The most popular online games in China in 2001

The most popular online games in China in 2001

Up to now, China’s online game market has been called the annual sales of 300 billion behemoths, from the first year of online games in 2000 to the present 2022, countless online games online, stop service. Some net games leave indelible record in the history of Chinese net games; Others vanish into history for a moment; Some are still in business; There are also foreign popular games in the domestic failure.

Although 2000 was the first year of online games in China, there were only “King of Kings” and “Net Three Kingdoms”, without much competition. Earlier, there was only MUD (word online game). Chinese net swims really erupt should begin from 2001, a large number of net swims like bamboo shoots after a spring rain ceaseless upper limit, snatching domestic net swims market. Today we will take stock of 2001 those who have appeared in the home of the ancient network games.

Stone Age

Open beta: January 2001

If you are an old player, you should be familiar with Stone Age, after all, this game was the most popular online game in The Chinese market before legend (no one)! As you can see from the 2001 market share chart above, Stone Age was number one, accounting for a quarter of all play time. It’s worth noting that Legends killed many of its contemporaries, but Stone Age survived for 15 years.

Stone Age is a 2DMMORPG online game developed by Japanese company JSS (later transferred to huayi international) and released in 1999. Stone Age was only a minor hit in Japan at the time, until 2000, when it spread to China and caused a sensation.

The domestic online game market started in 2001. As the first Japanese online game introduced in history, Stone Age opened the era of “turn-based” online games in China. Despite the competition from three South Korean online game giants, Millennium, Red Moon and Dragon Clan, Stone Age gained a large number of users thanks to its Japanese style of painting and turn-based elements, accounting for nearly a quarter of the market share, making it the first online game in China.

The most popular online games in China in 2001

Interestingly, the origin of plugins, which players now hate, has something to do with Stone Age. As the earliest games, game manufacturers did not resist plugins as much as they do now. Of course, the plug – in function at that time is very simple, with present professional term, it is simple script hang function actually, the function of abnormal condition of nothing at all.

“Software” that makes games easier is popular because of a lack of awareness about plug-ins. All players to “plug-in” do not conflict, but agreed to become common, everyone open hang, hang not huan, and the official surface although did not say, but basically acquiesce.

Unfortunately, by the time the authorities realised the evils of the plugins, it was too late to tackle them. At the time, Stone Age was in a state where everyone had plugins, and getting rid of them would only make the game a ghost suit. In addition, there were many problems such as the debut of Legend and copyright disputes, and Stone Age was officially discontinued in 2008.

Then the agent was replaced by Kingsoft, but the good times did not last long, kingsoft was soon replaced. It wasn’t until 2013 that Wins became Stone Age’s new agent, giving the game a new lease of life! However, feelings are not everything after all, and finally on April 8, 2016, the legendary online game Stone Age came to an end!

“One thousand”

Open beta: March 2001

“Millennium” is a martial arts online game developed by South Korea Actoz company, the game structure of a wonderful ancient martial arts virtual world. Through the practice of all kinds of mutually beneficial martial arts, travel to experience the fun of the game, and into the martial arts overlord, a generation of masters to create this endless hatred of the millennium river’s lake.

The millennium’s vast map is dotted with towns, each with a different architectural style. Towns are centers where people congregate, where you can buy and sell. Beyond the town lie endless mountains and plains, with beautiful scenery and treacherous waters, where you encounter all kinds of animals and monsters that you can kill not only for coins and potions, but also for weapons.

Millennium was listed in South Korea in 2000 and launched by Asia Union Interactive in China in 2001. At that time, online games were just emerging in China and were at a peak of its popularity. Together with Dragon Clan and Red Moon, it occupied the domestic online game market. However, with the launch of a lot of new games, as well as the replacement of the agency, and eventually due to poor operation, leakage of the original code led to the overflow of private servers and other reasons to stop running.

But that’s not the end of the millennium game. Shanda bought about 29% of developer Actoz in 2004 and restarted Millennium’s operations in 2008. Subsequently in May 2008, grand in the old version of the “millennium” on the basis of the launch of the new “millennium 3”, is still in normal operation in the domestic.

On the other hand, it is a pity that on May 17, 2016, South Korea officially announced that millennium was officially discontinued after 16 years of operation, which also represents the official end of the old game.

“The red crescent”

Open beta: May 2001

Science fiction, full of fantasy, has always been a hot topic in the film and game industry. It is believed that many players still remember the huge popularity of the wandering Earth when it was released. Compared to science fiction movies, science fiction games are also the favorite genre of the gamer community.

As the introduction of the first domestic sci-fi online games, “the red crescent” has a big influence in China online game industry, in the era of China’s online game of universe, compared to the world on the rotten street “fantasy”, “martial arts”, “red crescent” sci-fi for players to shine at the moment, is to make the game quickly catch on around the great river north and south.

Red Moon is a 2D online game developed by South Korea’s ShiLi Network Co.Ltd. The game is based on the original comic book of the same name by Korean cartoonist Hwang Mi-na. The story takes place in a fictional world called Sigonis. The game was praised by gamers in early 2000 for its unique story, unusual sci-fi theme, and fast gameplay. It was also an MMORPG that led Korea into the early mobile game market in Korea.

Interestingly, apart from its contribution to the game, Red Moon has also contributed to the legislation of fake wealth and the craze of “seckilling” in China.

In 2003, a player named “Li Hongchen” in the game had his account number stolen, resulting in the official deletion of equipment. Then Li Hongchen and game agents bar, and step by step to the court. This bar, a direct sensation of the whole game, a new, serious problem: online games in the virtual property needs legislative protection? This problem has been until 2017, the two will pass the “General Provisions of the Civil Law”, “virtual property into the law” was settled!

The “seckilling” of various activities in the market now, I believe you have long been accustomed to, and this “seckilling” craze, in fact, also comes from the red Moon.

