SICK Smart Sensor (Germany)

Sick-sensor Intelligence, Germany, focuses on providing increasingly intelligent global leading Sensor components and overall solutions for logistics automation, factory automation and process automation. Founded in 1946, Thicke has grown into a leading global group of companies. SICK's continuous innovation, leading technology and strict cost control have ensured its leading position in a wide range of global application markets.

Outstanding features: SICK sensor is a photoelectric device as a conversion element sensor. It can be used to detect the direct cause of the change of light quantity of non-electricity, such as light intensity, illuminance, radiation temperature, gas composition analysis and so on; ‚Äčit can also be used to detect other non-electric quantities that can be converted into changes in light quantity, such as part diameter, surface roughness, strain, displacement, vibration, velocity, acceleration, and recognition of object shape and working state.

Especially its photoelectric sensor has the characteristics of non-contact, fast response, reliable performance and so on, so it is widely used in industrial automation devices and robots. The continuous emergence of new optical and electronic devices from SICK Sensor, especially the birth of CCD image sensor, has broken new ground for the further use of SICK sensor sensors.

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