Burger King could be teaming up with McDonald’s for a limited run of 1,000 worldwide

I believe that for many post-80s and post-90s friends, Little Overlord is a symbol of childhood, representing the good memories of that time. Recently, it is reported that McDonald’s and The Small Overlord have linked up, the two companies have teamed up to create a burger game machine, limited to 1,000 sets.

As we all know, although in some ways the Overlord is very similar to Nintendo’s Red and White, it has become a memory of a generation, and presumably this limited game console will be as hard to grab as KFC’s Quaker recently.

Burger King could be teaming up with McDonald's for a limited run of 1,000 worldwideFrom the outside, the limited game console is both nostalgic and McDonald’s burger chic, and the color scheme of the machine is hard not to look like a Super Mario Bros map at first glance. Maybe it’s also a way to kill two birds with one stone.

Careful friends may have noticed that on the console, there is also a game cartridge named “Burger Games”, it is not clear whether there will be new games made in cooperation with McDonald’s, or the old FC era of several old games.

According to current information, the limited console is likely to be released on May 28, McDonald’s Burger Day, but there will be a limited supply of the device, which will force customers to wait outside the restaurant in the early hours of the morning.

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