At the beginning of the Chinese server launch, some mainland players went to the Taiwan server forum to look up the guide materials, Taiwan server players would say “xx seconds” in the discussion, so the image of the saying also spread to the mainland, the second kill is also popular in online games. Then seconds kill in each big online games prevailing, become the game at that time the most popular words! In 2007, “Xiaoxai” became a New Chinese word announced by the Ministry of Education!

Unfortunately, the good times of millennium, Dragon clan and Red Moon in China soon came to an end. Because of a strong opponent out of the line, that is the grand “Legend of Mir ii”. Legend is really too successful, 2002 with 500 thousand online directly unified China’s online game market!

More pit dad is, in the face of the decline of the game, the agent actually directly abandoned the son to run away. On the night of May 12, 2005, Red Moon “suddenly” shut down all its servers overnight, again in the form of “three nots” – no announcement, no notice, not even a greeting! Customer service phone was also cancelled at the same time, players complain no door, as if this game did not exist in the world in general!

“The dragon”

Open beta: June 14, 2001

Previously, we mentioned two other games that were competing with the other three in China at that time: Dragon Clan and Red Moon. Next, let’s talk about Dragon Clan. Dragon Clan is an MMORPG game jointly developed by eSofNet and Samsung Electronics in 2001. Based on the fantasy novel “Dragon Clan” written by South Korean writer Lee Young-do, it is one of the representative fantasy online games.

There are five classes in the game: warrior, thief, archer, wizard and priest, and players must choose one of them to start the game. The choice of class is the most important. Different classes affect a character’s abilities, combat styles, differences in weapon use, class-specific abilities, items that he or she carries at the beginning, etc.

“Dragon clan” novel at that time in South Korea has a hot sales of 2 million copies of the astonishing record, was originally published on the Internet in October 1997, by the majority of readers love and published, became the best-selling novel in South Korea. With a huge readership and fan base, the game has become extremely popular since its launch. After the introduction of domestic in 2001, with many professional play, beautiful screen effect, quickly swept the domestic Internet bar, became one of the most popular games at that time.

Jin Yong Online

Open beta: July 20, 2001

For Jin Yong, I believe that all of you are familiar with, his martial arts novels are the beginning of countless players of the dream of martial arts. Such a classic genre, of course, will inevitably be transformed into a game. In fact, back in 2001, China Net Dragon created a semi-real-time 2D online game called Jin Yong’s Heroes Online, based on his novels.

Jin Yong online takes a high degree of freedom approach to gameplay, currently known as open-world sandbox gameplay. There are no character levels, classes, or storylines. From the moment you step into the game, you are left to navigate the virtual world created by Cha’s 14 original novels.

The creative play mode of living alone also makes jin yong qunxia online break the occupation of the game market by games such as millennium, dragon clan and red moon, and become the TOP1 game in each major Internet cafe.

As a domestic online game, Jin Yong online is not only the originator of online martial arts games, taking over the market from Korean online games, but also exporting domestic online games to other countries for the first time. He opened the server in Southeast Asia and set off the upsurge of martial arts online games in southeast Asian countries. Today, there are still southeast Asian player groups on FB dedicated to discussing Jin Yong qunswordsman Online.

It is worth mentioning that Jin Yong Online also pioneered the propaganda mode of inviting game spokespersons for online games, and launched TV advertisements with Zhou Xun as the spokespersons on CCTV 8 in that year.

Later, due to the policy, game ads were excluded from TV screens for a long time. Therefore, the game ads of Jin Yong’s Heroes Online became one of the few game ads ever broadcast on CCTV.

Surprisingly, Jin Yong’s Legend of Heroes Online is still alive and even has a new server, so longtime players who are interested can go back and check it out.

Legend of Mir ii

Open beta: September 28, 2001

If review The development history of China’s online games, so Chen Tianqiao’s grand and grand agent “Legend of Mir ii” is absolutely a milestone node.

In 2001, “The Legend of MIR II” was introduced into China by Shanda, which was tepid in South Korea, and then started the legendary history of “The Legend of MIR II” in China. Legend of Mir II reached its peak in 2003, two years after it entered China. Take a simple example, “League of Legends” fire all over the country, the kind of scene we all experienced, a into the Internet cafe are open black. And “Legend” of the grand situation, but there has been but not.

>>>1.76 Hd Retro Legend New Year’s First grand opening server <<<

Although computers and Internet cafes have become the most common things in our daily life, they were new things in 2001, and the overall penetration rate of the whole country was quite low. However, Legend reached 30 million players under such conditions, and the number of online users at the same time exceeded 700,000. That’s not an easy number to achieve until now, and there would be a big announcement if a game reached that number. This shows how hot and crazy the Legend of Mir ii was at that time.

Up to now, in the face of the new game with many times of pictures and complex gameplay, “The Legend of Mir II” still has a strong vitality. Not only is the official server, a variety of third-party “The Legend of MIR II” theme games also emerge in an endless stream, a variety of page games I believe we have also seen a lot of advertising, “the Legend of MIR II” still creates a substantial profit every year.

A Chinese Odyssey Online

Open beta: December 2001

It is certainly no stranger to NetEase’s domestic players. Although NetEase’s game business is now basically focused on mobile game business, there was a time when terminal game was also the top priority of NetEase. If you want to evaluate NetEase’s terminal games, then “A Chinese Odyssey” and “Fantasy Westward Journey” these two games must not be missed.

Now, if players mention “A Chinese Odyssey”, they are basically referring to “A Chinese Odyssey 2”. In fact, before “A Chinese Odyssey 2” NetEase also launched “A Chinese Odyssey 1”, probably many players have not played, or even heard of this game. There may also be players who have wondered, since there are 2, why haven’t you seen 1? I was curious about it.

The reason is simple: A Chinese Odyssey 1 sucks. After the game was launched, it suffered a devastating blow due to technical and bug problems. Only half a year later, “A Chinese Odyssey 1” was completely shut down, without even leaving too much information on the Internet.

