PSP hang is how to return a responsibility PSP hang

One, how is the palm game white screen to return a responsibility

Some friends have experienced the problem of blank screen when playing handheld game console. Sometimes there is sound, sometimes there is no sound at all. What is going on? There are many reasons for the console's blank screen, the common ones are as follows:

1, the console is damaged

Handheld game console due to broken or water and other reasons, resulting in motherboard damage, screen damage, wiring problems, etc., which may lead to the handheld screen white screen.

2, the card machine

When playing a handheld game console, if the console is stuck, the screen may also appear white, which may be stuck.

PSP hang is how to return a responsibility PSP hang

3. Games are not compatible

If a blank screen appears in the same place while playing a certain game, it is usually caused by a problem in compatibility between the game and the system. Games downloaded with their own game library generally do not have this problem, mainly when they download or play with simulators.

Handheld game console appears white screen situation, basically can't play, then handheld game console white screen how to do?

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Two, how to handle the white screen of the handheld game machine

The reasons for the blank screen of handheld game consoles are as follows:

1. When playing console games, if there is a white screen, first push the power button up to shut down, and then restart. If the screen is no longer white after restart, then further test whether the machine is stuck or the game is incompatible.

2, open the game, if there is still a white screen, that means the game is incompatible, need to uninstall or download another version of the game; If the screen is no longer blank, it may be the reason for the occasional stutter.

3, if you can not boot after the restart, it basically shows that the handheld game itself is faulty, non-professionals are not recommended to repair, you can contact the business, the handheld game sent to repair; Or bring the purchase invoice to the designated repair point for repair.

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