Ubisoft is working on the Division

Ubisoft is working on the Division

Ubisoft said it was cancelling a number of projects due to changes in the financial environment, including its free-to-play battle to Kill game Ghost Recon: The Wire. But ubisoft doesn't seem to have given up on chicken eating yet.

Ubisoft is working on a Division spin-off battle Royale game, according to industry insider Jeff Grubb. He said the project had been working until it was shelved during beta testing last year due to poor player feedback. But ubisoft returned to the project to "recalibrate" the game after it was discontinued last year.

Ubisoft is said to be interested in having its own Battle Royale genre game and is looking to the new Division spin-off. The game will also have some rouge-like elements, and the Division's setting does seem to make for a chicken game.

There's no word yet on how the game is related to the division: Heartland, but we'll have to wait for official announcements.

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