Month: August 2022

Philippines' Globe Telecom launches Asia's first 'eco-SIM' card

As a leader in the mobile sector in the Philippines, Globe Telecom has contributed to ecological sustainability by launching the first-ever Eco-SIM card for its postpaid mobile customers for the first time in Asia and hosting Zero Waste Month in January.

The SIM card is one of the smallest consumer goods in the world, weighing about four grams. ​Nevertheless, about 4.5 billion SIM cards and Pr phone cards are manufactured each year, equivalent to 20,000 tonnes of plastic and other polymers, the weight of 4,000 jeeps.

a4c6d88539142eb071d4c197c3b84a6dTogether with partner Thales, Globe Telecom commenced utilizing eco-SIM cards in November 2021, made from 100% recycled materials, including polystyrene waste from refrigerators.

"For us to genuinely gain a foothold in the fight against climate change, all of us must take responsibility for sustainable action." Yoly Crisanto, Globe Telecom's chief sustainability officer and senior vice president of corporate communications.

Detection method of precision stamping parts

Precision stamping parts are widely used in people's daily life, but most people are not very clear about the choice of precision stamping parts. Next, China metal stamping to introduce to you.

First, touch detection: wipe the surface of precision stamping parts with clean sand cloth. The inspector should wear the touch rubber gloves along the vertical of the precision stamping parts and touch the surface of the precision stamping parts. This kind of detection method depends on the working experience of the inspector. If necessary, the abnormal area being explored can be polished with whetstone and verified in many ways, but this method is nothing more than a practical and rapid detection method.

Two, whetstone polishing:

1. First wipe the surface of precision stamping parts with clean sand cloth, and then polish and polish with whetstone (20×20× 100 mm or large). The curved areas and areas that cannot be touched are polished with relatively small whetstone (such as: 8×100 mm semi-circular whetstone).

2. The selection of whetstone particle size distribution lies in the surface condition (such as surface roughness, hot dip galvanizing, etc.). Coarse-grained whetstone is proposed. Most of the orientation of whetstone polishing is carried out in the vertical direction, and it is very good to cater to the surface of precision stamping parts, and a part of the area can also fill the lateral polishing.

3fb1853d55a181e4989a87810825657a3. Polishing and polishing of soft diamond yarn, clean the surface of precision stamping parts with clean sand cloth. With soft sand mesh close to the surface of the precision stamping parts along the vertical polishing to all the surface, all the black spots, imprint will be very easy to find.

4. Oil detection, wipe the surface of precision stamping parts with clean sand cloth. Then use a clean soft brush to evenly grease all the outer surfaces of the stamping parts in the same direction. The oiled stamping parts are examined under strong light, and it is proposed to erect the stamping parts on the body of the car. With this method, the subtle black spots, dimples and wavy lines on the stamping parts can be detected very easily.

5, visual inspection: visual inspection is the key to finding the appearance of precision stamping parts abnormal and macroeconomic shortcomings.

6. Inspection of fixture: put the stamping parts into the fixture, and carry out inspection of the stamping parts according to the actual operation provisions of the usage instructions of fixture.

Marvel Spider-Man PC unlock time announced 8.12pm 11pm play time

The PC version of Marvel's Spider-Man remake will be available on August 12. The official release date for the world's games was announced today. It will be released in Asia on August 12 at 11pm Beijing time.

Unlock time:

Los Angeles: August 12 at 8 a.m. PDT

New York: August 12 at 11:00 AM ET

London: 12 August, 4pm BST

Berlin: August 12 at 5:00 PM (CST)

Dubai: August 12, 7 p.m

Tokyo: August 13, 12 a.m

Sydney: August 13 at 1am (AEST)

Auckland: August 13, 3am (NZ time)

Recently, Insomnia announced on its official Twitter account that Marvel's Spider-Man: Reset has been verified by the console's Steam Deck, which means the game will work perfectly on Steam consoles with gamepad keys.

