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Hand-held game console shopping guide

PSP Console

1, look at the budget, choose models

Many customers ask, should I buy 2000 or 3000, what color should I choose? It seems that every customer has a bunch of seemingly different but the same problems. It depends on your budget and your shopping style. Some people like luxury, some people have a special liking for a certain color, some people like higher cost performance... And so on, xiaopian personally think, because 3000 black and other color price gap is very large, so buy 3000 users suggest you buy black or silver, if it is indeed colored, then you can choose PSP2000V3 motherboard machine. The machine of PSP2000V3 motherboard besides made trifles change beyond, do not have too big actual sex change actually, for the Angle of cost performance, still be worth recommending quite.

2, check the appearance, look at the screen, look at the battery

A lot of customers say, is not a lot of refurbishment now ah? If the PSP2000V3 motherboard does not need to be refurbished, if the PSP3000 motherboard does not need to be refurbished. Unless it's a private, recycled renovation. In fact, as a customer when you first turn on the machine, how should you choose the machine?

A. First check whether there are scratches on the surface of the machine and the screen. Is there any tear marks on the label in the rear compartment of the battery?

B. Check the screen with five-color map to see whether there are serious bad spots, of course, not too harsh. Because it's normal for screens to be a little bit.

C. There are two types of fake batteries on the market, one that looks very similar. Because battery comparison is key. The original battery has a nice frosted back and the goldfinger position is tightly closed.

D. Open the machine to see what the system version is. At present, the cracked system only supports the official version lower than or 5.03. Meanwhile, you can open the UMD rear compartment to see whether the production date is the corresponding system version.

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Second, PSP accessories

1, protection paste

The quality of the protection paste is mainly reflected in several standards: bubble control, wear resistance, light transmission, throughout the market protection paste there are a few brands, imitation HORI, Jijia, Black Angle, North tong, Cardenshi.

HORI imitation, the overall effect is general, cost-effective is ok, the price between 10-15 yuan. Jijia, special products, bubble control wear-resisting performance is normal, the reference price is between 35-45 yuan. Beitong, more famous brand, cutting general wear resistance, the reference price between 25-35 yuan. Black Angle, the film is a little hard, the bubble control is general, the reference price is between 25-35 yuan. Cardenshi, Hong Kong brand, soft film in bubble control, wear-resistant transparent and other excellent, the price between 40-50.

Memory card

From 2G to the current maximum 16G, what kind of memory stick to use? Group or original? I believe that countless players have faced this problem, currently there are MARK 2, Speed and other two groups of sticks. And the original bar is mainly sandisk. In addition to set sticks and Sandiks, there are quite a number of TF card to MS card sleeve memory sticks. The mass varies.

8GMARK2, the writing speed is about 5-8m, the quality stability is relatively high, the price is about 155 yuan. 8G speed, write speed is about 7-10m, quality sometimes because of batch problems, the price is about 165. 8G Sandisk, original card, speed between 8-12m, stable quality, after-sales service in place, the price is around 280. 8G TF+ card cover, TF card itself is relatively stable, but the quality of different brands of card cover is different, combination is not recommended, the price is about 220.

3. Protection products

PSP protection types of products are very diverse, divided into silicone cases, crystal cases, protective cases and so on.

The silicone sleeve is generally divided into ordinary, north pass, black Angle, auspicious and so on. Because of the variety of so not one introduction.

Black horn silicone sleeve, feel good, good cost performance of the rope, but part of the design position is not compact, the price is about 45 yuan. Beitong silicone sleeve, feel is general, the design is not too big breakthrough. The seal is designed to meet the needs of individual users. The price is not expensive about 45 yuan. Ordinary silicone sleeve, feel general, compact general, cost-effective good 18-25 yuan. Jijia silicone sleeve, special products, feel good, compact can also be, cost performance is general, about 35-45 yuan.

Many users choose to buy crystal boxes in order to better protect the machine. Crystal boxes are characterized by better protection than silica gel covers, but relatively speaking, they are not as soft as silica gel covers. Crystal boxes have ordinary, black corner, beitong, Cardennes, Jijia and so on.

Black corner crystal box, with hand cord, rocker cap, can close the cover, feel good. The price is about 45 yuan. Beitong crystal box, heavy design, feel moderate, the price is about 45 yuan. Common crystal box design is general, feel is general also, price performance ratio is good, the price is about 25-35 yuan. Jijia crystal box, design without too big breakthrough, feel moderate. Cost performance is good, the price is around 35-45. Cardenas crystal case, various colors, with film support function, with mirror disassembly function, upper and lower cover design, price around 65-80.

Users who prefer semi-naked running or who prefer better protection are likely to choose a bag to keep their device. Protection package has black EVA hard bag, strengthen hard bag, north pass hard bag, as well as special products jijia collection bag, waterproof bag, skid bag and so on.

