4 thoughts on “Can digital currency really be used?”

  1. It is true, but the digital currency issued by the central bank is a legal digital currency. And RMB is equivalent. The research and development of distortions is temporarily used for cross -line transfer, and it takes some time for the people. Friends can consider doing the China dollar coin authorized by the China Digital Currency Research Institute. At present, the price is still low. More information depends on my name.

  2. Digital currency is a general term that describes all forms of electronic currency, whether it is virtual currency or cryptocurrency. It is a form of value of data. It has the functions of transaction medium, bookkeeping units and value storage through data transactions, but it is not a legal currency in any country and region.
    The concept of digital currency was first proposed in 1983. They exist in digital or electronic forms. Unlike actual banknotes or coins, they are invisible. They can only be used and used online through electronic wallets or specified networks. The advantage of digital currency is that there is no bank, the transaction is real -time, and the transaction fee is very low. So: Coin, token, virtual currency belong to digital currencies.
    The main features of digital currencies
    1. In terms of payment settlement, it does not rely on the institution, which is an open and available digital general account that is maintained by the entire distributed network, which is called "blockchain".
    2. In terms of distribution and production, it is essentially to account for a mutually verified open bookkeeping system. In a certain algorithm mode, find a string of random codes that meet the conditions, and then use this string of codes to other other codes to other others. The transaction information is packed into a block and recorded in this ledger, so that a certain number of digital currencies are obtained.
    3, unparalleled boundaries, make it flow globally. The virtual world corresponds to the real world. The exchange relationship between digital currencies and traditional currencies is connected. Under certain conditions, specific digital currencies can purchase physical products, and traditional currencies can also purchase specific virtual products.
    4, its distributed general account system can theoretically make any participants unable to forge digital currency and reduce transaction risks.
    5, the lower transaction costs of digital currency will promote financial institutions such as banks to increase service levels and reduce transaction costs.
    6, digital currency and mobile financial business models can promote the development of inclusive finance.

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