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Metal stamping tensile forming process

Stretch forming is a stamping process that uses moulds to form blank blanks into open hollow parts. Many metal stamping manufacturers in China are using stretch forming. As one of the main stamping processes, it is widely used. With the stretching process can be made into cylindrical, rectangular, ladder, spherical, conical, parabolic shape and other irregular shape of thin wall parts, if with other stamping forming process, but also can make more complex shape parts.

Metal stamping tensile forming process

Use stamping equipment to carry out tensile forming processing of products, including: stretching processing, redrawing processing, reverse drawing and thinning drawing processing, etc. Drawing processing: using the pressing plate device, the punch pressure is used to pull part or all of the flat plate into the concave model cavity, so that it is formed into a container with a bottom. The processing of the side wall of the container and the drawing direction parallel is a simple drawing process, and the drawing processing of the conical (or angular cone) shaped container, hemispherical container and parabolic surface container, which also includes the expansion processing.

Redrawing processing: that is, for the deep drawing products that cannot be completed by a drawing processing, it is necessary to draw the forming products again to increase the depth of the forming container.

Reverse drawing processing: reverse drawing of the workpiece before the process, the inside of the workpiece into the outside, and make its diameter smaller processing.

Thinning stretch processing: the punch will have formed the container squeezed into the concave model cavity slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the container, so that the outer diameter of the container with the bottom becomes smaller, and the wall thickness becomes thinner, not only eliminating the wall thickness deviation, but also making the surface of the container smooth.

Garden machinery daily maintenance

How to apply a garden machine correctly and how to maintain it at ordinary times, so as to maximize the achievements of a garden machine and reduce the probability of failure? So let's talk about that.

Novice dragon micro-tiller

Application and maintenance of one and four stroke garden machines

1, the application of 92 gasoline, recommended to regular Sinopec and other gas stations, does not go to the individual, some impurities, easy to damage the machine. Refueling is held outdoors, no smoking, do not refuse when the engine is running, must stop refueling.

2, the new machine must be run in, every idling for 45 minutes, stop for 15 minutes, run in for 3 hours after the oil is changed, the new injection of new oil, hold the work. Oil within the limits of the oil scale, no more, no less. Observe the oil gauge before each application of the machine. Work 40-50 hours to change the oil once, use four stroke oil, do not understand can refer to the heavy equipment manuals.

3. After each application, liquidate the filter element. The filter element is very dirty and cannot be cleaned. Replace the filter element with a new one after about 50 hours.

4, the machine every 45 minutes of work, stop rest 15-20 minutes. Apply the clearing chassis after each day.

5. It is strictly prohibited to mow lawns on slopes greater than 25 degrees.

6. Pay attention to clearing the debris in the lawn before the application of the machine, such as wire, stones, etc.

Safety first, maintenance of three points: a look at the oil, two clear filter elements, three clear chassis

Application and Maintenance of two and two stroke Garden Machines (Taking hedge Machine and Irrigation Machine as Examples)

1. Mix No. 92 gasoline with 2-stroke FB grade or above oil in proportion. This step is very tense. FB grade 2 injection oil and gasoline ratio 1:20-25, FD grade oil and gasoline ratio 1:35-40.

2. The new machine must run for at least 1 hour and stop for 15 minutes every 30 minutes.

3. Every 20 hours of application, the need to check the lubricating oil in the working head and gearbox, less timely filling.

Garden machinery daily maintenance

4. Pay attention to check whether the screws are loose every day, and work after reinforcement.

5, pay attention to the liquidation of the workplace, the iron wire and other hard things liquidation outdated lines of work.

6, regularly (25 hours) check the gap between the hedge machine blade, timely mediation, keep sharp. Replace the worn blade with a new blade in time.

Safety first. Maintenance three key points: one plus mixed oil, two plus lubricating oil, three clearing blade and filter element.

Three, the rest of the attention to events

1. All the machines should be added to the very high throttle when working.

2. Stop the application in time if there is any abnormality, and contact the purchasing company.

3. It is strictly prohibited for minors.​

4. Do not move near the blade when the machine is running.

5. When searching the clearing bottom shell, the lawn machine must pour from the filter element side to the oil side.

Four, winter maintenance attention:

1, winter does not need the machine, it is necessary to put the oil clean, light automatically extinguished.

2. Clear the chassis and filter element, wipe clean and put them away.

3, in the heat engine condition, first release the oil, add new oil.

4. Remove the spark plug, drop 5-10ml oil into the cylinder block, roll the crankshaft for several turns, and install the spark plug.

