How much is a body sense game machine

A, how much is a body sense game machine

With the development of the game industry, now the game console is not limited to the machine itself, there is a new type of motion sensing game, you need to use the body movement to play the game, if you want to play the motion sensing game, you need to buy a motion sensing game machine, then how much is the price of a motion sensing game machine?

The price of the body feeling game machine on market has high have low, specific price according to the brand of body feeling game machine, kind (for instance it is game machine or dancing machine), configuration, the element such as tie-in game is different somewhat, general and common body feeling game machine wants at least five hundred and six hundred yuan, a few better want two thousand and three thousand yuan generally. (Above price source network, for reference only)

How much is a body sense game machine

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Ii. How to buy a motion-sensing game machine

Motion-sensing game machine is a machine that uses the body to feel all kinds of electronic games. Many friends want to play motion-sensing games, but they do not know how to buy a good motion-sensing game machine. The purchase of the physical sensing game machine mainly looks at the following aspects:

1. Product positioning

Motion sensing game machine has different positioning, for novice entry players, advanced intermediate players, game enthusiasts and other different stages of the player has different products, can choose according to their own needs.

2. Control experience

That is, the flexibility of the motion-sensitive game machine, whether it can accurately capture the actions of players and timely response, generally this needs to try yourself, you can also refer to the recommendations of users to choose.

3. Picture definition

High-definition screen is a big requirement for players to play games. Some motion-sensing game consoles are not high-definition, and the sense of engagement to play is greatly reduced. Of course, the clarity is also related to the TV with motion-sensing game consoles.

4. Purchase time

Although electronic products always buy new not old, but for body feeling game, due to the manufacturer's new gameplay opportunities are more likely to have some problems, and the new body feeling game, can support the experience of the game is not much, there is a new product price is higher, so if not enthusiast, don't buy the new product, immediately It is advisable to wait more than a year before buying a console.

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