What kind of bath salt balls work, Aromatherapy

​Yanayana: Function effect: I really want to try this beautiful bath ball, but I don't have time to go to the physical store to try it, so I bought it online without being disappointed. Put into the water after feeling the water is very slippery, after the dry or feel the skin is smooth, good. When wholesa bath bombs china do activities and buy more, bubble baths from time to time are very comfortable and relaxing.

kyra: I bought this bath ball for quite a while. My legs felt sore after exercise today. I thought about taking a bath to relax in the evening.

bertha: The bath balls look funny and smell good. Every time the children pass by the shop, they have to smell them and take a look at them. Now every time the children have a cute bath. Bubbles are very rich children who play very happily. This is not a problem of praise! As long as you get it, it's all yours. Get in!

camille: Love, love, real love. ​Although I feel a little bit of luxury, happiness is very good, or very recommend sisters to try. It's very strong, it's very persistent, it's not a bad scent, it's something that's a little strange at first, but it gets better over time. It seems that after using this, it will no longer ash, I will often take a bath haha

candice: A super tall bath ball, I feel super comfortable after taking a bath, it is smooth and fragrant, and I feel very relaxed after taking a bath. ​The Baby especially likes to play with bubbles. The house is full of fragrant ones, and I have already used two of them. I feel my legs are stiff after running all day.

cara: Effervescent effect: Extra sweet without extra clothing, and each taste is different. Aroma and taste: Has a kind of advanced feeling. Effect: After use, the whole body is fragrant, and very slippery. Personal introduction: Suitable for summer comfort.

​Carol: It smells delicious. It's smooth after you wash it. It's very moist after you soak it. Overall evaluation: yesterday just under the single received today, the appearance level is really super high, smell fragrant, blue super good looking, at night can't wait to use up, in the water in a circle is too good, soak a beautiful and comfortable bath, mood thief rod, the air is sweet, after washing the use effect of fragrant: wash very moist, fragrant.

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