Black corner hard bag, EVA material, a little hardness. Pressure resistance, high cost performance, can put down the PSP with crystal case silicone sleeve, the price is about 35 yuan. Black Angle reinforced hard bag, EVA material, more aesthetic than hard bag design, black, blue, pink and other colors, can be put down to cover the crystal case silicone PSP, the price is about 45 yuan. Beitong hard bag, ordinary appearance, EVA material, cost-effective, 45 yuan. Jijia collection bag, fashionable design, zipper. Easy to use, easy to carry, the price is about 65 yuan. Jijia waterproof bag, game theme design, soft cloth, easy to carry, the price of about 65 yuan. Jijia anti-skid bag, can be hung on the waist, more convenient to carry, the price of about 65 yuan.

Although the PSP's output power performance is mediocre, it is still a good choice as a regular MP3 player. When it comes to headphones, too expensive ones won't work, and too cheap ones won't work. How to choose?

The performance of the original headset is excellent, but the price is slightly more expensive, about 185 yuan. High imitation earphone wire control, workmanship and sound quality are general, cost-effective, only 35 yuan. General wire control + workbag earphone, the original PSP1000 wire control is changed to 2000/3000 special, workbag earphone effect is acceptable, it is a good combination, the price is not expensive only 75 yuan can be obtained.

Third, the DS

The price of DS is relatively stable, DS on the market at present there are mainly Korean version of NDSL and Japanese version of NDSi. In terms of price, the Korean VERSION of NDSL full color is about 820 yuan, NDSI, different color prices are not the same, black 1260, white market is out of stock, and green, rose 1320 or so, red is currently at about 1420.

1, anti-refurbishment and anti-change battery

The DS purchase is far less complicated than the PSP, and preventing refurbishment is an important part of it. NDSi will not be refurbished in the market for the time being, the refurbished machines on the market are mainly Japanese VERSION of NDSL, we can distinguish from the packaging, the Japanese version of NDSL basic boxes are old and wrinkled, while the Korean version of the box must be new and have three horizontal red and blue LOGO, so you must pay attention to when buying.

As for the battery, the DS battery is usually at the bottom of the machine. In order to increase profits, some businesses will replace the original battery. The price of the original battery is about 100, and about 30 of the imitation. Therefore, when buying the machine, pay attention to whether the battery cover screw has been passive traces.

2, burning card

DS other burn card has been discontinued, the current market burn card is based on TT. Mainly talk about DSI burning cards, DSI generally use burning cards are TTI, DSONEI, R4I and so on, there are a small number of burning cards.

At present, TTi burning card is mainly sold on the market, black is fake TTi burning card, white is real TTi burning card, fake TTi burning card cannot use 1.17 TT core, DSTT is the same, why know that black burning card is fake?

Because xiaobian through the DSI system version 1.4 system version upgrade will lead to all burn cards must be upgraded to play the game if it is fake burn cards can not be any system upgrade.

Kernel display V1.17, even if the false burning card is also can now this, so we do not give JS to deceive the use of 1.17 kernel is a real card, but also need to do the following step.

The card that shows the red screen is fake, and the card that shows X+Y is real. So we should pay attention to the JS when buying a machine.

PSP which good PSP buying guide

3, protection paste

There are mainly several kinds of protection stickers, ordinary imitation HORI, special products jijia and Cardenshi. Considering the wear resistance of THE protective paste is very high in the process of DS use, therefore, I think it is better to use the material for the film.

HORI imitation, the overall effect is general, cost-effective is ok, the price is 10-15 yuan. Jijia, special products, wear-resisting performance of the rules, the price is not more than 35-45 yuan between. Cardenshi, Hong Kong brand, wear-resisting transparent performance is better, the price between 40-50.

4. Memory cards

From 2G to 4G and 8G, what kind of memory stick do you choose to use? I believe that many players have faced this problem. Currently, I think that whether Kingston or Sandisk TF cards, because they are original sticks, so the quality is good. DS game capacity itself is relatively small, therefore, I think 4G card is enough to use.

Kingston 2GTF, an original, excels in speed and quality. It costs around $55. Kingston 4GTF, original, excels in speed and quality. It costs around $90. Sandisk 4GTF, the original stick, performs well in both reading and writing speed and quality. The price is around 90 yuan.

5. Protection products

Protective products are nothing more than crystal boxes, zipper bags and so on a few things. Here we introduce several kinds of crystal boxes, including ordinary crystal boxes and special crystal boxes of Jijia, as well as colorful soft bags with black corners.

Ordinary DSL crystal box, compact general, cost-effective, about 25 yuan. Ordinary Dsi crystal box, compact general, cost-effective, about 25 yuan. Jijia DSI crystal box, good compactness, moderate cost performance, about 45 yuan. Black corner color soft bag, easy to carry, comprehensive protection, cost-effective, about 40 yuan.

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