CNC band sawing machine daily system maintenance is very important, attention to detail is the key

CNC band saw is a kind of multi-functional, adapt to the wide range of machinery, function commonly the main said is again cutting band saw, cutting band saw again the adaptation in furniture manufacturing material cutting, cat scratch board corrugated paper cutting, is suitable for mass production enterprises, including some high-end carbon crystal silicon, graphite and other cutting that can see the shadow of the CNC band saw. As the daily maintenance of common machinery is also very important, the daily maintenance and attention to problems of NUMERICAL control band saw machine, help us to correctly use numerical control band saw machine.

1. Minimize the opening of the distribution box door of the CNC band saw machine to prevent oil mist and dust in the air from falling into the printed circuit board or electrical components of the CNC system;

2. Prevent CNC equipment from overheating. Ensure that the cooling ventilation system is in good operation;

3. Regular maintenance of CNC system input/output devices, monitor the power grid voltage is in accordance with the requirements of CNC equipment, and regularly inspect and replace the battery for storage (because the battery voltage drops to * * * values, the data will be lost, so it is necessary to check the battery voltage, when the battery voltage drops to limit or the battery voltage alarm occurs, The battery must be replaced in time. Generally, replacing the battery requires powering on the NUMERICAL control system to ensure that the stored parameters will not be lost. Therefore, the parameters of the NUMERICAL control band saw machine need to be backed up. - Enter after replacing the battery.

CNC band sawing machine daily system maintenance is very important, attention to detail is the key

4. Strictly implement the daily maintenance rules and regulations of CNC band saw machine. The parameters of CNC band saw machine cannot be changed at will. If parameters need to be modified, record the modification.

Normal maintenance can prolong the service life of CNC band saw machine, ensure the normal operation of saw industry machinery, normal mass production.

Common mistakes when using hair straighteners

Find out what you're doing wrong when ironing your hair and learn simple and practical tricks to avoid damaging or burning it.

Hair straighteners have become an essential beauty ally for many. They allow you to wear smooth or wavy hair without frizz throughout the day. But, we must not forget that it is a heat accessory and that, therefore, we must be careful when using it so as not to damage or break the hair.

Common mistakes when using hair straighteners

If you want to straighten your hair safely and without damaging your hair, try to avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Do not use thermal protector

Whenever we are going to use the irons, it is very important to apply a heat protector beforehand to avoid damaging the hair or breaking it.

  1. Use the irons with damp hair

This is, according to experts, the worst mistake you can make when ironing your hair. Before using the irons, the hair must be completely dry. It is preferable to dry it in the air or, otherwise, use the dryer.5 Best Hair Straighteners

If we use the irons with wet hair, we are literally cooking it. In fact, you can even hear a kind of "click" as it starts.

  1. Going over the plank many times or stopping too long at one point

It is recommended not to pass the iron more than three times through the same strand. The ideal is to pass it only once, slowly, through the entire lock; without stopping at one point for too long. Otherwise, you will have marks on your hair and, worst of all, you will burn it. Remember: The less time you expose your hair to heat, the better.

  1. Do not divide the hair into sections or untangle it

When using the irons, the most effective thing is to divide the hair into sections and iron it lock by lock.

It is also important to always untangle the hair with a brush before ironing it. If there are knots when passing the iron, the hair can break.

  1. Ironing the hair at too high a temperature

Ironing the hair at a higher temperature is not more effective. Applying too much heat to your hair damages it and can even burn it.

It is best to buy an iron with a temperature regulator to be able to adjust it according to our needs. In general terms, these are the appropriate temperatures for each type of hair:

Between 120 and 150º for fine and fragile hair. We remind you that if these are the characteristics of your hair, it is very important that you do not abuse the irons.

180º for normal and fragile hair. This temperature will allow you to straighten or wave your hair without damaging it.

190º - 210º for normal and resistant hair.

  1. Choose the most expensive and largest iron

When buying a hair straightener, it is very common to think that the more expensive it is, the less it will damage the hair. However, it's not always like that. For this reason, we explain what characteristics you should look at when getting one:

Always choose an iron that allows you to regulate the temperature so as not to subject your hair to too much heat and burn it.

The best irons and the most respectful of your hair are those with ceramic or titanium plates.

Make sure that the plates are tiltable so that they do not leave marks on your hair when using them.

That they are light, easy to grip, and with a long and rotating cable to make them much more comfortable to use.

Decide on those that automatically turn off after a while without using them.

Test them out to make sure they glide easily through your hair.

  1. Not cleaning the plates

It is very important to clean the hair straighteners approximately every 15 days. Dirty plates, with traces of hair products or poorly preserved can end up being very harmful to the hair.

To clean them, once they are unplugged and cold, simply wipe the plates with a make-up remover wipe or a cloth moistened with lukewarm water. Avoid using aggressive cleaning products so as not to damage the ceramic.