How to play PSP Play PSP need to be connected to the Internet

One, how to play handheld game machine

Handheld game console is one of many game consoles, known as portable, easy to play in bed, subway, bus station, airport and other occasions, so how to play handheld game console?

Modern consoles are easy to play. Most consoles have built-in app stores and game libraries, where you can find the games you want to play, download them, click on them and play them directly. If the game library does not have a game you want to play, some consoles also support card play.

How to play PSP Play PSP need to be connected to the Internet

Two, play handheld note

1. It is necessary to keep your head down when playing handheld games. For a long time, it is easy to cause cervical discomfort and even cervical spondylosis.

2, handheld game screen and words are relatively small, relatively large damage to vision, if you play at home, it is recommended to connect the TV to play; Be careful when playing outside.

3. There are free games in the console's own game library, and some games are charged. If you want to buy games, you need to pay attention to check whether they are free in advance.

4. The battery life of handheld game consoles is limited, and most handheld games are played continuously with fragmented time, so timely charging should be paid attention to when playing.

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Three, to play handheld games need to network

When playing handheld game console, many friends do not know whether to need to network, worried that some local network is poor, may not play the handheld, so the handheld need network?

Generally speaking, the handheld game console is not necessarily the Internet to play, part of the console game is a stand-alone game, as long as the download down, do not need the network can also play, of course, with the development of the Internet, now the vast majority of console games have the option of networking, networking can play online, more fun.

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