Garden machinery daily maintenance

How to apply a garden machine correctly and how to maintain it at ordinary times, so as to maximize the achievements of a garden machine and reduce the probability of failure? So let's talk about that.

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Application and maintenance of one and four stroke garden machines

1, the application of 92 gasoline, recommended to regular Sinopec and other gas stations, does not go to the individual, some impurities, easy to damage the machine. Refueling is held outdoors, no smoking, do not refuse when the engine is running, must stop refueling.

2, the new machine must be run in, every idling for 45 minutes, stop for 15 minutes, run in for 3 hours after the oil is changed, the new injection of new oil, hold the work. Oil within the limits of the oil scale, no more, no less. Observe the oil gauge before each application of the machine. Work 40-50 hours to change the oil once, use four stroke oil, do not understand can refer to the heavy equipment manuals.

3. After each application, liquidate the filter element. The filter element is very dirty and cannot be cleaned. Replace the filter element with a new one after about 50 hours.

4, the machine every 45 minutes of work, stop rest 15-20 minutes. Apply the clearing chassis after each day.

5. It is strictly prohibited to mow lawns on slopes greater than 25 degrees.

6. Pay attention to clearing the debris in the lawn before the application of the machine, such as wire, stones, etc.

Safety first, maintenance of three points: a look at the oil, two clear filter elements, three clear chassis

Application and Maintenance of two and two stroke Garden Machines (Taking hedge Machine and Irrigation Machine as Examples)

1. Mix No. 92 gasoline with 2-stroke FB grade or above oil in proportion. This step is very tense. FB grade 2 injection oil and gasoline ratio 1:20-25, FD grade oil and gasoline ratio 1:35-40.

2. The new machine must run for at least 1 hour and stop for 15 minutes every 30 minutes.

3. Every 20 hours of application, the need to check the lubricating oil in the working head and gearbox, less timely filling.

Garden machinery daily maintenance

4. Pay attention to check whether the screws are loose every day, and work after reinforcement.

5, pay attention to the liquidation of the workplace, the iron wire and other hard things liquidation outdated lines of work.

6, regularly (25 hours) check the gap between the hedge machine blade, timely mediation, keep sharp. Replace the worn blade with a new blade in time.

Safety first. Maintenance three key points: one plus mixed oil, two plus lubricating oil, three clearing blade and filter element.

Three, the rest of the attention to events

1. All the machines should be added to the very high throttle when working.

2. Stop the application in time if there is any abnormality, and contact the purchasing company.

3. It is strictly prohibited for minors.‚Äč

4. Do not move near the blade when the machine is running.

5. When searching the clearing bottom shell, the lawn machine must pour from the filter element side to the oil side.

Four, winter maintenance attention:

1, winter does not need the machine, it is necessary to put the oil clean, light automatically extinguished.

2. Clear the chassis and filter element, wipe clean and put them away.

3, in the heat engine condition, first release the oil, add new oil.

4. Remove the spark plug, drop 5-10ml oil into the cylinder block, roll the crankshaft for several turns, and install the spark plug.

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