Working principle of VR headset What are the applications of VR headset

How virtual reality headsets work

The principle of virtual reality stereo helmet is to enlarge the image produced by small two-dimensional display by optical system. In particular, a small display emits light through a convex lens that refracts the image to a far-away effect. This effect can be used to enlarge a nearby object to a distant view to achieve a so-called Hologram. LCDS (originally small cathode ray tubes, but more recently organic electroluminescent displays) produce images through an eccentric free-form lens that resemble a large screen. Because the eccentric free surface lens is a slanted concave lens, it is not only a lens, but basically a free surface prism. When the generated image enters the eccentric free-form prism surface, it is fully reflected to the concave mirror surface opposite the eye of the viewer. The side concave mirror surface is coated with a layer of specular coating, and the light is again amplified and reflected to the eccentric free-form prism surface, and on the surface of the light tilt, to the eyes of the philosophical observer.

Working principle of VR headset What are the applications of VR headset

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The use of virtual reality helmet

The virtual reality headset cannot be used alone, or its use will affect the use effect. The following equipment must be used to ensure its use effect.

1. Coordinate with 3D virtual reality real scenes.

2, with large screen stereo reality screen.

3. Cooperate with data feedback gloves.

Application of virtual reality headsets

The optical technology design and manufacturing technology of virtual reality stereo helmet is becoming more and more perfect. It is not only used as a personal application display, but also the basis for the design of compact large-screen projection system, which can make the image of small LCD display device into full-image large-screen through the optical system. In addition to being widely used in modern advanced military electronic technology as the necessary equipment of individual combat system, it is also extended to civil electronic technology. Virtual reality stereo helmet is first used in virtual reality electronic technology system.

Of view on whether it is a requirement in the real world and see the data you need, or for an experience of visual image changes on telepresence, simulation training, 3 d games, remote medical treatment and surgery, or infrared, microscope, electron microscope is used to extend the human eye visual ability, virtual reality three-dimensional helmets have been applied. For example, in the military, virtual reality stereo helmets can be used for information display, such as command transmission, battlefield observation, terrain viewing, night vision system display, gun aiming system of vehicles and aircraft and so on. In CAD/CAM operations, HMD enables the operator to view data remotely, such as partial data lists, engineering drawings, product specifications, etc. When Boeing uses VR technology to design Boeing 777 aircraft, virtual reality stereo helmet has been applied.

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