What is an HDPE siphon drain? What are the differences with ordinary HDPE tube?

1, siphon drainage pipe toughness and rigidity is stronger, and ordinary drainage pipe is not very strong. 2, siphon drain pipe in the early rain, will use the principle of gravity to drain. When the rainfall is large, the water level reaches a certain height, will produce siphon. This system will be a bit more efficient than ordinary drainage. 3. If the rainfall is light, the siphon system is only used as a gravity flow, which can discharge additional rainwater.

Siphon drainage is to use the potential energy of the height difference of the building to drain the roof rainwater to the ground at a extremely quick speed through the scientific and reasonable layout of the diameter and direction of the siphon rainwater bucket and drainage pipe of the special structure. The siphon drainage pipe plays an essential role in the siphon drainage system and its quality is related to the normal operation of the whole siphon drainage system and the service life of the system.

The normal drain pipe and feed pipe emphasize the positive pressure, that is, the outward expansion pressure from the pipe. The special pipe for siphon drainage emphasizes negative pressure (greater than or equal to -0.08Mpa), which is the pressure squeezed from the outside to the inside, like the pressure when we use a straw to suck milk and soymilk to drink. Therefore, the special pipe for siphon drainage requires sufficient rigidity and toughness, otherwise the pipe is easy to be sucked flat and brittle and crack.

Therefore, the roof siphon drainage system must be in line with the requirements of the industry standard (CJ/T250-2018) siphon special HDPE pipe and siphon special pipe fittings, must all use current HDPE100 grade raw materials production, can not add any waste recycling materials. It can not be replaced by ordinary HDPE drain pipes and fittings or HDPE feed pipes and fittings.

​Thus how to quickly distinguish between a siphon special HDPE tube or an ordinary HDPE tube? HDPE pipe manufacturers remind you to keep the following three points in mind.

First, there are colorless lines.​

Siphon special HDPE pipe outside is not any color line, and ordinary HDPE pipe or PE water supply pipe body is blue line.

Two, the pipeline length is different.​

The length of the siphon drain pipe is 5 meters per pipe, while the length of the ordinary HDPE pipe or PE feed pipe is normally 6 meters, 8 meters, 9 meters, 12 meters and so on.

3. Different implementation standards

The execution of the standard, that is, the standard number printed on the pipe body, the body of the HDPE siphon drain pipe is printed with the words "BD type S12.5CJ/T250-2018", while the ordinary HDPE drain pipe is printed with the manufacturer's own enterprise standard number, and the national standard PE pipe is printed with the words "GB/T13663-2000".

The above is the difference between HDPE siphon drain pipe and ordinary PE pipe. Through the above three points, you can easily identify HDPE siphon and ordinary PE pipe. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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