Philippines' Globe Telecom launches Asia's first 'eco-SIM' card

As a leader in the mobile sector in the Philippines, Globe Telecom has contributed to ecological sustainability by launching the first-ever Eco-SIM card for its postpaid mobile customers for the first time in Asia and hosting Zero Waste Month in January.

The SIM card is one of the smallest consumer goods in the world, weighing about four grams. ‚ÄčNevertheless, about 4.5 billion SIM cards and Pr phone cards are manufactured each year, equivalent to 20,000 tonnes of plastic and other polymers, the weight of 4,000 jeeps.

a4c6d88539142eb071d4c197c3b84a6dTogether with partner Thales, Globe Telecom commenced utilizing eco-SIM cards in November 2021, made from 100% recycled materials, including polystyrene waste from refrigerators.

"For us to genuinely gain a foothold in the fight against climate change, all of us must take responsibility for sustainable action." Yoly Crisanto, Globe Telecom's chief sustainability officer and senior vice president of corporate communications.

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