arranged in roughly the same order), and the Select and pause button (menu). [1]

With the upgrading of gaming hardware, modern joysticks have been added: analog joysticks (direction and perspective), trigger buttons, and HOME menu buttons.

Gamepad classification

According to the usage, it can be divided into PC gamepad, PS2 gamepad and PS3 gamepad.

According to product type, it can be divided into wired gamepad, wireless gamepad and Bluetooth gamepad. Traditional video game controller, video game controller and new remote sensing controller and now the popular wireless controller market.

How to choose the right gamepad

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How to choose the right gamepad for various types of mobile games

1. Direction cross key rocker + button handle

Two of the more common types are stretchable clamps on both sides of the phone and the XBOX gamepad layout where the phone is placed in front of the gamepad.

This kind of joystick is more sensitive, generally suitable for playing 2D action games, simulator games, with a joystick, playing action games can be much more comfortable. The number of buttons is the same as that of the console gamepad, and the current emulators are also capable of NDS and PSP in addition to GBA and FC. The link mode of the handle is bluetooth, and the connection is relatively smooth. Since cell phones are now larger, this combination can be used. NDS is more suitable for vertical play!

These gamepads can be used to play things like King of Glory by enabling button mapping. Handle operation, however, seems to be more suitable for melee classes, don't need to cast directivity skills to fight the same flowing, very generous, but appear some bad handle remote professional operation, the biggest problem is that the player is not convenient to aim, to know some skills are need players hold some anticipation, However, the gamepad is very difficult to control the direction of the release of these skills, and it is easy to steal the rice.

Summary: It is suitable for playing game simulator and handheld game.

2, weird modelling! Specialized pesticide type handle

The bizarre gamepad comes in two forms: a thin-film covered copper stylus on the left that slides across the screen instead of a finger, and a joystick that controls the character's movement, while the right one is made using the phone's touch screen. The advantage of this type of handle is that it is not a problem to control the position of casting skills, while the joystick is more convenient for the snakeskin of the character.

For the handle with copper touch, pure for king of Glory type roulette movement control, if the game is using the cross key movement, it can not be used.

And the joystick is not only king, eat chicken, or other types of games, for the character walking control is a good help, there are two buttons in the left index finger can define the position fire key, the right hand in the mirror positioning at the same time, the left hand can move while firing.

Summary: Playing with pesticides and eating chicken, this handle is very convenient. After using this kind of joystick, feel will be much better, at least the fingers do not have to rub all the time. Solve the problem that after playing for a long time, the sweaty palms on the hot screen and the fingers are always not accurate.

3. Eat chicken handles

The problem with this type of gamepad is that it can be played directly on the screen of the mobile phone. It can only be played with one finger, and it can not be used to shoot and change the perspective at the same time. There are two buttons on the top of the handle. The left thumb controls movement, while the left index finger can set the fire button, the right index finger can set the open and close mirror, and the right thumb can be used to rotate the Angle of view.

How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

Bluetooth connection to Android gamepad

1. Power on the handle and long press the combination key [X] and [HOME] for 5 seconds.

2. Enter the "handle mode", and 4 LED lights on the handle are in flash state.

3. Turn on the mobile phone, turn on "Settings" → "Bluetooth" in turn, turn on Bluetooth, connect the device name.

4. The LED light on the upper left indicates that the handset is successfully paired with the mobile phone.

5. Start a gamepad playable game on your phone.

6. "Connected bluetooth gamepad" will be displayed when entering the game.

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How to connect bluetooth gamepad to mobile phone

Matters needing attention

Long press the X+HOME button to enter two modes, one of which is "Control mode (mouse + multimedia)". The upper right LED lights up, and then you can switch to "gamepad mode" by short press the HOME button.

If the gamepad has been paired with the mobile phone, press the HOME button to automatically connect to the device that was connected last time.

When charging, the LED light will flash slowly, full of steady on;

In working state, long press the HOME button for 5 seconds, the gamepad will turn off; In the connected state, the handle is shut down for 5 minutes without any operation; In unconnected state, the handle LED blinks slowly for 1 minute to shut down.

Bluetooth connection to apple gamepad

1. First, we turn on the mobile phone and enter the desktop, find the setting icon and click open.

2. Next, we will enter the Settings screen of the iPhone. We will click the Bluetooth option at the bottom of the screen.

3. After entering the Bluetooth interface, click the switch to the right of the option below to turn on the Bluetooth function.

4. Then we turn on the Bluetooth gamepad, and then we just need to find the Bluetooth of our gamepad in the Bluetooth interface of the iPhone to connect it.

5. After finding the Bluetooth name of the gamepad, click to connect. After the connection is successful, a connected prompt will be displayed.

6. Then the status bar at the top of our mobile phone will display the battery quantity of our Bluetooth handset.

Investment game city to consider what aspects of large game city investment return analysis

First, investment in video games city to consider what aspects

1, site selection,

Based on the current customer experience and site survey, we give the following site selection suggestions:

(1) Comprehensive stable business area: large shopping center, catering industry, entertainment and other comprehensive business area.

(2) middle and high-end urban communities, snack streets, pedestrian streets, etc.

(3) Indoor commercial wholesale center.

(4) Near a large park.

(5) Large and famous chain supermarkets: Wal-mart, Carrefour, Vanguard and other chain supermarkets.

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2, decorate

Create a happy atmosphere, comfortable feeling, color requirements to red, yellow and blue color. At present, everyone attaches great importance to the decoration effect. When a customer comes to the recreation city, his first impression is a bright and transparent feeling.