However, the speed failure of “A Chinese Odyssey 1” is not a bad thing, as the saying goes that failure is the mother of success. Based on the experience and lessons accumulated in “A Chinese Odyssey 1”, NetEase subsequently developed two versions of “A Chinese Odyssey 2” and “Dream Westward Journey”.

Above, how many have you played?

Logitech G412 SE Mechanical gaming keyboard review

In the mechanical keyboard market, Logitech brand awareness can be said to be well-known, comfortable keyshaft percussion experience and high quality materials for workmanship and cool lamp effect can let everyone leave a deep impression. However, the need to upgrade high-end mechanical keyboards depends on users’ budgets, and some cash-strapped gamers are willing to compromise. Now logitech also found that the needs of these users, launched in the near future price 400 yuan within logitech G412 SE mechanical keyboard game, see the product name with SE words we should be able to understand to the product’s performance and price ratio of the main in a cost-effective at the same time, it will in charge for the design and key experience and so on to make some compromise, Let’s take a look at the mechanical keyboard in detail.

Logitech G412 SE mechanical keyboard appearance design adopts pure black color design, length of about 355mm, width of about 127mm, thickness of about 36.3mm, keyboard weight of about 650g, data line length reached about 1.8 meters, keyboard distance from PC equipment does not worry too much about the length of the cable is not enough. Since it is a full-size mechanical keyboard, there are no fewer conventional keys. For a more portable mechanical keyboard, check out the Logitech G412 TKL SE without the numeric keypad.

From the perspective of the overall work of the keyboard, logitech G412 SE of materials is enough, the keyboard shell black brushed aluminum alloy is adopted to build and become, with CMF process, considering the pricing cost factor, the keyboard adopt ABS key cap, ABS keycap has the problem of low hardness and preview, long time use or suggest players and clean.

Logitech G412 SE Mechanical gaming keyboard review

Keyboard of 104 key layout is compared with the mainstream products on the market have no obvious change, but the button keycap design still has A lot of change, left key caps printing A pattern of “【 A 】”, the special symbol of logo printed on the left side of the digital keys in the figure below, but around and digital design rendering are arranged side by side, In addition, the buttons such as screenshot and page-turning only use 2 letter abbreviations as patterns, which may be a little uncomfortable at the beginning, but it is not a problem when you get used to it. In addition, pictures of multimedia functions are printed below the f1-F12 keys. The OPERATION of multimedia functions can be carried out quickly through the FN key and the combination keys of these keys. It has to be said that these key ICONS are somewhat hidden, and it is not easy to find them if you do not look carefully.

From the keyboard on the side view, logitech G412 SE present trapezoidal slope shape, illustrate it with ergonomic design, both hands on the keyboard percussion is quite comfortable, do the code word for a long time task is not easy to produce fatigue, on the back of the keyboard with four edges and the location of the middle rdi anti-skid pads, ensures that the keyboard won’t slide decline in smooth the surface of the table, The upper left and upper right corner of the foot adjustment, players can adjust the height according to their own habits.

Choose a mechanical keyboard, players like is carefree tactile experience, logitech G412 SE keys is T mechanical shaft, it provides a kind of tea shaft tap on a paragraph of feeling, not like the red shaft partial meat, also won’t like the green axis paragraph feeling very strong sound, compared with the green axis keystrokes to be more quiet, It can be used in quiet situations without disturbing or disturbing others. It’s also worth noting that the button also supports a six-key no-charge function, which allows you to press multiple buttons in the game to release combo skills.

Logitech G412 SE does not use the unrestrained and cool RGB light effect, but it still provides the LED light that can shine white light, and can be adjusted through the FN + F12 combination key for four kinds of light effect mode. In fact, for players who do not particularly like multi-color light effect, The white backlit LED light effect will not have an obvious sense of violation when matching the RGB light of other PC hardware, and it can also get a strong sense of esports atmosphere in the actual game.

To sum up, Logitech G412 SE mechanical keyboard price sweet, good quality, feel good, is indeed a very humane keyboard peripheral, if your budget is relatively tight, but also want to enjoy the mechanical keyboard comfortable control experience, it should be worth your serious consideration of a game equipment.

Five universe games recommended

Many friends have game shortage experience, a certain period of time just don’t know what game fun, this time with you to take a look at five universe theme game recommendation, whether you are in the game shortage or like the universe theme partner, these five excellent works are absolutely worth you to experience.

One, the stars,

The political system, economic system, values and so on in Stellaris are fundamentally derived from reality, combined with the inspiration from a large number of fantasy works, and finally formed a collection. From the template type of farming operations, such as pattern after independence, to experience the fun of the game really slowly, for me personally, it can carry me to imagine all kinds of demand, only from a paragraph of text, a data, image, an option, you can imagine the story of thousands to hundreds of thousands of words, is not only a magnificent epic about the interstellar empire, And the love and hate of countless star citizens.

Five universe games recommended

Explore a galaxy of wonders in this massive, sci-fi strategy game crafted by Paradox Development Studio. Interact with strange alien races, discover strange new worlds and experience unexpected events while expanding the reach of your empire. Each new adventure offers almost endless possibilities. Each game begins with a civilization that has just discovered a way to travel between the stars and is ready to explore the galaxy. Send a science ship to investigate and explore the unusual, which will lead you on countless expeditions to learn about strange worlds and their bizarre stories and discoveries, and the different encounters could completely change the outcome of your game.

You can meet the ever-changing species in both custom and procedurally generated ways. Choose from a variety of conceivable options, including gain or loss characteristics, specific ideologies, constraints, and evolution. Interact with other players through the advanced diplomacy system. Diplomacy is critical to the success of grand strategic ventures. With negotiation and skill, adapt your strategy to your situation. Whether it’s a deadly mushroom society or a reptilian race with engineering skills, your chosen character has a variety of customizable traits, from ethics to technology types to preferred modes of space travel, habitat types to philosophies. Where the game goes is up to you.

