The four most popular types of single-player games

There are hundreds of thousands of console games out there, and almost every day there are different types of console games, different sizes, and different linups. There are more and more kinds of console games, and four of them are the most popular.

Category 1: FPS shooters

Examples of FPS shooters include the Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Wolfenstein series, Medal of Honor series, Counter-Strike series, etc.

The advantage of FPS shooting games is that visually, players can experience the content in the game more closely, and as shooting games, players are operating firearms items, in this aspect, especially military fans are the most favorite

The four most popular types of single-player games
Like the "battlefield", "the call of duty" the epic masterpiece, but also the game guns details made quite clear, even in the fire, in magazines, etc., have been extremely vivid, and shooting game in recent years, in non-combat situations, stationary state players can also close observation armed with guns details by your own role.

In shooters, these two features are the most popular.

Type 2: ACT action games

ACT action games include the Devil May Cry series, God of War series, Metal Gear Solid: Rise of Vengeance, and more.

This type of game usually has a third-person perspective, which allows you to see the character's entire shape, and in most cases, the perspective is broad, and some players with 3D vertigo can accept this type of perspective.

Action games often have a sense of smooth operation and strike, especially "God of War" and "Devil May Cry" these two games, in combat is very feeling.

Some aaa action games also have a great story that allows the player to experience a long process while fighting.

The four most popular types of single-player games

Number three: RPG role-playing games

Examples of RPG role-playing games include diablo series, Monster Hunter series, Demon Quest, etc.

The biggest feature of this type of game is its playability, and the options are often complex. There are also a lot of customization content, players can customize the character's attributes, skills and fighting style.

There is also a feature is to play strange, upgrade, brush equipment, can not stop has been carried out, even if some levels played a lot of times, also can continue to explode equipment.

In particular, the "gear grind" feature has always been at the heart of the RPG series, and that's what players play in it.

The four most popular types of single-player games

Category 4: RTS games

Examples of RTS games include the Red Alert series, Company of Heroes series, Warcraft series, Command & Conquer series, etc.

This type of game tests the player's thinking and reflexes.

These games usually involve the player building a base of their own, then producing units and controlling them to fight, either defensively or aggressively attacking the opposing camp.

RTS games can often be challenging to play, especially games like Red Alert and Company of Heroes, which can leave the player scrambling at critical moments.

Over the years, RTS games have been one of the most popular genres among gamers.

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