Beitong ASura 3S gamepad review: more powerful functions, more smooth operation

In recent years, since Beitong launched the Asura gamepad series, it began to develop for e-sports peripherals. In last year's sale of Beitong Asura 3 with strong e-sports performance to achieve a reputation and sales of both, Beitong is in this year to strike while the iron is hot, launched the asura 3 gamepad upgrade - North Asura 3S gamepad.

Just recently, we were lucky enough to receive a beitong Asura 3S gamepad. After a period of experience, whether it is beitong's optimization of its own black technology, or a wider use of the environment, Asura 3S have been comprehensively improved on the basis of its predecessor.

As an upgraded version of the Beitong Asura 3, the ASura 3S is not much different from the Asura 3 in appearance. The whole body still uses elegant and noble black design. At the same time, the reflective deep black decorative belt is added between the joints of each part, so that the handle does not lose high-level design feeling while maintaining simple wind.

The handles on both sides of the handle are surrounded by beitong's signature laser insolation pattern, with strong matte texture, which not only brings a more comfortable grip feeling, but also further anti-slip performance. And because the tan lines are shallow, the grip is not easy to attach to stains such as sweat, more convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.

When the buckle on the front of the grip is opened, a stepped counterweight slot hidden inside can be seen. Players can freely increase or decrease the counterweight, personalized customization.

Beitong ASura 3S gamepad review: more powerful functions, more smooth operationThe inverted Y-shaped light belt in the center of the handle is green breathing light in standby state, and in the default connected state, it is the cool light blue color common on the body of the mecha in science fiction works, flat white adds a breath of mechanical wind.

In terms of buttons, the shoulder button, trigger button and programmable buttons on the back of the gamepad are all polished in the same way as the Asura 3. But Beitong Asura 3S equipped with the use of electromagnetic induction device hall trigger, accurate feedback every step of the operation.

Similarly, the four keys of "XYAB" still adopt the mechanical keys carried by Beitong flagship product Zeus class, inheriting the excellent mechanical button feel of Asura 3. The trigger stroke of the button is 0.7mm, and the trigger time is 35% shorter than that of the traditional conductive adhesive button. The feedback of each button is very accurate and natural.

Cross key is the use of eight gyroscopic cross key, not only good touch, also support a key oblique trigger. And equipped with a full sense of design of the rhombus concave cross keys, so that players in fighting, racing games have more excellent control feel. This is also very much in line with the asura 3 gamepad esports class peripherals positioning, making every operation a close call.

In addition to the conventional buttons, in addition to the additional expanded functions of the buttons, the standard button (home button) in the middle of the handle still has the "ancestral" layout of four functional keys. These keys, such as The TURBO key and any action key at the same time, can be used in one-click succession, while the gamepad cross key and the left joystick function can be switched with the SHIFT key.

In addition, the back of the gamepad is also equipped with some elite gamepad back key design. When holding the handle, the two back keys are located at the tips of most users' middle fingers. The keystroke feels very much like a mouse button, requiring a slight amount of force to press the button, which reduces the chance of a player accidentally touching the button.

All in all, diversified button designs and expanded functions like back key not only increase the upper limit of operation of players, but also meet the operation preferences of different types of players.

On top of the back button, there is a three-section trigger lock, which can be adjusted by the player, through the control of the trigger key path, to meet the needs of different types of games. For example, in my racing games such as Forza Motorsport horizon 5, the increased key range resistance in full gear allows the player to feel the accelerator at their fingertips in real life driving. When playing an FPS like Apex Heroes, the trigger button has a much faster response time by setting it to a small setting, and the player presses it to trigger the shooting action.

In the rocker part of the handle, both sides of the rocker are surrounded by physical speed shifting knobs, and it is equipped with BEitong's patented BRS™ technology, which can adjust the sensitivity of the rocker with up to 7 gears through the knobs. And players in the process of using, without additional download driver software, you can directly judge the double rocker through the central e-sports atmosphere strong indicator light is currently in which gear.

Such a design certainly increases the player's room for manoeuvre. For example, when I was hunting in Monster Hunter: Dawn, I adjusted the sensitivity of the joystick so that I could quickly turn the camera to see the movement of the monster, avoiding the risk of being hit by a cat car.

However, when playing The Original God, "hoeing" in the big world, you need to reduce sensitivity and make "three crystal butterfly in one second" operation.

In addition, Beitong also adopts the anti-wear technology of the rocker, which improves the structure of the traditional rocker and isolates the friction between the rocker and the outer edge, making the operation feel more silky. At the same time, due to the package of the variable speed knob, the drift phenomenon caused by dust falling into the rocker is avoided to a large extent, and the service life of the handle is prolonged.

Compared with Asura 3, beitongAsura 3S gamepad has two forms of wireless receiver and wired connection, supporting PC, laptop, Android TV and other devices, unlocking more use scenarios. At the same time, the 950Mah large-capacity lithium battery provides tens of hours of powerful battery life for the gamepad, ensuring continuous gaming experience for users.

It is worth mentioning that after downloading beitong gamepad's exclusive supporting software -- Beitong Gamepad Hall, we can not only adjust key mapping, RGB lighting, vibration intensity of the gamepad and other configurations, but also independently set macro programming for back and shoulder keys and write combos for different games. Or choose the most comfortable operating mode from the continuously updated official library of preset templates.


In general, as beitong open esports peripherals products, Asura series with a full range of functions and good handling, coupled with excellent cost performance, several degrees become the darling of the market and players.

Now, with the arrival of Beitong Asura 3S game controller, Beitong through the performance, adaptive environment, and the comprehensive upgrade of personalized configuration, for the love of all kinds of game players, have brought a more perfect game experience. Whether you are a fan of Beitong series products or just need an esports controller, beitong Asura 3S gamepad may be the perfect choice for you.

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