In Marvel's Spider-Man: Remake, the worlds of Peter Parker and Spider-Man collide in an action-packed original plot. As the battle-hardened Peter Parker, he fights rampant crime and classic villains in the Marvel universe of New York City. Silk swings through vibrant neighborhoods, knocking villains out of the water with cool moves.

T2 expects half of its sales this fiscal year to come from mobile games as a priority

Take-two completed its acquisition of Zynga in May in a deal valued at about $12.7 billion. According to IGN, Take-Two expects almost half of its sales this year to come from Zynga's mobile games, according to the company's just-released earnings report.

This quarter, Take-Two reported a 41% year-over-year increase in net sales, thanks in large part to Zynga. Recurring spending grew 48% to 73% of the total, thanks largely to Zynga, but also to NBA 2K22 and Teeny Tina's Land.

What's more, T2 expects Zynga to account for 45% of total annual net sales by the end of this fiscal year (March 2023), 2K for 37%, R-Star for 17%, and Private Division for 1%. Mobile games accounted for just 12 percent of Take-Two's net sales in its last fiscal year. So that's a pretty big jump.

In a call with IGN ahead of today's earnings release, CEO Straus-Zelnick affirmed the company's strategy to use its new mobile flexibility to create more mobile spin-offs for its existing IP, given the right conditions.

When asked if Take-Two was looking at mobile ports or spin-offs of existing game ips, he said: "Take-Two has a long history of bringing many of its games to tablets and smartphones, and we have a very professional and passionate team, and we're going to look at the status of these ips in the hearts of gamers to make sure they work." "What's more important than existing IP is the new games we're making for mobile," he added.

Shortly after the Zynga acquisition was announced earlier this year, T2's CEO said Zynga would help bring Take-Two's most popular core IP to mobile devices. The Borderlands series, the NBA 2K series, the Grand Theft Auto series, the Red Dead Redemption series, the Bioshock series, etc.

This cool and stylish game may be the hidden ambition of Miha Tour

Since the release of its first PV in May, the game has been largely silent, except for a brief appearance at the Summer Games Festival in June. Now, in the eyes of all, the game is finally playing its first test. Thanks to the invitation of Miha Tour, we are lucky to participate in this test.

After nearly six hours of playing, Zone Zero really gave me a sense of surprise that exceeded my expectations. The surprise was manifold, and not only did it completely overturn my initial belief that it was a "Big Crash 3." Despite being an ARPG, the rogue-like combat gameplay of Utter Zone Zero is very different from that of Collapse 3. In terms of playstyle, Miha's game has a more modern feel to it than the Original Gods and Crash series, which use the word "fantasy" throughout.

The ads on the login screen are right

The second is the high level of completion of the game, which frankly feels more like a Demo than a first test -- at least in terms of UI and setting design, the game is as finished as Collapse 3, which has been in operation for six years.

The collision of cyberpunk and street culture

"Trendy" and "cool" are my biggest feelings in this trial play.

On the one hand, Miha Tour is credited with creating a near-future world that combines the two new cultural trends of cyberpunk and street culture.

The story of Utter Zone Zero takes place in a near-future world destroyed by an unknown disaster called the Void. Humans affected by disasters turn into monsters called Ezhuel that threaten the survival of the survivors. The New Ailidu, where the protagonist lives, has become a "fortress" for survivors to survive because it has mastered the technology of controlling empty disasters.

At first glance, this seems like a familiar plot template. But unlike most junk games, Zone Zero does not ask players to be commanders, captains and other "children of heaven", staged to save the world. But to "new Ailidu" as a stage, the interpretation of a comic strip with the unfolding of urban adventure comedy. This is the kind of thing that Miha is good at, after all, since "Crash" (" Crash 2 "), crazy jokes have been the norm for Miha. But "Zone Zero" throws aside the "salvation" restriction, this kind of more self-free nonsensical comedy makes people further feel the humorous, humorous hip-hop style.

