Large video game city join about how much money video game city join what matters needing attention

A large game city to join about how much money

1, franchise fee: the franchise fee of the game city varies according to the brand. To join a well-known game city brand, franchisees need to pay tens of thousands of yuan of franchise fees to the brand headquarters.

2, store rent: in order to let the game city can have a relatively stable source of customers, investors can open the store in the commercial center, department store square bottom business and other places where the flow of people is concentrated. Take the third-tier city as an example, the store area is 600 square meters, and the rent is about 50,000 yuan/month.

3, decoration costs: the decoration style of the game city should be consistent with its theme. The decoration fee is calculated at 400 yuan /㎡, and the decoration fee for a 600 square meter shop is 240,000 yuan.

4, machine cost: investors can according to the actual situation of the local game city and the size of the franchise, flexible choice to buy the machine. The cost is about 150,000 yuan.

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5, personnel expenses: in order to better manage the game city and serve the vast number of consumers, investors also need to recruit some service personnel. Take the recruitment of 5 people for example, the average salary of 3,000 yuan/month, the monthly personnel expenditure is 15,000 yuan.

Large video game city join about how much money video game city join what matters needing attention

6, other miscellaneous expenses: mainly including certificate handling fees, utilities, publicity costs, opening expenses, generally, the cost of about 30,000 yuan.

Conclusion: Video game city to join about how much money? Open a video game city franchise, less than six hundred and seventy thousand yuan, more than a million yuan. Investors can invest according to their economic ability. Before planning to do business in the game city, investors also need to do a detailed market research, and master some business skills, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort!

Two, what are the matters needing attention to join the game city

1, the game city to join the shop needs to go to the industrial and commercial bureau for relevant documents (industry and commerce, tax, culture, public security, fire (there may be urban management [decoration and signs] and sanitation [garbage disposal and facade], but some of these two places can be saved) is mainly a hundred of the six departments are indispensable!

2. To join the game city, we need to analyze the more popular products in the game city franchise store in the market to prepare for our later opening, so as to choose more suitable for the interests of local players.

3, choose a well-known game city to join them when necessary to do a field trip to the headquarters. The degree of investigation results that do data analysis comparison, check a few stores, that their product quality, after-sales service, later tracking, financial situation and so on to do a series of comparison and investigation, in order to find their own game city franchise manufacturers

4, select the target consumer group, select the target consumer group is to prepare for the purchase of products in the later stage of the game city, determine the consumer group, for the store's game product positioning, to see whether the game city is in the high-end products as the main line or low-end route, or combined. And so on. That's all investors need to think about.

5, according to their own investment plan to choose a suitable store, first of all to consider their actual economic rights. Considering the flow of people, the target consumer groups in the lot, store size can accept how small can ensure the normal operation of the game city, and a series of problems.

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