Dyson Ball Project

This is the best game I’ve played in years. The appearance of Dyson Ball Project has refreshed my understanding of game optimization to a new level. I never thought a game optimization could be as good as this, but how good is this game optimization? In the late game, a whole planet, thousands of plant construction, tens of thousands of mechanical arm to move to and fro, conveyor belt similar flows of goods, hundreds of planes flying rockets at the same time in the sky, split the night light tail flame, hundreds of masts, scientific research, satellite pylon, electromagnetic railgun, each minute in the cool light dynamic effect

Five universe games recommended

In “Dyson Ball Project”, you will start from the accumulation and construction of resources bit by bit, drive the light industrial robot “Icarus”, from the home planet to the Galaxy, through automated factories, adventure, exploration, operation and construction, step by step to achieve the leap of human civilization. On a nearly endless journey, you discover how small and lonely humans are in the face of the vast universe. But when you successfully stand under the Dyson Ball, you will remember the emotional signals of the journey — the sunrises, the interweaving of human ideals and cosmic dreams, the “universal empathy” that all players seek.

Any player who has seen a Dyson ball will be shocked by the whole universe. But that’s not what the Dyson Ball Project is really about. The universe is very lonely, and this loneliness comes from no boundaries, no connections, no emotions. But there is still an Icarus with a dream, spread its tiny wings and fly around the yearning sun, watching the stars rise and die and the sun set. Everyone who goes to the Dyson Sphere discovers a strong but hidden romance in the universe — a romance that comes from every stone mine you collect, every sunrise you see, and the champagne-colored explosion in the final scene of the Dyson Sphere of light.

Halo: Infinite

After experiencing the halo Classic Master Chief collection, I had been looking forward to the release of the new game, but instead of halo 5, I got Halo 6 Infinity. It’s a bit of a shame to lose a story, but it’s nice to be able to flow through infinity. If you don’t play the Halo system and want to learn the story of the halo, it’s recommended to play the Chief Petty Officer collection before you buy the Unlimited Campaign DLC. If you’re fighting with a friend, Halo Infinity is great as an upstart game, and the free ontology is delicious.

As the sixth film, the story naturally continues the story of 5, after The disappearance of Kotana, the master was defeated by the “exile”. But what was supposed to be the triumph of evil was saved by a humble soy sauce. E216, a soldier who missed his hometown very much, has been trapped in a spaceship for half a year. When he was confused, he received a message from a friendly army. It was the armor that lost its energy and was drifting in space. The elated rescue chief thinks he can go home, but the battle against the exiles and the Supreme Forerunner has just begun. And lost the Kotana taxi officer, but found another AI, named “weapon” Kotana backup AI. It’s up to the player to see if the story will repeat itself, or if it will have a new ending. However, this story is not the end of the whole, after completing the story of the campaign, there are still new suspense, new enemies.

Five universe games recommended

Aura of infinite battle is a linear process, and in the open world and limitations of linear alternates, about linear part, the game more weapons of players through combination and the enemy’s scheme to create change game experience, this also is the most commonly used in the halo series, but in this generation, give me the feeling is a lack of games deliberately designed, Relative to the whole process of experience and become more “open”, the performance is that the game is almost from the beginning of a period of time to play almost all point in the game to the players, the enemy here refers to the game, guns, such as the main game point, it is good or bad is not the same for everyone, but for me, This arrangement always makes me feel less surprised in the subsequent play, each time there are familiar enemies and familiar weapons. Of course, it is not to say that there are no surprises at all, but relatively there are a lot less, and more intensive design can be carried out

No Man’s Deep Space

The most anticipated games of 2016, the biggest marketing fraud of the year, and the fact that game developers were blasted for taking their ideals as fait accompli. In 2020, the best space game I’ve ever played, no running, free updates all the time, the world is becoming more and more diverse, more and more gameplay, no man’s deep space is still what I dreamed it would be four years ago, although four years later, I’m four years late, but it’s still what I expected.

Taking inspiration from classic science fiction, No Man’s Sky is a mix of crowd-loving adventure and fantasy. Give the player a galaxy full of unique planets and life forms, and the game is full of dangers and endless exploration. Each star has the radiance of a distant sun, and each sun has life-filled planets orbiting it, and you can choose to visit any of them. All the way from the depths of space to the planet’s surface. In this programmed infinite universe, you’ll discover realms and creatures that no one has ever seen before — and never again.

This galaxy is a world of flesh and blood. Trade fleets shuttle between the stars, factions fight for territory, pirates rob, and the Starmen are always on the lookout. Other players live in the same galaxy, and you can choose to share your findings with them on a map of known space. This way you can see not only your own content, but perhaps the results of their actions as well

Five universe games recommended

Alien explorers

The art style of the game is very pleasing. The main character and various facilities in the scene all adopt the Q version + circular modeling design. What is more interesting is that the stitching of various facilities in the game will be smooth like Lego blocks. Also, most games don’t limit the amount of oxygen available to the main character in space games for the player’s convenience. In this game, oxygen is one of the important survival resources. When the player is within the range of oxygen supply facilities, his or her air pipe will be automatically connected with the oxygen supply facilities. When he or she needs to explore in a distance, he or she needs to establish an oxygen pipe for long-distance oxygen supply, which makes the whole game more challenging.

“Alien star explorer” is a multiplayer space adventure game. The game with low polygon cartoon cute painting style for players to create a strange and lonely trip to the planet. Players gather materials to build tools, develop technology, build ships, and fly to other planets to find answers. The production team has been working hard to update the game since its release, and all of them are provided to players in the form of free updates. If you have a few friends who like this kind of game, you might as well try it.

This made to fit the difficulty is very high, although now a new task in the game system, but early to fit players look at complex manufacturing list or just have a headache, but the game before there is a bug me yet archive, although there is also a task, but as it was before the archive, a lot of things is not updated with the game, Lead to the beginning of the task can not be completed, suggest that each player or a new game.

Six must play boutique games

Here are six of the best games you can play during the holidays to make your vacation more enjoyable.

