CNC band sawing machine daily system maintenance is very important, attention to detail is the key

CNC band saw is a kind of multi-functional, adapt to the wide range of machinery, function commonly the main said is again cutting band saw, cutting band saw again the adaptation in furniture manufacturing material cutting, cat scratch board corrugated paper cutting, is suitable for mass production enterprises, including some high-end carbon crystal silicon, graphite and other cutting that can see the shadow of the CNC band saw. As the daily maintenance of common machinery is also very important, the daily maintenance and attention to problems of NUMERICAL control band saw machine, help us to correctly use numerical control band saw machine.

1. Minimize the opening of the distribution box door of the CNC band saw machine to prevent oil mist and dust in the air from falling into the printed circuit board or electrical components of the CNC system;

2. Prevent CNC equipment from overheating. Ensure that the cooling ventilation system is in good operation;

3. Regular maintenance of CNC system input/output devices, monitor the power grid voltage is in accordance with the requirements of CNC equipment, and regularly inspect and replace the battery for storage (because the battery voltage drops to * * * values, the data will be lost, so it is necessary to check the battery voltage, when the battery voltage drops to limit or the battery voltage alarm occurs, The battery must be replaced in time. Generally, replacing the battery requires powering on the NUMERICAL control system to ensure that the stored parameters will not be lost. Therefore, the parameters of the NUMERICAL control band saw machine need to be backed up. – Enter after replacing the battery.

CNC band sawing machine daily system maintenance is very important, attention to detail is the key

4. Strictly implement the daily maintenance rules and regulations of CNC band saw machine. The parameters of CNC band saw machine cannot be changed at will. If parameters need to be modified, record the modification.

Normal maintenance can prolong the service life of CNC band saw machine, ensure the normal operation of saw industry machinery, normal mass production.

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