Special effects are fully open without panic, gigabyte top game host debut!

Have a cool enough and strong enough performance of the game console, is the desire of every game player. But for most small white players, the threshold of their own computer assembly is too high, looking for others installed and afraid of being pit, the rest of that only to buy the machine. As one of the big brands in the hardware industry, Gigabyte has been insisting on creating enough high-end game consoles for such players, and today we are going to introduce gigabyte's new flagship product: MODEL X.

From a design standpoint, the MODEL X has plenty of high-end texture. Unlike many low-end products that blindly pile RGB and side penetration, it makes use of muscular appearance and proper lighting to create a "low-key luxury". And unlike pure light pollution consoles, there's no blinding light that interferes with your experience, which I personally love.

Many machines in the place we can't see, such as the internal wire storage is to save the province, the line is also very messy, to the late maintenance has brought a lot of trouble. MODEL X is delicate from the outside to the inside. It uses the cable collection system to manage the internal wire in perfect order, which is not only beautiful but also easy to manage, which is also a main reason why many high-end players like to buy Gigabyte host.

In terms of configuration, there is no doubt that it must be flagship. The i9-12900K boasts unprecedented strong single-core performance, as well as the multi-core performance explosion brought by the new large and small core architecture. And unlike those machines that use I7 / I9 with DDR4 memory, the MODEL X, in order to fully realize the potential of the I9-12900K, is equipped with a set of 5200MHz ultra-high frequency DDR5 strips, which can provide much higher bandwidth than the flagship DDR4 memory. Make memory no longer the performance bottleneck that plagued the Core 12 generation.

The graphics card is the well-known RTX 3080. This graphics card adopts a new architecture and manufacturing process to build, making its improvement far ahead of several generations of 80 level N cards, compared with the previous generation of RTX 2080Ti has about 30% performance improvement. That means you can play all kinds of AAA games in 4K, even if the special effects are on.

It's worth noting that the MODEL X comes with the i9-12900K processor and RTX 3080 graphics card preset for overclocking, which allows you to use your hands and experience the most powerful gaming hardware available.

The MODEL X also comes with a 2T high-speed SOLID-state drive with A PCI 4.0 channel, which is more than enough capacity for most gamers, given that games are getting bigger and require more capacity and speed. If 2TB isn't enough for you, it has 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives for later installation.

Of course, such a set of hardware, the power consumption of the whole machine is not low, for the power supply has a more severe test. Fortunately, MODEL X is matched with a Gigabyte AP850GM power supply, which can not only easily run i9-12900K and RTX3080, but also leave a lot of power consumption margin. If you're hands-on, you can also use this configuration to try overclocking for a free performance boost.

And in order to facilitate the use of high-speed interface, the host is also equipped with a Lightning 4 expansion card, can provide you with two MINI DP and two lightning 4 interface, so that you can enjoy 40Gbps high-speed transmission performance.

Special effects are fully open without panic, gigabyte top game host debut!It is not hard to see that this Gigabyte MODEL X reveals the temperament of a top flagship from head to toe. Especially for small white players, choose such a host is not only enough worry, there are also the ultra long quality guarantee service provided by the official jijia, in terms of performance is also enough for you to play the next few years of all games, this is not sweet?

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