In the story interpretation, in addition to the animation CG and the common character dialogue that Miha you is good at, there is also the cartoon interpretation of the whole voice, which undoubtedly makes the story of the game further comic sense.

This time, the two brothers and sisters operate a video store on the surface, but secretly help the thief to enter and exit the hole illegally. Simply speaking, you can understand as the protagonist like "ghost blow out the light" in the grave robbers hired to guide Hu Bayi. Only the employers are no longer the big bosses of the so-and-so syndicate, but street gangs, special citizens and small groups of "burrowers". This kind of plot setting that sometimes walks in the gray area itself has a strong sense of street culture.

For the main city "new Aili all", whether function or style design, are quite some "Jet Warrior 2" flavor. Graffiti and skateboards can be seen everywhere in the street corners and alleys of the shop streets, a wide variety of discs and movie posters in the protagonist's own video store, and some of the characters' mechanical artifacts full of heavy industrial and technological sense, which are full of the trendy and cool atmosphere of the collision between street culture and cyberpunk.

There are a lot of eggs hidden on the tape

Similar to JRPGS like P5, Absolute Zone Zero moved most of the game's features into the middle of the store. The NPC is not only the source players pick up task in the city, their storefront also represents a play different functions, such as in the ramen "eat take gain" (similar to the strange hunting the cat food), in front of the store, buy materials in the record store extraction equipment and so on, this has to do with the function of the mobile game originally of menu interface has the very big difference.

On the other hand, what made me feel hip and cool was the very trendy audio-visual design of Zone Zero.

The music, for example, plays well with the comic tone of the game's urban adventure, while at the same time highlighting the elements of street culture. As you wander through the main city, you'll hear Blues-Rock music in the background; Enter the battle level, passionate electronic rock and roll to the sound; As the plot progresses, Hip-Hop will also look at the atmosphere and pick the right moment to appear.

Beyond that, whether it's the loading animations as you enter a combat level, or the UI changes of a grid as you explore a void, they're abstract, bizarre, and exaggerated. These small designs, when put together, have a strong impact on the player's visual senses.

Similar, but not exactly like, gameplay

The combat gameplay of Zone Zero is a return to the "main level style" that ARPG mobile gamers are so familiar with, but it's not just short and fast level combat.

Based on the world view, the protagonist will "dive" into the void via remote link with the help of a small robot named "Bang No" to assist the employer. The level mechanics of the game are somewhat similar to the Roguelite gameplay of Dark Dungeon -- walking through an unknown map, collecting random boosts, forming a build, solving various events, and then reaching the end.

Due to the constant erosion of the human in the void, the player gains pressure while exploring the unknown grid. When the pressure reaches 100, there is an erosion effect on the Bond, which is a negative BUFF, to increase the difficulty of the battle.

The player doesn't just touch the grid, but sometimes encounters random events. Such as teleporting you to a new and unfamiliar area, disrupting your established route arrangement; Or get into a series of battles over the wrong answers; May also encounter some used to adjust the taste of "4399 decryption games", which also let players harvest a certain sense of freshness.

However, it is a pity that the diversity of pigeon's build terms is not enough, and most of the terms are just pure damage value changes. However, considering that the game is still in early beta, there is a lot of room for improvement.

When it comes to the combat system, Absolute Zone Zero is like many 2D ACT mobile games in that it's a three-person team, one-player battle mode, and you can switch roles during a battle. It looks very similar to Collapse 3, but after you actually play it, there's a very clear difference between the two. In contrast to Collapse 3, which requires the player to create their own timing of output, the combat gameplay of Zone Zero is not overly demanding, and all of the Settings are built around "refreshing".

