How to play motion-sensing VIDEO game

What is a motion console

Motion console is the use of high-tech technology, can capture the operation of our body and reflect into the system, through the operation of our body can let the game continue. We used to play games by controlling the controller and then controlling the actions of the characters in the game, but this does not allow us to really integrate into the game, not enjoy the game. But motion-sensing consoles have come along to fill our need. Motion sensing console can simulate the plot of the game for us, so that we can complete the actions of the characters in the game through our own actions, so that we can fully enjoy the fun of the game.

How to play motion-sensing VIDEO game

How can we better integrate into the world of games when we play motion-sensing consoles? We can actually think about how a runner runs, and we can actually move to do it. We play motion-sensing game machine we need to know how a motion-sensing game machine is a principle, it is through the high-tech motion capture system to capture our various movements, and then converted into a variety of data to analyze our specific movements or gestures is what, the real realization of human-machine interaction.

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Motion-sensing VIDEO game play

1. How to play the interactive function?

Interactive games focus on what we need to do with friends or family, with people we don't know, and are a feature that we play with the same connection to the Internet.

2. How to play the competitive function?

We will see on the body feeling game has a lot of competitive games, like some kind of race or boxing, and swimming and so on, have some knowledge of competitive games and so on, these need we play the game and the so-called competition, like swimming competition, we need at the beginning of the game after we keep swinging swimming posture, let the game role to go forward, then see who is the first, Let's compete with our friends.

3. How to play the fitness function?

Motion-sensing game consoles can not only play games, but also need us to exercise to play, which requires us to rely on the movement of our bodies to achieve the control of the game, so that we can not only play the game but also better exercise, so that we are more motivated and fun fitness.

4. How to play the entertainment function and parent-child function?

We can play with our families, not only can strengthen the relationship with our families, but also can eliminate the unpleasant day at work.

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