What are the blue/purple/black disks in a hard drive?

Although high-speed SSDS are favored by many players, but to be cheap and large enough to rely on mechanical hard drives. If you like to play large 3D games or stock up on HD movies and television, the mechanical hard disk is more suitable for most users, if you see the colorful hard disk headache, please follow me on the DIY from entry to give up the road.

At present, the main manufacturers of mechanical hard disk are Western Digital and Seagate, and the product lines of these two companies can be said to be highly similar, Western Digital has blue disk, purple disk, red disk, black disk, gold disk, and Seagate here is cool fish, cool eagle, cool Wolf, Galaxy, because of their different positioning, parameters and prices are also different.

Blue Plate & Cool Fish: Cheap and affordable

Blue Disk and Coolfish are both installed disks for ordinary office and daily home use. They provide two-year warranty, covering capacities ranging from 1T to 8T.

The rotation speed of this series of hard disks is basically 5400 RPM. There are both CMR vertical disks and SMR imbricled disks. Generally, there are more imbricled disks with large capacity.

Purple Disc & Cool Eagle: Be careful with important documents

Purple Disk and Cool Eagle are positioned as storage disks for security monitoring, with a 3-year warranty and more capacity options, covering more versions from 1T to 18T.

Hard drive speed owing to the different capacity of this series, usually turn small capacity is 5400 or 5900, more than 6 t large capacity for 7200 turn, although theoretically monitoring plate work 24 hours a day should not have imbricate plate, but the imbricate still exist in the commercial products, so when the choose and buy must value the vertical plate laid hands on him again, its characteristic is to design for monitoring environment, There is no data error correction, so pay attention to the possible errors when storing files. The design and use scenario is a 7×24 hour uninterrupted working environment.

Red Plate & Cool Wolf: NAS special high-end goods

Red Disk and CoolWolf are positioned as NAS dedicated disks with 3-year warranty and capacity covering different requirements from 1T to 18T. They are positioned higher than purple disk and blue disk.

The speed of this series of hard disks is also related to the capacity. Small capacity hard disks are 5400 RPM or 5900 RPM, while large capacity hard disks are mostly 7200 RPM. Vertical CMR technology is the main technology, and only a few products adopt SMR.

Black Disk: The gold for gamers only

Here in Western Number, there is a black disk specifically designed for the game environment, provides a five-year warranty, capacity from 1T to 10T coverage is more comprehensive.

Black disk uses 7200RPM high speed to obtain better read and write performance, using CMR vertical magnetic recording technology, characterized by high speed, strong performance and long quality assurance, of course, its price is more expensive than other disks, the design and use of scenarios is the game player's high load environment.

Golden Disc & Galaxy: High - tech high - performance all arrangements

Western Digital's Golden Drive, Enterprise Drive and Seagate's Galaxy series of hard drives are designed for business environments, that is, servers and data centers. They enjoy a five-year warranty and have capacities ranging from 1T to 20T.

Enterprise disk can be said to be the best of the mechanical hard disk, including 7200 speed, 512M super large cache, 5 years of warranty, ultra-high MTBF, helium packaging and other mechanical hard disk technology can be said to be everything, in addition to the high price has no defects, basically only business users can afford.

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