What are some ways to improve a man's sexual performance?

Recently, British psychologists have come up with some specific ways to improve men's ability to have sex. If we can do that, it might make more sense than taking all the quick-acting aphrodisiac pills.

Since anxiety is the most harmful to libido, it's essential to release stress during sex. Anxiety puts the body in a fighting state and blood migrates from administrative centers, including the male genitals, to surrounding locations. Large blood supply to the extremities is conducive to legitimate defense, but male sexual function is inhibited. Increased adrenal growth hormone metabolism caused by anxiety also suppresses estrogen production.

They normally release pressure. Seeing something sexually stimulating, such as a Teen Sex Doll, why not take the opportunity to imagine a temporary thrill, but not an explosion? To put it bluntly, warm boiling water during the day, boiling at night, home at night to get married, let oneself boil.

In addition, there are numerous methods, such as wiping the glans of the penis with lubricant to maintain its sensitivity, actively exercising and collecting perineal muscles to improve sexual pleasure, frequently signing up for sports competitions, paying attention to weight loss, drinking plenty of coffee in moderation and do not drinking alcohol. ​If you are sick, warn your doctor to prescribe medications that are not good for sexual function, such as some antihypertensive medications, stabilizing medications, pain relievers containing cocaine, most antidepressants, anti-seizure medications, and anti-ulcer medications. But also carefully consider that the disease is extremely serious and must be used, but also actively treat the disease, namely life, sex - because fish and bear PAWS cannot be considered.

Pneumonia is a common respiratory disease at the present stage, the whole treatment process of pneumonia will be relatively moderate, the treatment time is lengthy, it is easy to attack, repeated attacks, affecting all normal daily life. Some pneumonia patients may wonder if they can live as a couple with pneumonia. This is also a topic that everyone is extremely concerned about at this stage. Today we'll take a look.

Pneumonia is a common respiratory disease. After pneumonia, pay attention to prevent colds, rain, smoking, drinking, avoid overwork. ​See medical attention immediately if you have skin pain, boils, wound infections, folliculitis, or hives. Pay attention to rest, arrange time reasonably, regular daily life, register for exercise, avoid fever and cold. Diet collocation: Eat high-protein, high-calorie, high-vitamin, digestible diet collocation, supplement body consumption, avoid secondary infection. A certain amount of drinking water, 2000-3000Ml of sputum every day, as much as possible sputum, sputum after gargling wash. Acute symptoms were reviewed every 3 to every 5 days, and convalescence was reviewed every 1 to every 2 weeks. If you have a high fever, shortness of breath, cyanosis, etc., you should go to the hospital at anytime and anywhere. ​Frequently alter posture, turn over cough exhaust tract sputum, there are signs of infection immediately seeking medical attention. Follow the doctor's advice to take medication on time, avoid independent withdrawal or reduction of medication, and follow up regularly.

Pneumonia is not for couples. Clinical medicine typically requires immediate medication. treatment is extremely vital, immediate hospitalization, otherwise it will be aggravated, invariably not suitable for husband and wife life. ​Long fever period must be bed rest, fever can slowly lie in bed, under the bed, outdoor activities and games. Ventilation every day, keep indoor air quality fresh, pay attention to keeping warm, prevent colds.

Patients with pneumonia must pay attention to rest during treatment, can also carry out a little marital life, but must pay attention to the number of adjustments of marital life and the treatment period of rest, can not say entirely can not carry out marital life, will inhibit the mood of daily life, will continue to inhibit human nature, inhibit human nature.

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