1. The Jungle Book

It’s an open-world, third-person action survival game that focuses on realism. It’s like Dayz, but it’s more creative, more detail-oriented, and it’s fun to play, sometimes over the top.

In the game, for example, the characters will become thin if they do not eat for a long time, and they will become fat if they eat regularly. In the specified time, the characters also have to relieve themselves, and the details are clearly visible.

Six must play boutique games

The main play attention to multiplayer online games online, double team can survive, or “lone Wolf”, but all players will be enemies on the map, you can kill each other to gain his resources, or destroy the enemy’s camp, and, in turn, the others will do so, but in the case of a team survival rate is higher, So this game is suitable for the holidays with friends to play together.

2. Consoles: playstation 4

It is a “Eat Chicken” game that has been popular for many years. Recently, there has been a sudden increase in online players. The reason is that PUBG: Battlegrounds has become a free multiplayer game on Steam platform.

Six must play boutique games

Do landed on the platform of Steam in 2017, although the original or a test game, but online players more than one day a day, at the same time it also makes an external, it soon became a plugin game, but after the official strict processing, and players jointly boycott, in-game environment a lot better now, in order to enhance the experience, Also add random AI enemies, after killing can get a lot of good equipment.

Now PUBG battle Royale is getting better and better, in addition to the traditional “chicken mode”, there are also team mode, “battlefield” mode, so in the holiday, you can call a friend to play the game all night.

3. Battlefield 1

Even though it’s 2016, PC and console still have a portion of online gamers, first because of feelings, and second because the game is really good, even better than battlefield 5 and Battlefield 2042 today.

Although there are some plugins in Battlefield 1, there are administrators in the corresponding servers. Once abnormal players are found, they will be kicked out of the battle. Therefore, playing Battlefield 1 does not worry about the interference of plugins, and it is relatively fair in the battle.

Has just been released by the games in 2016, the shock of the new engine and real battlefield environment, jing to each player, and under the 2 k and 4 k resolution, scene and character of the game details, almost real ones, and now, the field 1 images are not backward, so worth you experience in your holiday.

Six must play boutique games

4.Call of Duty 15: Black Ops

Released in 2018, the game was the only one in the PC version of Call of Duty that didn’t feature a dramatic campaign, but it was the first time in Call of Duty 15 that it was a novelty to play Chicken in Call of Duty.

In addition to this, the game still has zombie mode, four players can cooperate to survive, and there are five or six different maps with different gameplay and controls, which are more exciting than the previous version.

“Call of Duty 15” is a work of science fiction, inherits the black Ops album of 12 generations, so the characters and guns in the game are more science fiction, and there is a hero system like “Overwatch”. Each character has different combat skills and special weapons, and they can play to their heart’s content in multiplayer battles. Even though the game is 3 or 4 years old, there are still people playing it on computers and consoles, and you can join them.

5. Bladeless Warriors

It is a multiplayer game with the theme of cold weapons. Currently, Steam has a large number of online players, almost every server has players playing against each other, and many of them are attracted by the game’s theme and realistic graphic details.

Knight’s Spirit 2 has a high degree of realism, with “flesh and blood flying” scenes when fighting opponents, and a variety of damage effects, including characters, buildings, and various objects, showing damage details after being attacked.

The modes of the game are simple team confrontation, occupation mode, siege mode, and raid mode, etc. In this game, you can experience the barbarity and cruelty of the ancient cold weapons battlefield, if you like, you can go in to experience some.

6. Fallout 76

A lot of players were interested in Fallout 4, which came out in 2015, but the sequel fallout 76, which came out in 2018, was also good and changed a lot, becoming a pure MASSIVELY multiplayer online game that requires a full Internet connection.

Although it is no longer a single-player game, the design of Fallout 76 also has a big advantage. This time, it is no longer a single-player game, and you will no longer be lonely when playing, because you can meet real people in the huge map, interact with them, exchange items, or play together in teams.

In terms of gameplay, the general style remains the same, including “picking up trash”, fighting monsters to upgrade, survival, and building, but Fallout 76 also introduces a new “Battle Royalist mode” and 8-player platoon mode, bringing players a new experience.

The four most popular types of single-player games

There are hundreds of thousands of console games out there, and almost every day there are different types of console games, different sizes, and different linups. There are more and more kinds of console games, and four of them are the most popular.

Category 1: FPS shooters

Examples of FPS shooters include the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Wolfenstein series, Medal of Honor series, Counter-Strike series, etc.

The advantage of FPS shooting games is that visually, players can experience the content in the game more closely, and as shooting games, players are operating firearms items, in this aspect, especially military fans are the most favorite

The four most popular types of single-player games
Like the “battlefield”, “the call of duty” the epic masterpiece, but also the game guns details made quite clear, even in the fire, in magazines, etc., have been extremely vivid, and shooting game in recent years, in non-combat situations, stationary state players can also close observation armed with guns details by your own role.

In shooters, these two features are the most popular.

Type 2: ACT action games

ACT action games include the Devil May Cry series, God of War series, Metal Gear Solid: Rise of Vengeance, and more.

This type of game usually has a third-person perspective, which allows you to see the character’s entire shape, and in most cases, the perspective is broad, and some players with 3D vertigo can accept this type of perspective.

Action games often have a sense of smooth operation and strike, especially “God of War” and “Devil May Cry” these two games, in combat is very feeling.

Some aaa action games also have a great story that allows the player to experience a long process while fighting.

The four most popular types of single-player games

Number three: RPG role-playing games

Examples of RPG role-playing games include diablo series, Monster Hunter series, Demon Quest, etc.

The biggest feature of this type of game is its playability, and the options are often complex. There are also a lot of customization content, players can customize the character’s attributes, skills and fighting style.

There is also a feature is to play strange, upgrade, brush equipment, can not stop has been carried out, even if some levels played a lot of times, also can continue to explode equipment.

