Buy the right ones, not the expensive ones, and save up a game for a friend

A friend asked me to save him another video game. Act on the principle that buys right not to buy expensive only, crowded machine walks.

Vivian MS-Terminator B660M motherboard

I put the motherboard in the first place, because my friend said that the CPU needs 12 generation Core, so the range is narrowed, LGA1700 slot, support 12 generation Core. Ms-terminator B660M motherboard adopts 8+1+1 high gauge Dr.Mos core power supply, built-in RT3628AE TYPE PWM chip, PCB circuit section will be larger when working, resistance will be lower. The second consideration on the motherboard is expansion slots, The Vivian MS-Terminator B660M mainboard is equipped with four DDR4 memory slots, one CLE4.0 x 4 M.2 slot (CPU only), one CLE3.0 x 4 M.2 slot, one CLE4.0 x 4 M M.2 slots, one CLE3.0 *4 slot, and one CLE3.0 *1 slot. If you have more slots, you can configure other accessories, including at least one SSD disk, one SATA disk, and one wireless network card.

Intel Core I5 12400F

Why Intel Core I5 12400F? Cheap and practical, of course. Intel Core I5 12400F, main frequency 2.5ghz, the highest core frequency up to 4.4ghz, 6 core 12 threads, in the face of friends to play a variety of games can easily cope with. CPU no need to say more, 12 generation of the highest cost performance CPU, no one.

GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G L Graphics card

The GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G L has three cooling fans that can be intelligentlycontrolled according to their cooling needs. It supports ray tracking. The Cyberpunk 2077 special effects can be fully pull up, and the ultimate light chase. I personally prefer N card, the speed is faster, smooth performance is better, the key is good compatibility, for white friends, using N card should be more coordinated.

Four, Guangwei Tiance series DDR4 8G double memory

Memory directly choose I have used the Guangwei Day policy series DDR4 8G memory, no way, used to try, feel good for friends also on the same section. Guangwei Tiance series DDR4 8G memory is manufactured by Jiahe Jinwei. The internal chip particles are made from domestic Changxin Science and technology. The external 1nm aluminum efficient radiator supports XMP2.0, which is made in China with higher cost performance.

Buy the right ones, not the expensive ones, and save up a game for a friend5. Seagate COOLfish Q5 SSD

For me, the hard drive has always been a Seagate product, and I can say that the brand loyalty is very high. This is also because I have been using Seagate hard drive for more than ten years without a single problem. I still use a dismantled Seagate hard drive from my 2005 computer. Seagate COOL FISH Q5 SSD, read speed up to 2400MB/s, write speed up to 1700MB/s, high transmission low power, more exciting when playing. In the future, if your friend's computer storage data increases, you can also add a more affordable large-capacity SATA hard disk or mobile hard disk. Here incidentally recommend a few of my Seagate mobile hard disk, interested friends can see I have written articles.

6, overclocked three East China Sea Gemstar S9 EX CPU air cooled radiator, RS120 chassis wind

In order to better heat dissipation, twin tower type overclocked triple East China Sea Twin Star S9 EX CPU air cooling radiator should be a required product, 6 pure copper heat pipes, equipped with FIN process, make CPU heat dissipation more uniform, low wind resistance hot air channel, can better flat car strong air convection efficiency, heat dissipation faster and stronger. Chassis fan choose RS120 of the same brand overclocked three, integrated use of RGB lamp effect will be more beautiful.

7. Claritex 27E1Q PLUS display

I used a Monitor called Kerri 27E1Q PLUS, a 2K 144Hz 27-inch e-sports screen with a brightness of up to 300CD /m² and a 90%DCI-P3 wide color gambit. The game screen is more stunning and the color restoration degree is very high. It is also equipped with a specially used game mode with one-button switching, which gives the best performance. Can bring better game experience to game users. The connection uses a dual HDMI+DP interface, plug and play, but also reserved audio jack, desktop small audio can be plugged with.

Eight, one-stop purchase of Dalyou keyboard, mouse, earphone

Keyboard FOR my friend, I bought a da eryou A87Pro three-mode hot-swappable mechanical keyboard, the model selected black gold just purple gold shaft. The reason why I choose the three-mode keyboard is that my friend often uses the tablet to deal with the office documents of some companies, and it is more convenient to switch freely. Play games every day, do not disturb the rest of the family, Dalyou A87Pro keyboard with the latest upgrade of the fence Gasket structure, built-in high toughness silicone between the keyboard and chassis, sound suppression effect is very good. In terms of shaft body, da eryou A87Pro keyboard is the new Purple gold shaft Pro, similar to the touch of tea shaft, good sense of control. Daeryou A87Pro keyboard also attached with a few different colors of color key cap, a long time to change the key cap of different colors can also change a mood.

Because every day to play games, friends also want to lie on the bed to play, the keyboard has been three models, the mouse of course also want three models, also want wireless, lying to play, really comfortable. Daryou A950 3-mode wireless mouse, 3-mode connection, built-in AIM-WL sensor, equipped with KBS2.0 button technology, more sensitive control, of course, support macro programming, sometimes the game is cheating, do not ask me who said, no matter who said, anyway is cheating. Dalyou A950 mouse specially with a magnetic charger, charging special aspects, the key is dalyou A950 built-in large capacity lithium battery, sustainable use for 12 days.

Don't ask me why I recommend this da eryou A710 wireless earphone, one-stop purchase, too preferential, and this da eryou A710 wireless earphone is 5.8ghz connection, transmission is more stable, almost no delay, audio and painting synchronization that is a must, the game, cool feeling, understand not understand. You can plug the microphone, do not want to directly pull out when the voice, if the game users do not want to have a little delay, Daeryou A710 wireless headphones also support USB and 3.5mm audio cable connection, how to connect how to connect, how to cool how cool.

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