Vr game console and the difference between the body sense game console and VR game console which good

First, is motion sensing game machine VR

Motion sensing game console relies on high-tech video motion capture technology, so that the body movement can be instantly reflected in the game system, through the induction of human movement to promote the game.

VR is the meaning of Virtual Reality technology. With the development of VR technology, some VR game consoles have been invented. Some VR game consoles also use motion-sensing interaction, namely VR motion-sensing game consoles. But not all motion consoles are VR.

Ii. The difference between VR game consoles and motion-sensing game consoles

1. Different gameplay

Motion sensing game machine does not need to wear virtual reality equipment, has a handle, can control the device, mainly through the body moving action to control the characters in the game machine; VR games need to wear VR equipment, generally VR glasses or VR helmet.

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Vr game console and the difference between the body sense game console and VR game console which good

2. Sensory differences

VR games mainly stimulate the visual sense, can not directly touch and feel; The motion sensing games reflect the human body and movement into the game system. The feeling of the body movement is more intuitive, but the visual sense is not so strong.

3. Different types of games

Motion-sensing consoles have a wider variety of games, including a lot of sports games and fitness AIDS; Vr console is limited by technical factors, the game threshold is higher, the game variety is relatively few.

In addition, different brands of motion-sensing game consoles and VR game consoles have certain differences in functions and prices.

Three, body sense game machine and VR game machine which good

Which one is better depends on your personal preference. Comparatively speaking, both games have their own advantages and disadvantages:

1, VR game point is good sensory stimulation, more real; The drawback is that it is lonely to play, wearing a helmet and glasses, feeling isolated from the whole world; And the game threshold is high, the equipment is more expensive.

2. The point of motion sensing game is controlled by movement, which is novel; It is ok to wave a few times, but after playing for a long time, you will feel tired. Of course, this can also play a fitness effect, which may be a good thing.

In general, both motion and VR consoles have their own playpoints and flaws, and there is no saying that one is better than the other. I believe that as technology advances, the flaws of both consoles will be improved.

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