In particular, the “gear grind” feature has always been at the heart of the RPG series, and that’s what players play in it.

The four most popular types of single-player games

Category 4: RTS games

Examples of RTS games include the Red Alert series, Company of Heroes series, Warcraft series, Command & Conquer series, etc.

This type of game tests the player’s thinking and reflexes.

These games usually involve the player building a base of their own, then producing units and controlling them to fight, either defensively or aggressively attacking the opposing camp.

RTS games can often be challenging to play, especially games like Red Alert and Company of Heroes, which can leave the player scrambling at critical moments.

Over the years, RTS games have been one of the most popular genres among gamers.

The Importance Of Finding Reliable Manufacturers For Electrolytic Capacitors

Blog article discussing the importance of finding reliable manufacturers for electrolytic capacitors.

What is an Electrolytic Capacitor?

An electrolytic capacitor is a capacitor that uses an electrolyte to store electric charge. It is often used in electronic devices to store electrical energy. Electrolytic capacitors are also used in radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications. They are also used in automotive batteries and UPS systems.

The main advantage of using an electrolytic capacitor is its very high capacitance (amount of electric charge stored). This makes it ideal for storing small amounts of energy. In addition, electrolytic capacitors are very reliable and can handle a lot of voltage and current before they fail.

The Importance Of Finding Reliable Manufacturers For Electrolytic Capacitors

Types of Electrolytic Capacitors

The key to finding reliable manufacturers for electrolytic capacitors is to do your research. There are three main types of capacitors: polypropylene capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and ceramic, electrolytic capacitors. The type of capacitor you choose will affect the price, performance, and features you want in your device.

When choosing a capacitor, consider the voltage rating, die size, and shape. Voltage ratings tell you how much power the capacitor can handle before it fails. Die size is how big the capacitor is, and shape is how the electrodes are laid out on the capacitor body.

Polypropylene capacitors are cheap and have a low voltage rating. They are good for applications that don’t need a lot of power, such as audio devices and small electronic components. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a higher voltage rating than polypropylene and are more expensive. They are good for devices that need more power, such as mobile phones and laptop batteries. Ceramic, electrolytic capacitors have a high voltage rating and are more expensive than either aluminum electrolytic or polypropylene capacitors. They are good for devices that need to withstand high amounts of power, such as electric vehicles.

Important Considerations in Finding a Manufacturer

-It’s important to find a manufacturer that has experience manufacturing electrolytic capacitors to ensure that the products they produce are up to standards. If a manufacturer doesn’t have experience producing these types of capacitors, they may not be able to produce them reliably or accurately.

-It’s important to find a manufacturer with a good track record of customer service. If something goes wrong with one of their electrolytic capacitors, customers will likely want to know how to get it fixed or replaced. A good manufacturer will be able to help customers with this problem without any hassle.


Electrolytic capacitors are critical components of many electronic devices and systems, and their reliability is crucial to the overall performance of these products. If a manufacturer can’t consistently produce high-quality electrolytic capacitors, it could ruin the reputation of an entire company. So, it is tremendously important to find a reliable manufacturer.

You can’t miss these devices if you want to play cool games

Players don’t differentiate, but players’ devices do. Good game equipment can bring better game experience, keyboard and mouse can make the operation more smooth, headphones, sound cards can bring more realistic sound, for players to bring immersive game experience. Today I will introduce you some good game equipment.

American corsair mechanical keyboard K68 red red axis using Cherry MX red axis, white LED lights, the use of American 104 key planning, on this basis, there are 7 multimedia shortcut keys and 2 functional keys. The keyboard font is centered and slightly thick, the goal is to make the internal red light have a better visual results, and the upper right light adjustment button has three stalls, can adjust itself.

The corsair mechanical keyboard K68 red light red shaft is 455(L) x 170(W) x 40(H) mm. The body is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is painted with a new process to avoid the problem of paint oxidation, which not only greatly improves the appearance level, but also improves the durability. It is worth mentioning that it also has three anti – splashing anti – dustproof, very practical.

You can't miss these devices if you want to play cool games

In order to let users better use the keyboard, to meet the pursuit of individual players. American corsair mechanical keyboard K68 red light red axis CUE support full key programmable, users can use intuitive and practical Corsair practical engine (CUE), complex macro programming and dynamic lamp effect customization, very good.

Ultra high appearance level, cool backlight effect, excellent materials, superb technology, make the Corsair K68 red red axis of mechanical keyboard stand out among high-end keyboards. The price of only 500 yuan is also very preferential, like friends, not as exciting as action!

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to settle for sound quality, you’ll love this innovative X3.

The X3 is a USB external sound card that supports high-quality audio components with 32 bit /192kHz high resolution playback at 115dB DNR/SNR, allowing you to play audio and listen to great music with studio level progress and clarity, even on your laptop.

Innovation X3 also offers headphones is as high as 7.1 virtual surround sound, and can provide the physical in the analog speakers 7.1 surround sound channel audio output, more support dolby audio, can real-time audio source coding for dolby multichannel surround sound, only using a single fiber optic cable solutions to transmit data decoding play on in a home theater system, Enjoy the VIP Hollywood blockbuster experience in your living room, Nice!

7.1 Virtual and physical surround sound, music, movie, footsteps three modes of free switch, innovative X3 external sound card during the summer activities only 799 yuan, is a very high cost-effective choice.

You can't miss these devices if you want to play cool games

Open black in the home everyday, besides the game platform with outstanding performance that needs, peripherals are indispensable right-hand man likewise. The innovative SXFI GAMER headset is a versatile upgrade for gamers.

Innovation SXFI GAMER wore a game headphones with innovation exclusive norm of fly sound technology, can be customized according to user’s ears and head type holographic audio, personalized with the high quality of high-performance drive units, to provide accurate details acoustics and audio theater stage, players can feel every battle in the battlefield surging impact sound, immersive sound experience, Enjoy every detail of the game wholeheartedly!