This difference is first reflected in the types of characters. Characters in Absolute Zone Zero do not have auxiliary role positioning such as damage augmentation and healing, but are divided into attack types such as strike, slash and puncture. When they attack an enemy of the same type, they accumulate an additional "imbalance" of the enemy. The "imbalance value" is another example of this difference. In combat, the player has to accumulate the imbalance value through continuous attacks, and when the imbalance value reaches 100%, the enemy will be in an immovable "imbalance" state. At this point, the jointed QTE for the other roles is triggered. It is worth mentioning that when a combo hit an "unbalanced" enemy, it will trigger a combo attack for all three characters in turn.

In other words, the refreshing flow of combat in Zone Zero comes from the snowballing process, where the enemy is thrown "out of balance" by a constant barrage of attacks, resulting in several bursts of cascading damage. When SEVERAL gorgeous skill effects are triggered one after another, the brilliant combat performance is enough to make people overwhelmed, coupled with the excellent sense of attack shaping, stimulating the player to secrete adrenaline every moment.

Of course, it would be nice if there were more types of enemies. At present, there is still a lack of enemy types, especially when you step on the combat grid several times in a row, and repetitive enemies inevitably make people feel boring. On top of that, the characters Bear (Ben) and Battle maid (Corin) are uncomfortable with long, carcineering attacks, which somewhat spoils the rhythm of the battle.

Finally, I would like to talk about the game's cultivation system. The cultivation gameplay of Absolute Zone Zero is still the traditional mobile game cultivation template in the market. On the whole, it is good and predictable. Besides, compared to the other gameplay, the current version of the development system is a little shabby. Apart from the classic three of character upgrading, leveling up, and breaking through, there is only a device (possibly named temporarily) system similar to the Holy Relic mechanism, which makes my heart ache. However, the equipment in the form of a music album is something new.

What differentiates Zone Zero?

There's no doubt that Utter Zone Zero is yet another complete demonstration of Miha's ability to industrialize games.

Now speaking of game industrialization, everyone in front of the screen is not unfamiliar, it represents the guarantee of game production efficiency, stable production quality and quantity of content. However, once patterned, the industrial pipeline will lead to a highly uniform game template and style, which will eventually make players lose the novelty of the game. This is the fundamental reason why most of the Spring Festival games, obviously not poor quality, suffer from the criticism of players.

I hate to admit it, but just as I think of Ubisoft at the sight of Open World in a can, Zone Zero has many of the same features that longtime fans will know from Miha at first glance. Such as "ancestral" character art styles, such as familiar text styles, and more or less the same pattern of formation.

But as mentioned at the beginning of the article, compared to the Original Gods and Collapse series, where "fantasy" was used throughout, the Miha Tour began experimenting with a new style of play in Utter Zone Zero. Yes, Absolutely Zero is more of a stylistic differentiation. Even in the world, no cliche salvation in the game plot, has not risen to the grand thinking of human survival, only a few little weave together the two urban adventure in daily, this is not only a rare in the mihajlovic swim the main works of the past, are now very rare in the mobile market.

As for the future of the game, we don't know yet. We'll just have to leave it to time. For sure, though, it's a good thing for the vast number of Mihaku fans to see a change.

Metal stamping tensile forming process

Stretch forming is a stamping process that uses moulds to form blank blanks into open hollow parts. Many metal stamping manufacturers in China are using stretch forming. As one of the main stamping processes, it is widely used. With the stretching process can be made into cylindrical, rectangular, ladder, spherical, conical, parabolic shape and other irregular shape of thin wall parts, if with other stamping forming process, but also can make more complex shape parts.

Metal stamping tensile forming process

Use stamping equipment to carry out tensile forming processing of products, including: stretching processing, redrawing processing, reverse drawing and thinning drawing processing, etc. Drawing processing: using the pressing plate device, the punch pressure is used to pull part or all of the flat plate into the concave model cavity, so that it is formed into a container with a bottom. The processing of the side wall of the container and the drawing direction parallel is a simple drawing process, and the drawing processing of the conical (or angular cone) shaped container, hemispherical container and parabolic surface container, which also includes the expansion processing.

