Material evaluation: Evaluation of the lightweight design Model D mouse with a cotton feel

What was it that took the editor by surprise? What is it that keeps editors scrolling and enjoying it? That's right, our leading player today is the Model D Wireless Dongdong mouse from Glorious. Lightweight design, weighing less than 70g, feels as soft as cotton when held in the hand.

The naming rules of the Glorious MODEL Series mouse are simple and easy to remember. The MODEL D is right-handed and the MODEL O is left-right symmetric. MINI models with D-/O- are also available for users with smaller hands. The price is the same for different hand shapes and sizes.

And with the WIRELESS suffix, is the WIRELESS version of the mouse. The price of this version is higher than that of the GLORIOUS MODEL D WIRELESS mouse with a price of 699 yuan. Of course, if the budget is limited, the more cost-effective 399 yuan wired version is also a good choice.

The following is a detailed evaluation of the mouse. Before the formal evaluation, the author summarizes the most important features of Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse in order to build a preliminary understanding of the product.

1, lightweight ergonomic design, feel fit, comfortable control.

2, cable | 2.4 G dual mode design, choice and varied.

3, excellent weight control, adding wireless module and battery module, the weight is still maintained at 69g.

01 unpacking

The outer packaging of Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS is in black tone, and the middle area is the outline of the mouse. The skirts on the left and right sides of the holographic laser technology and the honeycomb hollow-out part in the middle can reflect different colors at different angles, which looks very nice.

When you open the package, you can see the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse body. There are four kinds of mouse with different colors and materials: frosted white, mirror white, frosted black and mirror black. The author's hand for the frosted white color, the mouse uses a white shell, with black wheel, DPI key, side key, classic look.

Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse body also provides 16.8 million color RGB backlight, and the default lighting effect is magic color seamless breathing. You can download the driver to set more light effects such as single color and single color breathing, or choose to turn off the light effect.

In addition to the body of the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse, the package also includes a WIRELESS receiver, WIRELESS adapter and Glorious's exclusive super flexible parachute cable. Among them, wireless receivers can be used to connect devices in a conventional environment. When the host device is far away from the mouse, the wireless adapter can be connected with the data line to enhance the signal and reduce the interference

The mouse data line is super flexible cord data line specially designed by Glorious. Its USB-C interface is designed with anti-stalling reinforcement and equipped with anti-interference magnetic ring, which brings stable data transmission for players. At the same time, compared with the market mouse data cable, this data cable has extremely strong flexibility and bend-ability. Even in the wired state, you can enjoy the non-drag feeling similar to the wireless mouse. With the body weight of 69G, the daily use experience is very smooth.

02 Appearance and Functions

The left and right keys of Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS are split design, and the internal keys are Omron micro switches, with a service life of 20 million times. Operation sound clear, bounce applicable; The roller adopts deep groove texture and has a certain damping sense.

I personally believe, has the sense of damping roller and the positioning in the use of lightweight mouse has some conflict, the weight is only 69 g of the mouse to bring users in the process of moving weak non-inductive pleasure, but the damping roller brings sense of paragraphs, like a running train brake suddenly, fiercely just show the broken dreams.

If the mouse can provide the same two wheel modes as Logitech G502, damping and Infinity, I believe the use experience will be better.

The rear cover and bottom of the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS Dongdong mouse adopt honeycomb hollow-out structure, which not only ensures high strength, but also effectively reduces weight and brings smoother user experience. In addition, the hollow structure also reduces the fitting area between the skin and the mouse surface, and improves the air circulation of the palm, which is more suitable for sweating hand players.

The middle area of the bottom of the mouse is also close to the left DPI indicator light, switch different gears can show different colors, respectively is 400 (yellow), 800 (blue), 1600 (red), 3200 (green).

03 Test and play

Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS Dongdong mouse is a right-handed mouse with an asymmetric design of slightly higher left button and slightly lower right button, which is more suitable for human hands.

The mouse uses the BAMF sensor jointly developed with Pixart and supports up to 19000DPI, 400IPS and 50G acceleration, which is perfect for all kinds of high-resolution displays and gamers with different usage habits.

Here we also use MouseTester software to actually test the mouse. In counts vs. time mode, the closer counts is to the line, the less jitter the engine gets. It can be seen that the Glorious MODEL D WIRELESS mouse has excellent following performance in both wired, 2.4ghz direct connection mode and 2.4ghz extended connection mode. There is no need to worry about frame loss and non-smoothness when using.

Next, plug into your computer and take a look at what drives this mouse.

The software driver is named Glorious Core and the current version used by the author is 1.0.24. At present, only English language is supported. Fortunately, the layout design is reasonable and the learning cost is not high.

Functionally, this driver software provides us with three parts of the keys, parameters, lighting Settings. Among them, the key setting section can change the left and right keys of the mouse, DPI key, two side keys, multimedia and other functional Settings; The parameter setting plate can adjust the DPI, rate of return and other parameters of the mouse. It can also set the color of the DPI indicator light at the bottom of the mouse separately. As mentioned earlier in the Light Settings section, you can target the color mode of the RGB light bar of the mouse

In general, the software drive function setting of Glorious MODEL D mouse is in good order, which basically meets the needs of daily use.

The BAMF sensor and lightweight design body equipped with the mouse can help players better complete high precision and speed operations such as instant turning back, blitzer, and point-shooting in FPS games with high requirements on mouse performance and player operation, such as CS:GO and PUBG. In daily use, the lighter weight and ergonomic grip bring users a more comfortable handling experience.

Therefore, the Glorious MODEL D Wireless e-sports mouse with light weight, quick touch, crisp keys, cool lighting and precise positioning is worthy of you to have a try for both daily use and competitive games.

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