Invisible solar energy

Solar energy is known as a pure energy source, which is inexhaustible. All the energy sources on the earth combined cannot match the amount of solar energy. Human development and utilization of solar energy have a lot of technical solutions, photovoltaic technology of solar power generation, solar panels; ​photothermal technology vacuum tube collector, plate collector and so on.

There are numerous ways to obtain energy for human's demand for electric energy: hydropower, wind power, thermal power, solar power, nuclear power, etc., which essentially meets the demand for electricity for production and living.

​Humans's demand for heat energy: heating and heating water. Heat in production is much greater than electricity consumption. Most of the energy sources are coal and natural gas, and the development and utilization of these energy sources discharges a lot of carbon dioxide and leads to environmental pollution. Using solar thermal energy to replace current fossil energy is the ultimate option now and in the future.

At present, the vacuum tube, flat plate solar collector and mc4 solar extension cable of solar thermal technology all need a certain amount of space to put the collector, and need to occupy a lot of space to install the collector and energy storage equipment. The above collectors are also afraid of freezing and easily damaging numerous defects. This is the biggest obstacle and bottleneck that the existing solar thermal technology can not be used independently. The energy received by the collector covering an area of one square meter cannot meet the heating demand of one square meter. Without space for the collector, there is no way to use solar energy, so the existing solar thermal technology has reached a dead end!

Once there was science fiction: if the roof, walls and ground of the building were designed as the carrier of solar energy, then human beings would have unlimited clean energy, and would totally get rid of the energy crisis! There is a fantasy that through tough work it is possible to become a reality... This is a human dream!

The research and testing of invisible solar technology proves that this dream is possible! In 2021, a 500-square-meter greenhouse was built in Chengde, Hebei Province. When the ambient temperature was 20 degrees below zero, the space temperature in the greenhouse was 22 degrees and the ground temperature was 26 degrees at 7 am, meeting the temperature requirements for the production of fruit vegetables in winter. The walls and floor of the 500-square-meter greenhouse receive sufficient energy to supply heating to the 1,200 square-meter office building 50 meters away, which is better than the electric boiler installed in the office building. Realize a recent breakthrough of zero heating energy cost.

Invisible solar energy is designed into the building wall, the ground as the carrier of solar energy, the received energy is stored in the ground, the soil solid storage energy, energy storage can be designed according to demand. It realizes the large capacity of receiving, storing and output solar thermal energy in zero space.

The successful development of invisible solar energy can provide mankind with endless clean energy. It can activate the land that has been sleeping for thousands of years in the north and produce it at full capacity all year round. The energy cost of planting vegetables and heating in winter in the north is zero. After solving the energy problem, the photosynthetic efficiency of this kind of light is extremely strong, which is numerous times higher than that of the south with fewer humid light, and the yield and quality of vegetables and fruits produced are not realized in the south.

The success of the research on invisible solar technology marks the first time that China has mastered clean energy technology, which can capture solar thermal energy in any environment. It is another major invention after China's four great inventions.

Tibet, with its high altitude and thin air, has been practically off limits to agricultural production, but with free clean energy, this land is the future of vegetable and fruit production. Because here is a cold place with nearly no pests and diseases, thin air and strong ultraviolet radiation, the land is fertile. After the greenhouse realizes three-dimensional temperature control, the photosynthetic efficiency of ultraviolet radiation is not able to achieve in the south of the humid oligopterol, and the yield is elevated and the quality is better. Israel has turned deserts into oases, and China has turned snow-capped mountains into vegetable and fruit production bases.

In 2022, the invisible solar thermal storage greenhouse completed a pilot test in Yanqing, Beijing, marking the maturity of this technology and the maturity of standardized design. The emergence of this technology has found a new way for mankind to obtain clean energy.

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