Is the maintenance-free trailer bridge easy to use? How much is the maintenance-free axle?

​The axle is one of the most vital parts of the semi-trailer, which is directly related to the bearing, driving and braking of the vehicle. It is called the three core assembly of the trailer together with the engine and gearbox, and plays a decisive role in the stability and safety of the vehicle.

Maintenance free axle refers to the maintenance and maintenance cycle is relatively slow axle, typically oil lubrication instead of grease lubrication, gear oil injection in the hub unit, so that the hub and oil seal to form the storage space of gear oil, let the bearing immersed in gear oil, to ensure its full lubrication ability, in order to obtain a longer maintenance cycle.

With a longer maintenance period, owners and Semi Trailer Manufacturers need to invest less time and energy, and the absence from work caused by vehicle maintenance is also reduced. Therefore, operation efficiency is naturally improved to a certain extent.

It is vital to note that the free maintenance axle just get longer and the maintenance cycle does not mean totally don't have to do maintenance, daily check and maintenance is essential, especially the relatively poor attendance rate is higher, the operating conditions, north and south, east and large span of long distance transportation vehicle, even if not maintain mileage also need to do the routine inspection and maintenance of the axle, In this way, the safety can be totally guaranteed and the use advantage of the axle can be fully played.

75c8b2d59e2daff714df407ef10cb0dfNotes for maintenance free axle use:

1. Check the axle fasteners before starting to see if there is any loosening phenomenon;

2. ​check whether the hubcap is damaged and whether there is oil leakage;

3, regularly observe whether the gear oil in the hub is above the normal level and whether it is polluted. In general, the lubricating oil is dark. If there is white or milk, it indicates that the lubricating oil is polluted;

4, every 12 months or 100,000 kilometers, to set up the wheel to check the rotation has no noise, bearing is sloshing;

5. ​every 12 months or 100,000 kilometers, it is necessary to open the oil injection hole, and use a magnet probe to extend into the lubricating oil to check whether there are impurities such as iron filings.

At present, the price of ordinary trailer axle on the market is influenced by brand, model, configuration and other factors. Take 13t drum brake as an example. Most brands are concentrated between 3000-4500 yuan, and high-end line products can float up to about 6000-8000 yuan. If it is a maintenance-free axle, commonly in the same specifications of the ordinary bridge price on the basis of an increase of 1000-1700 yuan. Of course, the number of users to buy also affects the final transaction price to a certain extent.

In fact, whether it is a maintenance-free axle or an ordinary bridge, we should remember the law of "three points to repair, seven points to maintain", do a good job of daily maintenance and inspection, in order to completely protect its function, prevent failure, extend the service cycle. In addition, it is also essential to choose brands with reliable quality.

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