The sound quality is optimized for gamers, and the innovative SXFI GAMER headset supports battle mode. With the headset on, it can give you an accurate sense of location in the game, listen to the details of the sound in every direction of the battlefield, pinpoint your opponent’s position, and deliver the winning blow!

The CommanderMic, an innovative SXFI GAMER headset that incorporates the CommanderMic, intelligently silences ambient noise and increases voice volume, allowing you to command attacks with precision, ignoring noisy surroundings.

What are the features of VR? What are the obstacles to its popularity? How to find VR resources

What are the features of VR

More perceptual

Refers to in addition to the general computer has visual perception, and auditory perception, touch perception, motion perception, and even including taste, smell, perception and so on. The ideal virtual reality should have all the perceptual functions that people have.


What are the features of VR? What are the obstacles to its popularity? How to find VR resources

The degree to which the user feels as the protagonist in the simulated environment. The ideal simulation environment should be such that it is difficult for the user to tell the difference between real and fake.


It refers to the user’s manipulable degree of objects in the simulated environment and the natural degree of feedback from the environment.


The degree to which objects in a virtual environment behave according to the laws of physical motion in the real world.

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Five existing barriers to VR

1. There is no real way to enter the virtual world

A well-known joke in Oculus Rift development circles is that whenever someone asks users to stand up and walk, they are usually afraid to do so because the Rift still has to be wired to a computing device, which greatly limits the user’s range of movement.

Vr gear, including the Oculus Rift, continues to block communication between users and the virtual world. These devices cover our eyes and change our line of sight, but they don’t cover all of our field of vision. The awkward use of a mouse and keyboard was already awkward, and any attempt to move a large area was bound by cables.

“We don’t want users to get hurt.” Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey.

Some developers have considered creating a room for virtual reality equipment, but the problem isn’t likely to be solved so easily. Truly immersive experiences in games include squatting, dodging, and even climbing, which currently do not provide a realistic immersive experience for users.

While there are third-party solutions such as the Virtuix Omni treadmill that allow players to safely simulate movement within a fixed space, these large machines are often expensive and not affordable for the average gamer.

2, how to “input” is also a big problem

Perhaps the bigger challenge of virtual reality is how to interact with objects in the virtual world. The Oculus Rift tracks the user’s head, but not the rest of the body. The player’s hand movements, for example, are now impossible to simulate. “Input is the most important and obvious experience for the user, and if you can’t simulate the action, the user will always lose track of where their hands are.” Luckey said.

Virtual reality inputs are a big concern for game developers and hardware manufacturers. Although the Xbox controller can now be used as a PC controller, there is still a lack of experience in practical applications. Other controls, such as the Razer Hydra and STEM systems, promise a lot, but still don’t mimic the user’s hands.

At present, there is no clear way to know how to realize virtual reality technology in gesture tracking. “We all know that something is not right, that it has interfered with our communication with the virtual world.” Luckey said. Oculus still seems to be working on its own input device, but it hasn’t done much yet.

“Some people are taking steps, but no one knows what they are going to do right now. There are controllers, there are guns, but what we need is a dedicated input device for vr devices that will become mainstream. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be better than a sword, a gun or even a pair of hands. It’s very difficult, but simulating a hand is harder than a gun.” He said.

3. Lack of uniform standards

Vr is still in its infancy, and there’s no doubt that everyone has their own way of demonstrating the platform, whether it’s rough or slick, but it’s all about the last few minutes. While many developers are enthusiastic about virtual reality, there seems to be no unified standard.

As a brand new platform, it will only succeed if it generates interest, including actual experiences. DVD movies, game consoles and even YouTube have become ubiquitous just because so many people are interested in them. Similarly, if VR is to stand out, it must appeal to more than just professional enthusiasts. This is especially important for older or non-tech enthusiasts.

“Some technologies seem cool at first, but gradually become less attractive. Clearly, it will take years for vr platforms to grow into a giant tree.” Luckey said.

The experience may not require much technical expertise, just a realistic virtual reality experience. Luckey points out that people usually like things that most people like, and that sharing is more fun.

The Oculus Rift has two apps for Samsung’s Gear VR, one for watching movies and the other for viewing 360-degree photos.

“The utility of these tools is very important because many people will use them over and over again.” Nate Mitchell, vice president of VR products at Oculus. “It’s like smart phones today. It’s not the best one for listening to music, but at least you can listen whenever you want. It’s convenient. I’ve tried to watch a movie with a vr device and it’s really great.”

4, easy to make people feel tired

Any game developer or movie production company should know how to use a camera differently in a virtual reality setting. The experience of moving and sitting is very different. The accelerated motion of the camera creates a different focus, which, if not used properly, can make the user feel sick. Even if the lens moves too fast, it can temporarily affect the user’s vision.

Some people are more sensitive and prone to vertigo. While Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe says the latest product is designed to avoid discomfort for users, it still requires hands-on experience. Other studies have shown that women are generally more uncomfortable with these devices than men (and fewer women are involved in testing virtual reality devices).

5. It still looks stupid

This last point may seem superficial, but it is equally important. It was a professional gaming device, but now it feels clunky and unnatural, and even looks silly. While we don’t know what the final Oculus Rift will look like, making it light seems unlikely at this point.

While The Oculus Rift isn’t meant to be used in public places, it’s definitely not acceptable to the average user. But the problems aren’t insurmountable, and most developers familiar with vr gear say it won’t be difficult to make devices look better in the future.

While virtual reality may seem rudimentary right now, it could one day be one of the biggest transformations in the way we interact with computers, changing our relationship with technology. Virtual reality will eventually allow us to interact more naturally with the virtual world.

How to find VR resources

First, mobile app store, query VR special software, download resources to watch.

Each mobile phone will have its application market for us to download software, we can find some special software, and then go to download the resources we want to watch, the mobile phone can play. However, although this method is the most common and simple, but can see the resources is not much, often we want to see some resources can not find, this can do? You know…

Second, Baidu Post bar and related forums, search for resources.

