Have you ever used a 65G gaming mouse?

Today’s product is a game mouse from Asus brand, the model is ROG Moon Blade wired edition.

For the partner who likes to play computer games, a professional game mouse is absolutely not missing, many people in the purchase of the game mouse, may be very concerned about the brand of the game mouse, DPI accuracy, feel or performance, but DO not know whether you pay attention to the weight of the game mouse itself. Today’s evaluation of the ROG moon Blade game mouse, is taking into account all the functions of the game mouse under the premise of a great extent to reduce their own weight, so that the game mouse in the hands like a feather is generally light, so a super portable game mouse, in the end not good? Let’s take a look.

First of all, let’s talk about the packaging. Although the packaging has nothing to do with the practicality of the product, it is the first impression presented to the user. If the design is too shabby, it will directly affect the user’s favorable impression of the product. This ROG moon blade game mouse packaging, the use of red and black matching colors, is the performance of the rules.

After unpacking, we can see that the accessories of Moon Blade are quite complete. In addition to the mouse, there are a set of foot stickers, a mouse sticker and instructions in the package. In addition, the package also included a pair of complimentary microswitches, which made me very curious, the first time I saw a complimentary microswitch mouse.

The blade gaming mouse cable version of the month, currently only a full black color design, the mouse on the “prodigal eye” LOGO is visible, modelling is still adopts the traditional mouse design concept, but slightly different is that the mouse of the fuselage is not symmetric design, but slightly inward, it has to do with our right hand hold corresponds to the light, So it’s also an ergonomic mouse for the right hand.

ROG Moon Blade game mouse looks very simple on the front, but at the bottom of the invisible has a very fancy design, a variety of LOGO certification LOGO, there is no more to say here. Notable is, except equipped with a large floor mat at the bottom of the mouse button adjust DPI ROG month blade, also designed on the bottom, in my opinion this design is very close, avoids the problem of false contact, but for a real-time adjust DPI demand of users, has become some awful a hand, so this will also according to their own needs to choose and buy.

Have you ever used a 65G gaming mouse?

In terms of keys, ROG moon Blade game mouse left and right two main keys, equipped with a new ROG self-developed micro switch, contact with gold plated material, with more than 70 million times of service life, simple try a few times, feel the feedback strength of the key is good, the sound is very clear, the key does not need to be too hard.

In addition, I finally know the packing of the two extra micro switch, the use of the two is the omron micro switch, if you have a special liking to omron key feeling, can replace the original micro switch, in order to facilitate replacement, factory and specially optimized mode of installation, can be completed easily enough.

As mentioned before, one of the features of this ROG moon-blade game mouse is that it has a super lightweight body. The weight of the mouse together with the cable is only about 65G, which is much lighter than the vast majority of mice on the market, especially when held in the hands of sliding, this lightness of feeling is very obvious. This is used to the weight of the standard version of the mouse for me, at the beginning is a little uncomfortable, but after a moment of use, this grip in the hands of light feeling more and more wonderful, the mouse sliding back and forth, almost no force, greatly save the wrist strength.

On blade cables are very different, looking from the outside, as just a regular braid cable, but after touch, will find that the cable is very soft, this design is the same with the concept of extreme lightness photograph echo, and the benefits of it is also obvious, when moving the mouse, the mouse will not be dragged down by the weight of the cable, Greatly reduce the mouse bondage, and 2 meters of cable, but also fully meet the use of the length of the demand.

As a game mouse, the light pollution light effect is essential. When the Mouse is powered on, both the “Eye of the Rat” LOGO and the scroll wheel light up. If you want to make the mouse more cool, check the asus Armoury Crate driver. You can also adjust the lamp effect, buttons, performance and other functions of the mouse. If you have other ROG devices, Moon Blade also supports AURA SYNC technology, which can realize the linkage of multiple devices. The gorgeous lamp effect atmosphere can create a stronger atmosphere of e-sports.

In the process of experience, also found this month blade game mouse one detail, is in the material of the mouse button, on the blade using the PBT material, although the touch don’t feel strange, but this kind of material has the characteristics of strong, appear preview also resistant to sweat stain resistant, so even if it is use for a long time, around key touch upon his throne, It won’t be polished to a shiny sheen.

In the actual game, the mouse sensitivity of Moon Blade game is also very good. According to the official parameters, it is equipped with PMW3389 sensor, which is also the mainstream sensor of the game mouse at present. The resolution can reach 16000 DPI, support 4 gears adjustment, the maximum acceleration is 50G, and the IPS can reach 400. After many rounds of “Eat chicken” and “League of Legends”, I found that ROG moon Blade’s accuracy and click are very good. Of course, what makes me most satisfied is that in these hours of the game, although the right hand has been frequently sliding the mouse, there is almost no weight on the wrist, and the mouse is especially light when sliding, which makes me feel very comfortable.

Through the use of a period of time, feel this month blade game mouse is also very awesome, as a game, the mouse on blade performance is very good in terms of configuration, high precision of DPI, replaceable micro switch, soft cable, cool light effect, the integration of these configurations, reflects the ROG month as a gaming mouse the professionalism of the blade, and the fuselage ultra-lightweight, It is also a highlight of ROG moon Blade game mouse, reducing the burden of hands, but also more ergonomic design. At present, the hand price of this moon blade game mouse is 199 yuan. If you happen to have the need to buy a game mouse in the near future, then ROG moon Blade game mouse is still worth recommending.

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