Investment game city to consider what aspects of large game city investment return analysis

3. Equipment procurement

Before inspection, you need to know clearly: business area, regional ratio of game types, investment budget, location positioning, and then choose products according to their own situation.

4. Investment budget

Large game city investment budget should be decided according to their own needs, generally taking into account the venue rental, game costs, staff hours and so on.

5. Business strategy

One of the investment conditions of the game city is the direction of a business strategy, which can help us establish a good brand image in the eyes of consumers. The operation of any thing is inseparable from the process of user pull new - user retention - in-depth development. The game City is no exception.

Two, large game city investment return analysis

Game city investment return analysis, is based on the market analysis of the conclusion. Market analysis gives us the most reliable data. Such as pricing, traffic, daily turnover. Here is a common Internet cafe return on investment analysis of the calculation method can refer to:

Best turnover/day = Number of machines * Unit price of machines/per hour * business hours *70%.

Worst turnover/day = Number of machines * Unit price of machines/per hour * business hours *30%.

(The key lies in the 30% and 70%, 70% is based on practice statistics, not casually said).

According to the above analysis of the return on investment of Internet cafes, we can also figure out the main revenue of the game city every day (of course, not including gift sales or gambling equipment income), monthly income, annual income. But the machine inside the game city is different from the machine inside the Internet cafe, the price is not the same, and the length of time is not fixed. I think it's best to average this one.

Video game hall how to open video game city how to attract guests

A, how to open video game hall

We all know that open game city to make money, and make money very quickly, so many people have the idea of large game city investment, but now the state of the game industry control is very strict, so make a lot of people very confused, can not find the direction, how to open the game city in the end? What certificate does the city need to do? If you want to do long-term stability of the game city business, then the following documents are best to be ready.

1. The cultural market management office of the cultural department shall apply for the entertainment place license.

Video game hall how to open video game city how to attract guests

2. Public security fire department shall apply for fire control license.

3. The epidemic prevention station of the health department shall apply for the health permit.

4, the public security department for special industry license.

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5, industrial and commercial departments for business license.

6, the local tax department for commercial license business license.

7. The tax department shall handle tax registration.

2. How does the arcade attract customers

1, new equipment, new things need guidance, prospective customers like to imitate. So sometimes it's important to use "to". Operators do not always complain that the machine equipment itself is not fun, each kind of equipment has its playability, otherwise the equipment would not exist. "Trust" can be their own store staff, can also cluster customers to find.

2, site management, to be good at looking for "opportunities", not necessarily more clever, but can be used to the end. The customer mentality is to entertain, but it also brings a profitable mentality. So seize the key point that can drive the overall situation, the small venue said above is to earn people's gas, and then earn business!

3, video game city can also attract guests to join, there are a lot of famous video game city brands on the market, these brands have a reputation, choose their words can be invisible to increase their customers.

Large video game city join about how much money video game city join what matters needing attention

A large game city to join about how much money

1, franchise fee: the franchise fee of the game city varies according to the brand. To join a well-known game city brand, franchisees need to pay tens of thousands of yuan of franchise fees to the brand headquarters.

2, store rent: in order to let the game city can have a relatively stable source of customers, investors can open the store in the commercial center, department store square bottom business and other places where the flow of people is concentrated. Take the third-tier city as an example, the store area is 600 square meters, and the rent is about 50,000 yuan/month.

3, decoration costs: the decoration style of the game city should be consistent with its theme. The decoration fee is calculated at 400 yuan /㎡, and the decoration fee for a 600 square meter shop is 240,000 yuan.

4, machine cost: investors can according to the actual situation of the local game city and the size of the franchise, flexible choice to buy the machine. The cost is about 150,000 yuan.

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5, personnel expenses: in order to better manage the game city and serve the vast number of consumers, investors also need to recruit some service personnel. Take the recruitment of 5 people for example, the average salary of 3,000 yuan/month, the monthly personnel expenditure is 15,000 yuan.

Large video game city join about how much money video game city join what matters needing attention

6, other miscellaneous expenses: mainly including certificate handling fees, utilities, publicity costs, opening expenses, generally, the cost of about 30,000 yuan.

Conclusion: Video game city to join about how much money? Open a video game city franchise, less than six hundred and seventy thousand yuan, more than a million yuan. Investors can invest according to their economic ability. Before planning to do business in the game city, investors also need to do a detailed market research, and master some business skills, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort!

Two, what are the matters needing attention to join the game city

1, the game city to join the shop needs to go to the industrial and commercial bureau for relevant documents (industry and commerce, tax, culture, public security, fire (there may be urban management [decoration and signs] and sanitation [garbage disposal and facade], but some of these two places can be saved) is mainly a hundred of the six departments are indispensable!

2. To join the game city, we need to analyze the more popular products in the game city franchise store in the market to prepare for our later opening, so as to choose more suitable for the interests of local players.

3, choose a well-known game city to join them when necessary to do a field trip to the headquarters. The degree of investigation results that do data analysis comparison, check a few stores, that their product quality, after-sales service, later tracking, financial situation and so on to do a series of comparison and investigation, in order to find their own game city franchise manufacturers

4, select the target consumer group, select the target consumer group is to prepare for the purchase of products in the later stage of the game city, determine the consumer group, for the store's game product positioning, to see whether the game city is in the high-end products as the main line or low-end route, or combined. And so on. That's all investors need to think about.

5, according to their own investment plan to choose a suitable store, first of all to consider their actual economic rights. Considering the flow of people, the target consumer groups in the lot, store size can accept how small can ensure the normal operation of the game city, and a series of problems.