Have you played all the devices in Gametown?

Now large shopping malls are inevitable to build a game city, in addition to adults can play, children can also participate in it, but there are so many game equipment in the game city, and which ones have been loved by people? Let the experienced producer of game machines – Stubborn Friends toys tell you!

1. Doll clamping machine

Clip the doll machine this need not say more, not only is the children’s paradise, even many adults can not help but want to throw a few game coins for it.

And why is it so popular? First natural because the operation is simple, just put the game currency in the currency, it can be adjusted through the direction of stem/direction key clip position, to want to position taken after a drop clip key can, for all ages, is very easy to use, if put the doll to the mouth, so congratulations you, the doll is yours; Moreover, inside of small goods attractive enough and easy to satisfy people’s curiosity and novelty, in order to attract more participants, now in addition to the doll, doll machine also joined the small gifts or new items, such as candy, other toys, and in order to meet the different needs of people’s preferences, and because is too hot, also spawned “reality clip dolls” game experience, many people are attracted to this, Can’t help but join in; Of course, in addition to this, the doll clip machine single cost is less, the time is short, the floor area and the game operation area compared with other game city equipment can occupy the advantage, these all together constitute the popular reasons for the doll clip machine. So it’s so popular, so you naturally want to let the public feel the excellence of their products, so, have you ever played the toy machine? Did you get something else?

Have you played all the devices in Gametown?

2. Shooting machine

To ask what is the most well-known sports in modern and contemporary times, basketball is absolutely one of them, basketball is so hot, game manufacturers will not miss such a good opportunity, so the shooting machine successfully joined the game city equipment, like the clip doll machine, shooting machine is also one of the indispensable equipment in each game city.

To ask why it is so popular, start with a psychological analysis. Basketball is now so popular that both players and onlookers know the basics of scoring. The happiness and relaxation brought by shooting can be felt in the shooting machine, and the shooting machine has more chances to score than the normal basketball court, so that people can feel the happiness of scoring more easily when shooting games. This game is also very popular with Toys, so We have produced a variety of hoops for anyone of any age.

3. Whac-a-mole Machine

Whack-a-mole machine everyone not unfamiliar, has always been a game to the fire equipment, random jump out of the ground squirrels in the multiple hole or other items, take the hammer hit can score quickly, to the old man to all appropriate, the doll can exercise the response ability of people, including the mind and action, so a lot of people like to play through whack-a-mole machine test your sensitivity, Have you tried that?

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