Redrawing processing: that is, for the deep drawing products that cannot be completed by a drawing processing, it is necessary to draw the forming products again to increase the depth of the forming container.

Reverse drawing processing: reverse drawing of the workpiece before the process, the inside of the workpiece into the outside, and make its diameter smaller processing.

Thinning stretch processing: the punch will have formed the container squeezed into the concave model cavity slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the container, so that the outer diameter of the container with the bottom becomes smaller, and the wall thickness becomes thinner, not only eliminating the wall thickness deviation, but also making the surface of the container smooth.

SICK Smart Sensor (Germany)

Sick-sensor Intelligence, Germany, focuses on providing increasingly intelligent global leading Sensor components and overall solutions for logistics automation, factory automation and process automation. Founded in 1946, Thicke has grown into a leading global group of companies. SICK's continuous innovation, leading technology and strict cost control have ensured its leading position in a wide range of global application markets.

Outstanding features: SICK sensor is a photoelectric device as a conversion element sensor. It can be used to detect the direct cause of the change of light quantity of non-electricity, such as light intensity, illuminance, radiation temperature, gas composition analysis and so on; ​it can also be used to detect other non-electric quantities that can be converted into changes in light quantity, such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain, displacement, vibration, velocity, acceleration, and recognition of object shape and working state.

Especially its photoelectric sensor has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance and so on, so it is widely used in industrial automation devices and robots. The continuous emergence of new optical and electronic devices from SICK Sensor, especially the birth of CCD image sensor, has broken new ground for the further use of SICK sensor sensors.

Material evaluation: Evaluation of the lightweight design Model D mouse with a cotton feel

What was it that took the editor by surprise? What is it that keeps editors scrolling and enjoying it? That's right, our leading player today is the Model D Wireless Dongdong mouse from Glorious. Lightweight design, weighing less than 70g, feels as soft as cotton when held in the hand.

The naming rules of the Glorious MODEL Series mouse are simple and easy to remember. The MODEL D is right-handed and the MODEL O is left-right symmetric. MINI models with D-/O- are also available for users with smaller hands. The price is the same for different hand shapes and sizes.

And with the WIRELESS suffix, is the WIRELESS version of the mouse. The price of this version is higher than that of the GLORIOUS MODEL D WIRELESS mouse with a price of 699 yuan. Of course, if the budget is limited, the more cost-effective 399 yuan wired version is also a good choice.

The following is a detailed evaluation of the mouse. Before the formal evaluation, the author summarizes the most important features of Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse in order to build a preliminary understanding of the product.

1, lightweight ergonomic design, feel fit, comfortable control.

2, cable | 2.4 G dual mode design, choice and varied.

3, excellent weight control, adding wireless module and battery module, the weight is still maintained at 69g.

01 unpacking

The outer packaging of Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS is in black tone, and the middle area is the outline of the mouse. The skirts on the left and right sides of the holographic laser technology and the honeycomb hollow-out part in the middle can reflect different colors at different angles, which looks very nice.

When you open the package, you can see the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse body. There are four kinds of mouse with different colors and materials: frosted white, mirror white, frosted black and mirror black. The author's hand for the frosted white color, the mouse uses a white shell, with black wheel, DPI key, side key, classic look.

Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse body also provides 16.8 million color RGB backlight, and the default lighting effect is magic color seamless breathing. You can download the driver to set more light effects such as single color and single color breathing, or choose to turn off the light effect.

In addition to the body of the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse, the package also includes a WIRELESS receiver, WIRELESS adapter and Glorious's exclusive super flexible parachute cable. Among them, wireless receivers can be used to connect devices in a conventional environment. When the host device is far away from the mouse, the wireless adapter can be connected with the data line to enhance the signal and reduce the interference

The mouse data line is super flexible cord data line specially designed by Glorious. Its USB-C interface is designed with anti-stalling reinforcement and equipped with anti-interference magnetic ring, which brings stable data transmission for players. At the same time, compared with the market mouse data cable, this data cable has extremely strong flexibility and bend-ability. Even in the wired state, you can enjoy the non-drag feeling similar to the wireless mouse. With the body weight of 69G, the daily use experience is very smooth.

