Switch, PS4/5, XBOX,Three Major Game consoles

At present, the three most famous consoles in the console game industry are PlayStation, XBOX and Switch. For many people, how to choose these three consoles naturally becomes a realistic question. Of course, for the tuhao, there is no need to make a choice. I'll take all the XBoxes. I'll play whichever one I want. So again, please ignore the tyrants, we only deal with ordinary players here.

So how do we choose? I have two multiple choice questions here, and you should know what to do if you just sit through them.

Q1: Do you have a lot of regular and abundant play time, a regular play space and a dedicated display device?

Yes: PS/XBOX/Switch. (I recommend PLAYSTATION and XBOX)

No: the SWITCH

SWITCH than the biggest difference between PS and the XBOX and advantage is that he is a dual form of video games, either as a serious game consoles, via the links on the screen and display equipment to play games, at the same time also can displace and similar rechargeable portable handheld mobile phone size, not limited by space, Being able to play whenever and wherever you want is one of the biggest advantages of the SWITCH.

Because for most people, especially young and middle-aged groups into society, it is almost impossible to have too long and fixed game time, can play a game of time are usually relatively trivial, such as lunch in the company, on public transportation during the rush hours, before bed time, and so on in the home, can make full use of fragmented time to play games.

And not a PS and XBOX, because the two devices is a serious game consoles, not to go, they must have a fixed space and time can be relatively fixed, compared with a handheld form for a SWITCH, the two devices to play the game time cost is much higher (need to open the TV, CD, etc.), And if you can't keep your display occupied, it's even harder to play.

Switch, PS4/5, XBOX,Three Major Game consolesIt will influence the continuity of the game experience, take me to my home has a PS4Pro, I also bought such as dead 2, spider-man, ares 4, the end of the United States, and so on the exclusive aaa plot, but it is a pity that because of the open PS opportunity is limited, cause I'm playing the game experience of the plot is very inconsistent, Sometimes you can't even remember where you're playing or what the story is, which can really affect the immersion of the game.

On SWITCH, I can play it anytime, anywhere, and it's much more consistent, like zelda, which I beat on a console.

Of course, if you have a lot of fixed game time, such as students or users with plenty of time, PS and XBOX are naturally better choices. There are more AAA titles with better performance and better experience. SWITCH plays other AAA titles with poor performance, and many games are not available on SWITCH.

Q2: Are you addicted to PS-only games? (The first question is yes user)


No: the XBOX

Compared with the XBOX, the monopoly on the PS game is more temporarily don't talk about the (SWITCH), and all of them are some of the better known IP, such as Mars, mysterious ocean, the end of the United States, the horizon at dawn, and so on, these are the PS game of monopoly, not log on to the XBOX platform, and the exclusive game against the XBOX platform is less, In fact, the most famous is only a halo and forza Motorsport series, compared with PS or a lot less.

So if you are a PS exclusive IP fan, then buying PS is naturally the best choice. But if you don't like the exclusive IP of PLAYSTATION, then I recommend you buy XBOX. Here's why:

1. If you join XGPU, you can enjoy various cross-platform masterpieces at a very low price. At present, the price of a three-year XGPU membership for new users is only about 150 yuan, please note that it is three years. (Joining XGPU can play games provided by Microsoft for free, mainly XBOX platform games and EA games, or relatively rich), very suitable for users who do not have high requirements, playing a game to kill time.

2.XBOX SeriesX has better performance and XSS is cheaper.

3. The XBOX controller is more comfortable.

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