Youtubers have made big Xbox Series X consoles

Ever since Xbox unveiled its Xbox Series X refrigerator in 2020, many Xbox fans have wondered if Microsoft could make a playable Xbox Series X the same size as the refrigerator all the way. One YouTube content creator did just that, as they built a large playable Xbox Series X console that was donated to the YMCA Youth and Youth Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

YouTube user Michael Pick posted a video on June 20 about making a giant playable Xbox Series X game console, along with instructions on how Xbox fans can do the same thing at home. Michael Pick's DIY project was partly inspired by the Xbox Series X refrigerator that Xbox gave away as part of a competition launched around the next-generation console, and he noticed a lack of detail. Since then, Xbox fans have been able to buy their own Xbox mini-fridge, but That's not enough for Michael Peake.

Youtubers have made big Xbox Series X consolesBecause Michael Pick's Xbox Series X piece is six and a half feet tall, the massive frame comfortably accommodates a real Xbox Series X console, located in an easy-to-open drawer on the back of the device. A 3D-printed stand holds the Xbox Series X console in place, while servo motors strategically placed on the frame send input signals from the oversized Xbox Series X to the smaller console inside, making it respond to any command just like a regular Xbox. This means that the power button on the giant Xbox powers the internal console like an arcade, while the Xbox Series X disk drive does its job by receiving inserted disks and popping them out immediately after the eject button is pressed.

In addition to creating flat vents near the top of its massive Xbox Series X, Michael Pick also provides SPECIAL 3D-printed vents for the top that bend like an actual Xbox Series X console. Michael Pick laments the lack of proper input for the Xbox mini fridge and its large counterpart, and has precisely designed and 3D-printed huge USB, HDMI, and LAN ports that fit into the corresponding slots at the back of their custom unit, Match their location with an Xbox Series X. Michael Pick uses the power button to make it transparent, so that once the giant Xbox is turned on, light can pass through. The Xbox symbol is a white hue below, and the top emits a green light.

While many YouTube viewers applauded Michael Peake's playable giant Xbox Series X, others celebrated its arrival at the Atlanta YMCA. Michael Pick earned a Guinness World Record for creating this working Xbox Series X with the world's largest Xbox console, and many reviews were enthusiastic. Some YouTube viewers were also quick to point out that the Xbox fridge might have let Michael Pick down when it didn't work like the Xbox, but if it weren't for the playable 6.5-foot Xbox Series X, Xbox might not have acknowledged the content creator.

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