You can't miss these devices if you want to play cool games

Players don't differentiate, but players' devices do. Good game equipment can bring better game experience, keyboard and mouse can make the operation more smooth, headphones, sound cards can bring more realistic sound, for players to bring immersive game experience. Today I will introduce you some good game equipment.

American corsair mechanical keyboard K68 red red axis using Cherry MX red axis, white LED lights, the use of American 104 key planning, on this basis, there are 7 multimedia shortcut keys and 2 functional keys. The keyboard font is centered and slightly thick, the goal is to make the internal red light have a better visual results, and the upper right light adjustment button has three stalls, can adjust itself.

The corsair mechanical keyboard K68 red light red shaft is 455(L) x 170(W) x 40(H) mm. The body is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is painted with a new process to avoid the problem of paint oxidation, which not only greatly improves the appearance level, but also improves the durability. It is worth mentioning that it also has three anti - splashing anti - dustproof, very practical.

You can't miss these devices if you want to play cool games

In order to let users better use the keyboard, to meet the pursuit of individual players. American corsair mechanical keyboard K68 red light red axis CUE support full key programmable, users can use intuitive and practical Corsair practical engine (CUE), complex macro programming and dynamic lamp effect customization, very good.

Ultra high appearance level, cool backlight effect, excellent materials, superb technology, make the Corsair K68 red red axis of mechanical keyboard stand out among high-end keyboards. The price of only 500 yuan is also very preferential, like friends, not as exciting as action!

If you're on a budget and don't want to settle for sound quality, you'll love this innovative X3.

The X3 is a USB external sound card that supports high-quality audio components with 32 bit /192kHz high resolution playback at 115dB DNR/SNR, allowing you to play audio and listen to great music with studio level progress and clarity, even on your laptop.

Innovation X3 also offers headphones is as high as 7.1 virtual surround sound, and can provide the physical in the analog speakers 7.1 surround sound channel audio output, more support dolby audio, can real-time audio source coding for dolby multichannel surround sound, only using a single fiber optic cable solutions to transmit data decoding play on in a home theater system, Enjoy the VIP Hollywood blockbuster experience in your living room, Nice!

7.1 Virtual and physical surround sound, music, movie, footsteps three modes of free switch, innovative X3 external sound card during the summer activities only 799 yuan, is a very high cost-effective choice.

You can't miss these devices if you want to play cool games

Open black in the home everyday, besides the game platform with outstanding performance that needs, peripherals are indispensable right-hand man likewise. The innovative SXFI GAMER headset is a versatile upgrade for gamers.

Innovation SXFI GAMER wore a game headphones with innovation exclusive norm of fly sound technology, can be customized according to user's ears and head type holographic audio, personalized with the high quality of high-performance drive units, to provide accurate details acoustics and audio theater stage, players can feel every battle in the battlefield surging impact sound, immersive sound experience, Enjoy every detail of the game wholeheartedly!

The sound quality is optimized for gamers, and the innovative SXFI GAMER headset supports battle mode. With the headset on, it can give you an accurate sense of location in the game, listen to the details of the sound in every direction of the battlefield, pinpoint your opponent's position, and deliver the winning blow!

The CommanderMic, an innovative SXFI GAMER headset that incorporates the CommanderMic, intelligently silences ambient noise and increases voice volume, allowing you to command attacks with precision, ignoring noisy surroundings.

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