Jingliu's E1 vs Signature Lightcone:Optimal Strategy in Honkai Star Rail 1.4


Jingliu's E1 Upgrade: Enhancing Damage Output

In Honkai Star Rail, players often face the dilemma of deciding whether to invest in enhancing a new character or their signature weapon. Version 1.4 introduces Jingliu, who brings a range of options for players to consider. The main question that arises is whether to prioritize Jingliu's E1 upgrade or her signature lightcone, "I Shall Be My Own Sword." Before delving into the E1 versus lightcone debate, let's first explore Jingliu's abilities and the impact of her signature lightcone.Before diving into the E1 vs. LC debate, let's briefly introduce Jingliu. She is a powerful ice element five-star character in Honkai Star Rail, renowned for her ability to deal massive damage to both single enemies and groups. Her recent release in patch 1.4 has players eagerly saving up resources to secure a copy of this formidable character.

Now, onto the power of Jingliu's Lightcone, "I Shall Be My Own Sword." This signature Lightcone offers a unique set of benefits. It increases the wearer's skill damage, restores energy upon using the ultimate, and boosts critical damage. These effects can significantly enhance Jingliu's performance in battles. However, the question arises: should you pull for this Lightcone, or should you prioritize Jingliu's E1 upgrade?

Let's delve into the benefits of Jingliu's E1. It directly increases her damage output, making her even more effective against single-target enemies and elevating her prowess in boss battles. If you intend to use Jingliu as your primary damage dealer, her E1 upgrade can be a valuable addition to her skill set.

"Sustainable Energy for Jingliu's Playstyle"

However, the key aspect to take into account is the energy-demanding nature of Jingliu's playstyle, especially if you plan on utilizing her ultimate ability frequently. The energy restoration provided by her Signature Lightcone is a game-changer, enabling her to consistently sustain her transcendence stacks.

Enhancing Jingliu's Skills and Ultimate Abilities.

The "I Shall Be My Own Sword" signature Lightcone for Jingliu provides more than just benefits for her own skills. Its energy regeneration and critical damage boost are advantageous not only for Jingliu herself, but also for other destruction path characters who heavily rely on their skills and ultimate abilities. This makes the Lightcone a valuable asset to have in your team composition.

Moreover, the Lightcone helps to address potential energy issues, enabling Jingliu to cycle her ultimate more efficiently. This feature enhances her reliability as a damage dealer, particularly in situations where burst damage is crucial.

This article mainly discusses whether to prioritize the E1 upgrade of Jingliu or her signature Photon Cone "I shall be my own sword" in Honkai Star Rail 1.4. The article first introduces the basic skills of Jingliu and the possibilities brought by the Photon Cone. Then, it analyzes from the perspectives of independent damage and team damage, how to formulate your game strategy. Through the competition between Jingliu's E1 and Photon Cone, we can find that each upgrade has its unique advantages. If Jingliu is regarded as the main source of damage, the E1 upgrade will be a good choice. However, the energy recovery effect of the Photon Cone can make her maintain an absolute advantage for a longer time, which will have a significant impact on players who often use her ultimate skill. In general, in order to maximize Jingliu's potential, players may need to balance the priority order of E1 upgrade and Photon Cone upgrade. Welcome to our lootbar trading platform.

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