Here comes AMD’s Zen 4 console

In addition to Nintendo, AMD’s chip solutions have been used in games from SONY, Microsoft and Valve.

According to MLID, AMD is working on a new console chip, and from the specs that have surfaced, it looks like they’re targeting the next generation Steam Deck.

The new U processor is based on the Zen 4 architecture, 4-core 8-thread design, and the GPU part is upgraded to RDNA3, so it is AMD’s 4nm mobile APU product, code-named “Phoenix Point”.

Here comes AMD's Zen 4 consoleThe Steam Deck handheld console that has been sold at present adopts THE low power APU of AMD’s customized Van Gogh family, with Zen 2 CPU architecture and RDNA2 GPU. The chip paper performance is roughly equivalent to that of Rayon 3 Pro 4450U+MX450, which can run the latest AAA game smoothly.

According to AMD, THE RDNA3 outperforms the RDNA2 by more than 50% per watt.

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