If you want to find resources, how can you get less posts? Baidu post bar crouching Tiger hidden dragon, is a real master gathering place, is the so-called help for happiness, home travel necessary good character ah! So as long as we speak for help, there will be more or less some leaders to help us, as long as the leaders give a little help, we are afraid that there are no resources to see? Of course, in some forums, we can use this method as well.

Third, go to foreign websites to see.

Compared to the first two methods, we can basically get most of the resources we need, but if you want more excitement! That might as well go looking on a few websites abroad. Although say the resource of home also and not little, but relative to abroad, can be some small not see big not really, that much is simply more than cow hair even, all sorts of types are all ready, want you to think of only, basically can get satisfied.

What are the characteristics of VR technology? What are the key technologies of VR

The characteristics of virtual reality

1. Immersion

Immersion is the main characteristic of virtual reality technology, is to let the user be and feel your part of the environment that is created by the computer system, the immersion of virtual reality technology depends on the user’s perception system, when users perception to the virtual world of the stimulus, such as touch, taste, smell, motion perception, will produce resonance of thinking, psychological immersed, It’s like being in the real world.

What are the characteristics of VR technology? What are the key technologies of VR

2. Interactivity

Interactivity refers to the user’s operable degree of objects in the simulated environment and the natural degree of feedback from the environment. When the user enters the virtual space, the corresponding technology allows the user to interact with the environment. When the user conducts certain operations, the surrounding environment will also make certain reactions. If the user touches an object in the virtual space, the user’s hand should be able to feel it. If the user moves the object, the position and state of the object should also change.

3. Be more perceptive

Multisensory means that computer technology should have many senses, such as hearing, touch, smell and so on. The ideal virtual reality technology should have the perception function that all people have. Due to the limitations of related technologies, especially sensing technologies, most of the current virtual reality technologies are limited to visual, auditory, tactile, motion and other sensory functions.

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4. Constructiveness

Imagination is also called imagination. In virtual space, users can interact with objects around them, broaden their cognitive scope, and create scenes that do not exist in the objective world or environments that are impossible to happen. Conception can be understood as the user enters the virtual space, absorbs knowledge according to their own feeling and cognitive ability, widens their thinking, and creates new concepts and environments.

5. Autonomy

It refers to the degree to which objects in a virtual environment behave according to the laws of physics. For example, when pushed by a force, the object will move in the direction of the force, or tip over, or fall from the table to the ground.

What are the key technologies of virtual reality

1. Dynamic environment modeling technology

The establishment of virtual environment is the core content of VR system, the purpose is to obtain the 3d data of the actual environment, and establish the corresponding virtual environment model according to the needs of the application.

2. Real-time 3D graphics generation technology

3d graphics generation technology has been relatively mature, so the key is “real-time” generation. In order to ensure real-time, ensure that the graphics refresh rate is at least 15 frames per second, preferably higher than 30 frames per second.

3. Stereoscopic display and sensor technology

The interactive capability of virtual reality depends on the development of stereoscopic display and sensor technology. The existing equipment can not meet the needs, and the research of mechanical and tactile sensing devices also needs to be further deepened. The tracking accuracy and tracking range of virtual reality equipment also need to be improved.

4. Application system development tools

The key of virtual reality application is to find suitable occasions and objects. Selecting suitable objects can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and improve product quality. To achieve this goal, we need to study the development tools of virtual reality.

5. System integration technology

Since VR system includes a large amount of perceptual information and models, system integration technology plays a crucial role, including information synchronization technology, model calibration technology, data conversion technology, data management model, recognition and synthesis technology, etc.

Working principle of VR headset What are the applications of VR headset

How virtual reality headsets work

The principle of virtual reality stereo helmet is to enlarge the image produced by small two-dimensional display by optical system. In particular, a small display emits light through a convex lens that refracts the image to a far-away effect. This effect can be used to enlarge a nearby object to a distant view to achieve a so-called Hologram. LCDS (originally small cathode ray tubes, but more recently organic electroluminescent displays) produce images through an eccentric free-form lens that resemble a large screen. Because the eccentric free surface lens is a slanted concave lens, it is not only a lens, but basically a free surface prism. When the generated image enters the eccentric free-form prism surface, it is fully reflected to the concave mirror surface opposite the eye of the viewer. The side concave mirror surface is coated with a layer of specular coating, and the light is again amplified and reflected to the eccentric free-form prism surface, and on the surface of the light tilt, to the eyes of the philosophical observer.

Working principle of VR headset What are the applications of VR headset

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The use of virtual reality helmet

The virtual reality headset cannot be used alone, or its use will affect the use effect. The following equipment must be used to ensure its use effect.

1. Coordinate with 3D virtual reality real scenes.

2, with large screen stereo reality screen.

3. Cooperate with data feedback gloves.

Application of virtual reality headsets

The optical technology design and manufacturing technology of virtual reality stereo helmet is becoming more and more perfect. It is not only used as a personal application display, but also the basis for the design of compact large-screen projection system, which can make the image of small LCD display device into full-image large-screen through the optical system. In addition to being widely used in modern advanced military electronic technology as the necessary equipment of individual combat system, it is also extended to civil electronic technology. Virtual reality stereo helmet is first used in virtual reality electronic technology system.

Of view on whether it is a requirement in the real world and see the data you need, or for an experience of visual image changes on telepresence, simulation training, 3 d games, remote medical treatment and surgery, or infrared, microscope, electron microscope is used to extend the human eye visual ability, virtual reality three-dimensional helmets have been applied. For example, in the military, virtual reality stereo helmets can be used for information display, such as command transmission, battlefield observation, terrain viewing, night vision system display, gun aiming system of vehicles and aircraft and so on. In CAD/CAM operations, HMD enables the operator to view data remotely, such as partial data lists, engineering drawings, product specifications, etc. When Boeing uses VR technology to design Boeing 777 aircraft, virtual reality stereo helmet has been applied.