Check the external equipment of the game machine

Can you imagine running a video game on this big thing down here?

Yes, it was the original video game console. In 1952, a tic-Tac-toe game was played on a vacuum tube computer. Video games were introduced in the 1970s as a commercial entertainment medium and became the basis of a significant entertainment industry in Japan, the United States and Europe in the late 1970s.

Today, video games can be played on many electronic devices, PC,PS,XBOX,NS,FC, etc. Even on mobile phones, we can play two games every day, anytime, anywhere.

For millennials, millennials, 90s and even 80s, the video games of their childhood are an important part of many people's life memories. And among those memories there must be an add-on to one of those games consoles.

In the era of FC game consoles, there is a FC game at that time must be the children of rich families. But when these rich kids are playing a game and suddenly pull out a gun and shoot at the screen, that's what today's gamers would call high-end gamers.

It was pretty dark tech at the time. I didn't understand how you could hit an enemy on screen. But really playing the game is the most important thing. In order to compete with a few friends for the use of the game gun, even the guessing line up.

Check the external equipment of the game machineWhen I was in middle school, PS1, which is more advanced than FC, appeared in a roadside arcade. It was a great time to charter a plane by the hour and play soccer with a joystick. But such add-ons still exist

I'm short on knowledge, but I've never played PS1 with a controller like this before, and I don't know if it's any easier to play.

It was released in North America on March 24, 2005 and PAL on September 1, 2005. It was the first portable device in the PS series. It was all about playing games on the PSP, and who the hell knew you could plug in a camera. For those of you who have had a PSP camera, tell me what the experience is.

With the advent of the new era, game consoles have evolved greatly, and the peripherals that come with them are much more colorful than they were in the early years.

SONY has released the PS4VR in keeping with The Times. What used to be sitting on a couch with a controller looking at a TV screen is now immersive.

When combined with the PS4VR special handle, you can interact with the NPC in the game and bring yourself into the game.

Nintendo is one of the big players in the console world, and when they released the Nintendo Switch, they gave gamers a different experience of how to play games.

When you take the fitness ring, do the corresponding action against the screen to beat strange, not only get an interesting game experience, but also fitness weight loss, the taste: mother no longer need to worry that I am a fat game.

Besides fitness rings, there are others, such as these simple peripherals made out of paper shells. It allows you to operate the steering wheel as if you were driving a car, or to cast a fishing pole as if you were at the beach. That pose is as good as it gets

Just when you can't get enough of these seemingly simple game peripherals, these high-end products come along

VR horses

These immersive games require gaming equipment. For example, this VRE war horse can restore the real scene of the war in the era of cold weapons. It is an entertainment device combining riding action and interactive game experience. The equipment will be integrated into the body sense, can achieve riding running action, speed, jolting, shaking degree. Sit on the saddle, wear VR glasses, hold the REINS to experience the pleasure of galloping. This way of playing breaks down the limitations of the place and allows for live fun to be played indoors.

Of course, for the most popular phones, a good gamepad is king. Simplify the game operation difficulty, but also enhance the feel, the most important is cheap.

What game peripherals have you had?

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