Test the Nintendo Switch

Test the Nintendo Switch

As a game console, the Nintendo Switch comes with one joy-Con controller on the left and the right, one red and one blue color palette, a detachable design that allows you to unlock more gameplay, hold it straight and hold it sideways, and give one of the Joy-Con controllers to a friend. In this way, even if two people do not meet each other, they can play directly or in teams, which is very interesting.

Don't underestimate these two Joy-Con controllers, they are the key to improving the game experience. Built-in high precision vibration, in the process of the game can bring realistic feel, which is the game picture and sound can not be replaced. When playing off-road games can obviously feel the driving sense, always can give a person a sense of immersive, playing games more input.

While the Nintendo Switch is small, it can be played in multiple modes and can be connected to larger devices like TVS, projectors, and monitors in the palm of your hand, so you don't have to worry about the screen size to play with your friends and have fun playing multiplayer games.

The Nintendo Switch can be connected to up to eight consoles, making it even easier for friends to get together and enjoy the game. If you're a gamer yourself, this Nintendo Switch is a great game to play at home and take with you on the go.

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