What are some applications of stable zirconia industrial ceramics?

The performance of zirconia ceramics, such as high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance,  thermal expansion coefficient is large, so what stable zirconia ceramic industrial application? Next ceramic foam filter supplier introduces you.

1, the stability of zirconia ceramics made of foam ceramics industry, it can be applied in elevated temperature alloy filter, and foam ceramic in the molten steel continuous casting also had a very excellent filtering effect, can be effective to remove non-metallic inclusions.

2, stable zirconia ceramic can be used to make special refractory sprue, so for melting platinum and palladium  crucible, rhodium and other precious metals, and can be used in the making of ladle, and the flow of steel tank lining and so on.

6b98e71cfa1750a59deedcf5271becec3, because of stable zirconia ceramic hardness is extremely strong, it has been in cold forming tools, plastic molding,  wire drawing die, cutting tool also has a strong application.

4, extreme stability of zirconia ceramic industrial strength, and toughness is excellent, thus for engine components, such as push rod, connecting rod, bearing, cylinder liner, piston caps are made of it can be used to.

It to be 5, semiconductor and sensitive features,  such E can be made into elevated temperature solid electrolyte membrane fuel cells, and steel measuring oxygen probe, and the concentration of oxygen in what we call the gas sensor.

6, about the stability of zirconia ceramic industrial application, because its inertia is larger , this kind of situation, we can in the electronic ceramics high performance bearing kiln firing process, is the bearing plate.

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