Small size lifting platform car is more suitable for indoor aerial work

A lot of people think lift flat wagon is great outdoors or space using aerial work equipment in the workshop, but that is not necessarily the case, the use of lifting flat wagon is determined according to its specifications, it is destined to its use place of numerous specifications of diversification, not only is the outdoor use, even though some room is not spacious indoor environment will also be used to lift flat wagon, The following Chenghua manufacturing to take you to understand.

Lifting platform vehicle specifications are diverse, its lifting height from 4 meters to 20 meters, and most of the support is customized, because the use of scissored lifting structure, the smaller the size of the lifting platform vehicle in the contraction to the initial state, is smaller, such as specifications of four-meter lifting platform vehicle. The larger specifications of the lifting platform car is mostly used for outdoor aerial work. ‚ÄčThere are many interior decoration works. The lighting installation of the hall seems simple, but in fact, there is a certain difficulty, which requires the use of one man aerial lift.

9676082b6bb2dcfbf26c18feb851711eThe use of traditional ladder to carry out indoor aerial work is not common at present, not only low efficiency, operation safety can not be guaranteed. And lifting a flat car is extremely excellent to make-up for this problem. It adopts the bearing platform of the guardrail enclosure, and can be operated and moved in the process of operation, which can be said to be safe and efficient. It is worth mentioning that the tiny specification of the lifting car in and out of the elevator is no problem, the operator can freely carry the lifting car to the work site.

In fact, numerous indoor operations can be entirely used to lift the flat car. Do not think that this is a drama in a teacup, because the tiny specifications of lifting flat car is born for this kind of work, is entirely its responsibility. Only when your equipment is advanced will work become easier and more efficient.

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