02 Appearance and Functions

The left and right keys of Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS are split design, and the internal keys are Omron micro switches, with a service life of 20 million times. Operation sound clear, bounce applicable; The roller adopts deep groove texture and has a certain damping sense.

I personally believe, has the sense of damping roller and the positioning in the use of lightweight mouse has some conflict, the weight is only 69 g of the mouse to bring users in the process of moving weak non-inductive pleasure, but the damping roller brings sense of paragraphs, like a running train brake suddenly, fiercely just show the broken dreams.

If the mouse can provide the same two wheel modes as Logitech G502, damping and Infinity, I believe the use experience will be better.

The rear cover and bottom of the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS Dongdong mouse adopt honeycomb hollow-out structure, which not only ensures high strength, but also effectively reduces weight and brings smoother user experience. In addition, the hollow structure also reduces the fitting area between the skin and the mouse surface, and improves the air circulation of the palm, which is more suitable for sweating hand players.

The middle area of the bottom of the mouse is also close to the left DPI indicator light, switch different gears can show different colors, respectively is 400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green).

03 Test and play

Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS Dongdong mouse is a right-handed mouse with an asymmetric design of slightly higher left button and slightly lower right button, which is more suitable for human hands.

The mouse uses the BAMF sensor jointly developed with Pixart and supports up to 19000DPI, 400IPS and 50G acceleration, which is perfect for all kinds of high-resolution displays and gamers with different usage habits.

Here we also use MouseTester software to actually test the mouse. In counts vs. time mode, the closer counts is to the line, the less jitter the engine gets. It can be seen that the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse has excellent following performance in both wired, 2.4ghz direct connection mode and 2.4ghz extended connection mode. There is no need to worry about frame loss and non-smoothness when using.

Next, plug into your computer and take a look at what drives this mouse.

The software driver is named Glorious Core and the current version used by the author is 1.0.24. At present, only English language is supported. Fortunately, the layout design is reasonable and the learning cost is not high.

Functionally, this driver software provides us with three parts of the keys, parameters, lighting Settings. Among them, the key setting section can change the left and right keys of the mouse, DPI key, two side keys, multimedia and other functional Settings; The parameter setting plate can adjust the DPI, rate of return and other parameters of the mouse. It can also set the color of the DPI indicator light at the bottom of the mouse separately. As mentioned earlier in the Light Settings section, you can target the color mode of the RGB light bar of the mouse

In general, the software drive function setting of Glorious MODEL D mouse is in good order, which basically meets the needs of daily use.

The BAMF sensor and lightweight design body equipped with the mouse can help players better complete high precision and speed operations such as instant turning back, blitzer, and point-shooting in FPS games with high requirements on mouse performance and player operation, such as CS:GO and PUBG. In daily use, the lighter weight and ergonomic grip bring users a more comfortable handling experience.

Therefore, the Glorious MODEL D Wireless e-sports mouse with light weight, quick touch, crisp keys, cool lighting and precise positioning is worthy of you to have a try for both daily use and competitive games.

Halo Infinity's open world is smaller than expected

In a recent interview, 343 Industries creative director Joseph Staten pointed out that Halo Infinity's open world has been scaled down significantly from the original vision.

Staten says that before he joined 343, the team had a lot of discussions about map size and biome diversity, and even after he joined 343, he had to compromise on downsizing because of graphical fidelity issues.

"We didn't have the time to pursue all the levels of verisimiliteness we wanted," Staten says. "We made huge strides from the E3 demo to the launch, but we still had to downsize and make targeted cuts." "While we didn't end up cutting a lot out of the open world, I do know that Halo Infinity is pretty much scaled back from what the team had hoped they would achieve from the original design."

