Video game hall how to open video game city how to attract guests

A, how to open video game hall

We all know that open game city to make money, and make money very quickly, so many people have the idea of large game city investment, but now the state of the game industry control is very strict, so make a lot of people very confused, can not find the direction, how to open the game city in the end? What certificate does the city need to do? If you want to do long-term stability of the game city business, then the following documents are best to be ready.

1. The cultural market management office of the cultural department shall apply for the entertainment place license.

Video game hall how to open video game city how to attract guests

2. Public security fire department shall apply for fire control license.

3. The epidemic prevention station of the health department shall apply for the health permit.

4, the public security department for special industry license.

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5, industrial and commercial departments for business license.

6, the local tax department for commercial license business license.

7. The tax department shall handle tax registration.

2. How does the arcade attract customers

1, new equipment, new things need guidance, prospective customers like to imitate. So sometimes it's important to use "to". Operators do not always complain that the machine equipment itself is not fun, each kind of equipment has its playability, otherwise the equipment would not exist. "Trust" can be their own store staff, can also cluster customers to find.

2, site management, to be good at looking for "opportunities", not necessarily more clever, but can be used to the end. The customer mentality is to entertain, but it also brings a profitable mentality. So seize the key point that can drive the overall situation, the small venue said above is to earn people's gas, and then earn business!

3, video game city can also attract guests to join, there are a lot of famous video game city brands on the market, these brands have a reputation, choose their words can be invisible to increase their customers.

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