Reber V500C mixed color backlight game mechanical keyboard on the market

As if in the mysterious ancient ruins of the battlefield, the environment enveloped in endless darkness, the battle officially began!

The reber V500C mixed color backlit game mechanical keyboard shines on stage.

The performance kernel continues to assist the gain, and the Reber self-spindle, all-key conflict-free, mixed-color backlight system makes its debut in the city.

In this endless deep night battlefield, not falling wind, performance online without reservation. V500C officially started the charge of the horn, mixed color backlight to make the atmosphere immediately alongside the body, shining on the battlefield, is to guide the dawn of victory, so that all hidden crisis there is no hiding. Narrow frame design, frosted metal upper cover with energy, suspension double color injection key cap, the overall simple presentation. The selected metal material and pure black color injection, under the adaptation of the battle situation is to give the attribute of fighting breath, waiting for the opportunity to win at one stroke!

Familiar with the stability and durability of leibo independent game shaft body, black, green, tea, red four options feel diverse, single shaft life of 60 million times, tens of millions of times of percussion is the skill output, feel sustained long-term gain. Equipped with 104 key all-key conflict-free design, so that each skill operation in the field with ease, wired connection endowed with energy, sustained response, stable output.

Embrace with the wind, feel free and carefree, free and easy, 12 Win system multimedia shortcut keys, careful anti-sputtering design, say goodbye to complicated accidents, meet with comfortable and casual, V500C, add comfort.

It's a supernova on the battlefield, it's also the fuse of the atmosphere scene. V500C mixed color backlight game mechanical keyboard, Leber from spindle, all-key conflict-free, mixed color backlight system; Supernovae with their own gain, showing off. Official guide price 169 yuan, now on the market!

Reber V500C mixed color backlight game mechanical keyboard on the market

Rapoo, founded in 2002, is a listed company in peripherals industry, a national high-tech enterprise, and one of the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises. Launched the first game product in 2008, research, creativity, polishing, based on the analysis of user needs, in the name of popularity, completely overturned the players' cognition of game peripherals, swept and promoted the reform and development of the entire industry.

In 14 years, it has covered many categories of products such as game mouse, game keyboard, game headset, game controller, game microphone and mouse pad, integrating auditory, tactile, visual and other sensory modes, from "single" to "whole family barrel", and reconstructed the immersive experience of scene of "esports game peripherals".

Technology research and development as the core, market demand as the guide, with strong research and development strength, independent research and development of customized Leber shaft body, Leber micro-motion, game chips and other core product components. Personalized functions with excellent esports performance, such as Qi wireless charging, OLED display, waterproof and dustproof, onboard memory and cloud storage, solve the pain points of players' demands. V+ wireless gaming technology to improve and optimize battery life, low latency, anti-interference, use distance, with a new combat posture to explore the future of esports.

Pass on the glory of the hero, infuse the determination to win. Leibo games in all fields of esports, and esports teams (Royal family, GT, OMG, AS Pavilion, GK, eStarPro, AG), esports stars (Miss Han Yiying, Misaya Ruifeng Yu Jingxi), esports (NEST, IET), esports education (FFF training base) have carried out in-depth cooperation, Jointly promote the development of e-sports culture. In addition, Leibo games and professional players in-depth discussion of better control feedback, jointly launched a number of exclusive peripherals such as Uzi customized version, Zhou customized version, Miss customized version, OMG team customized version, made with Chinese "wisdom", with stronger equipment, pursuit of adhere to, explore love.

In 2022, "Performance feeding flagship" will improve speed control and accurate tracking, chip, tuning, parameters, color matching, drive, lighting with flexibility, agility and customized personality, in-depth play communication, fully promote the e-sports game tabletop scene. Help players from game competition to daily life, so that the positive and optimistic game spirit continues off the field.

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