Why are hybrid drives suddenly not so popular?

Today, solid state drives are almost universally available, but a decade ago, they were not just big enough to install an operating system, and the high price of NAND FLASH meant that solid state drives were only a "supplement" for advanced gamers. But do you know, in order to bring users a better use experience with the lowest cost, traditional storage manufacturers have paid a lot of efforts, launched a lot of bright but quite a few products, such as the flash in the pan hybrid hard drive SSHD.

Solid-state drives can be simply described as a hybrid of NAND FLASH particles and mechanical hard drives. They look a bit like mechanical hard drives with a large cache, but they operate in a completely different way. The hard disk chip is DDR DRAM chip, the capacity from a few MB to hundreds of MB, mainly for the mechanical hard disk to provide data buffer role; The NAND FLASH particle capacity of hybrid hard disk is usually a few GB to dozens of GB, mainly to use its advantages of high speed access to improve the average access time of mechanical hard disk, and the main body of storage is still high capacity mechanical hard disk part. Somewhat similar to the "Ready Boost" mechanism in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

01 What are the advantages of Hybrid hard drives?
In principle, hybrid drives record the most frequently read and written data at a given moment and store it in the most responsive NAND FLASH, thus achieving performance comparable to solid-state drives. Although it sounds simple and straightforward, hybrid hard drives have their own set of mechanisms that work independently of the operating system. So solid state disk performance? It's no exaggeration to say that Word also has the opening speed of Notepad. When the system is hibernating, data in the memory can be written to the NAND FLASH. When the system is woken up, the system returns to the previous working state. However, the mechanical hard disk may still be powered on to read page files.

I once installed a 2.5-inch Western Digital hybrid hard drive into a Microsoft XBOX ONE X game console. The hard disk is part of the high-end "black disk" series, which uses a combination of 8GB NAND FLASH and 1TB 7200 RPM mechanical hard disk. In the Assassin's Creed Origins DLC Curse of the Pharaohs, after the main character Bayek jumps to his death from a statue of Ramses the Great several times, the game loads in seconds, comparable to a solid state drive.

Not only to achieve the performance and capacity "fish and bear's paw" have it all, mix hard disk will be frequently used data to NAND FLASH will make mechanical drive part after a halt "standby", stay will start only when there is new data to read and write, thus reducing the mechanical hard disk heads, frequency and the rotation of the disc, speaking, reading and writing time, improve performance at the same time also makes the service life is much higher, And reduced power consumption. Although hybrid hard drives are more expensive than mechanical hard drives, the terabyte solid state drives of ten years ago were extremely expensive, and were only used in data centers and other fields, so they were considered an important "milestone" on the road to SSD popularization.

02 Hybrid hard disk how become chicken ribs?
True hybrid drive has many advantages, but it may be said "into also principle and principle", once met a large amount of data continue to write, after running out of small capacity NAND FLASH capacity, weak mechanical hard disk read and write performance will betray oneself, especially some with a mixture of large capacity hard disk is 5400 RPM SMR "imbricated type" mechanical hard disk... You know. Therefore, the hybrid hard disk is not only not popular in the consumer field, but also failed to replace the traditional mechanical hard disk in the enterprise application field.

The last straw that broke the "camel" of hybrid hard disk is the continuously lower price and increasing capacity of solid state disk. Not only the mainstream m.2 NVMe PCIe3.0 1TB product has reached the price of 500 yuan, but the 128GB capacity of SATA solid state disk has fallen below the 100 yuan threshold, becoming the standard of modern installation. While the mechanical hard disk is into the NAS, monitoring and mobile hard disk "cold", so the situation of the mixed hard disk is more embarrassing, become a real ribs product, mainstream e-commerce platform is not sold, want to taste the new students can only go to the universal treasure.